Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Trois Rivieres Meetup Card!

Amos Daragon Night Show

A very interesting card came in the mail, the real surprise was that it was signed at one of the local meetups in Quebec. Very cool!


From left to right: Barn owl, Long eared owl, Snowy owl
Little owl, Tawny owl, Short eared owl

Look at all those owls! These cards were sent from the UK from someone I had tagged or had tagged me. That was very nice of them to have sent all of this! 

Received: 10.05.2017

Stamps attached to the owl card to decorate it 

An interesting card with the logo hidden in the picture. Can you find it?

Youngstown & Rocky Mountain House, AB

Another cool card from Cows that had to be sent away for a cow related cancel. It's funny there are a lot of cow themed cancels. 

Received: 10.05.2017

Yet another expired cancel


I've had this shiny holographic card for awhile but wasn't sure where to send it to. I decided since we were going through Rocky Mountain House on our trip to Jasper, let's check for a cancel there. Sure enough it was still valid and I finally got to use this beauty!

Received: 10.05.2017

2 days from Rocky via Post, it looks like 

Monday, 22 May 2017

207th DS

Another cool card made by my friend in Japan. This card shows the giant easter egg in Vegreville, AB. We went on a trip there recently but more on that in another post. 

Received: 28.04.2017

This cancel, this wonderful wonderful cancel of Oscar-sama (yes I'm a fan of her lol) This cancel shows Oscar, one of the main protagonists of the "Rose of Versailles" a famous shoujo manga by Riyoko Ikeda. The manga was first published in 1972 and an anime soon followed. The manga was never officially released in English until 2016.


Another card from my friend, this time of Princess Sapphire from the "Princess Knight" by Osamu Tezuka. The Oscar cancel would have been more fitting in this case (as both characters are females that are raised as males and masters of the sword) but that's alright!

Received: 28.04.2017

This cancel shows the other protagonist from the "Rose of Versailles," Marie Antoinette.  


When was the last time I received a tourist card from Paris? Actually I don't think I ever have; a nice surprise to say the least! 

Received: 28.04.2017


Northern Hawk Owl

I seem to be receiving a lot of calendar cards, not that I might, they're not bad quality. Now if only this was a thing in Canada... 

Received: 28.04.2017

Fox Valley, SK

Such a lovely photo of this fox. I know we have them in Alberta but I have never seen one, I did see two when I was living in Berlin though. 

Received: 28.04.2017

A fitting card for a fitting cancel (I guess the 'fox fox' in this case applies? XD)

Port Morien, NS

Not as fitting as the last one, sort of; wrong province but at least a light house and a wonderful view!

Received: 28.04.2017

I'm surprised they actually cancelled the stamps... as long as it doesn't cause any problems I suppose.

Cabri & Davidson, SK

This is another card I retrieved from the box of card that was donated to one of our meetups many moons ago. The pink spots remind me of a lava lamp. Not a very fitting card for where it was sent to, but nice enough all the same.

Received: 26.04.2017


Lucky for me, that one of the German calendar cards I was given had a valid cancel for the area. The under title says "farm building near Davidson, SK."

Received: 26.04.2017


Some lovely looking art mailed from Soligorsk, Belarus, where I assume the sender was visiting. The picture almost looks like it was pressed onto the paper like a stamp. Very cool!

Received: 25.04.2017