Thursday, 12 July 2018


The great geyser occasionally erupts a fountain of boiling water to a height of 230 ft. 

How amazing, my first official from Iceland! I'm surprised with all the stamps and cards that I received; the written ones give me ideas for some interesting art pieces.

Received: Between 22.-30.05.2018

Krian (Arctic tern), the harbinger of summer in Iceland

Dynjandifossar (Fjallfoss) west coast of Iceland

Seljalandsfoss, a waterfall of exquisite grace near the glacier Eyjafjallajökull in the south.

What a haul!


Another new card for the collection! Halle has a bit of an interesting history in regards to its name, it's better I just link the wiki article regarding it. Surprisingly it's a somewhat common name in Germany.

Received: Between 22.-30.05.2018

Some nice extra stamps :D

237th DS & 238th DS

From my penpal in Austria. Looks like he paid a visit once again to France; this time in Corsica. 

Received: Between 22.-30.05.2018


Another cool card from my penpal, this time he visited Italy!

Received: Between 22.-30.05.2018


Cool to see a new GF card, I also love how a cow was chosen instead of say the Matterhorn.

Received: Between 22.-30.05.2018

447th Tag

El Catrin. From Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos
Paper dolls by Kwei-lin Lum

I've seen these cards here and there and like the concept of them. I wonder if they're intended to be paper dress up dolls though?

Received: Between 22.-30.05.2018


Very cool map drawing of Germany, pretty hard to cram everything into one picture if your country is known for so much!

Received: Between 22.-30.05.2018

NSFW: 1072nd (Mummies)


A very cute mailbox card coming from Taiwan! Love the fireflies!

Received: Between 22.-30.05.2018


A very fascinating card coming from Germany. Showing a vintage photo from one of the many ships that departed from Hamburg's harbours. BallinStadt is the nickname given to the former main emigration station in Hamburg. 

Received: Between 22.-30.05.2018

446th Tag

View of Fox Island Thorofare, a navigation route between the islands of Vinalhaven and North Haven, Maine.

Quite the collection of vintage cards, perhaps handy for another trip to the US. From the "Taking out the Trash x4 tag."

Received: Between 22.-30.05.2018

Amosekag Industries, Hotel Carpenter in Background, Manchester, New Hampshire.

Eastover, Lenox, Mass.

Memorial Bridge across the Kennebec
Augusta, Maine

Shame one of the stamps got ripped off.