Tuesday, 11 June 2019


Finnish Nightmares never get old; it also kills me how no one wants to go in the shelter because it means being close to another person lol It's definitely not only a Finnish thing that's for sure lol

Received: 07.05.2019

Bonus card! The sender translated what the pygmy owl is thinking: "Here I'm sitting and thinking what is really important in life. I can feel that the coming days will bring something great."

Hope you're right owl, hope you're right.

And bonus stamps!

Thanks for "cancelling" the foreign stamps Canada Post T_T


What's nice about this card is that the sender explained everything he did at the real locations. Makes it seem less like a picture and more like a real place in my opinion.

Received: 07.05.2019


Another new sign for my collection! I keep thinking of chicken when I see this sign.

Received: 07.05.2019

Different looking stamp there, the colour choice is pretty dynamic alright.


That's a lot of views, the building on the top right looks very cool. The staggering style isn't uncommon at all in Europe I noticed.

Received: 07.05.2019


What a pretty and warm looking place! Must be great to spend a holiday there since it looks so inviting. The water colour is impressive too!

Received: 07.05.2019


Been awhile since I last got a colouring card. Wonder how popular those things still are.

Received: 07.05.2019


Reprint of vintage large letter state name postcard
(ca. 1930's-1940's)

Very cool looking reprint, these vintage cards are pretty cool sometimes. The colour is surprisingly bright, though I'm sure it was touched up a bit.

Received: 07.05.2019


Moseley Old Hall, Staffordshire
The east entrance front of hall, probably built c. 1600.

What a lovely looking house; I wish we had properties like that here. And the greenery as well, it's too dry for that the majority of the year.

Received: 07.05.2019


Agnese Aizpuriete - Crazy Fox Travel

White a cute little illustration, I hope that fish is friend and the fox isn't food :(

Received: 07.05.2019

Friday, 7 June 2019


A Twitter Message makes Waves: the graphic illustrates, how a web address goes viral over Twitter. Every one of the over 14000 nodes represents a user; the colour depicts the different groups of users as the content spreads. In the other tree graph below the nodes are more evenly placed upon each other.  
Max-Planck-Institute for Software Systems, Saarbr├╝cken
Krishna Gummadi

Ok this is an extremely cool card, I had translated the text on the other side of the card for your reading pleasure. Really love when data can be turned into art in a way!

Received: 06.05.2019

Bonus stamps! 

Carbon Fibers
Micro Worlds 400x Magnified

I'm really liking this "Micro Worlds" series that the Deutsche Post came up with it. It's so cool!