Sunday, 23 September 2012


Many beautiful places in good old Turkey!
Received: 15.09.2012

Sadly there was no stamp this time, but here is the places located on the card.


 Matryoshka dolls! I wonder how she knew? (I've been converted by their amazingness)
Received: 15.09.2012

If only I could make out what the writing on the side says...


Charlie Chaplin in "Modern Times", 1936

My first postcard received written in German! I'm glad I could understand almost all of it!

Received: 15.09.2012

It's too bad the date-stamp is on the majority of the stamp but I believe that's the Cologne Cathedral (K├Âlner Dom) 


A rather unusual-looking electric car, No. 9310 is a rail grinder, which used to grind down rough spots on streetcar rails in Los Angeles. The barrels held water used in the grinding process. Built in 1925 by the Los Angeles Railway in their own shops, 9310 is shown here at the Orange Empire Trolley Museum, where it is on display with many other streetcars and other railway vehicles. 

Almost thought this one was from Hawaii XD
Received: 29.08.2012

Deceiving stamp is deceiving after all.


My first postcard ever received! 
Received: 27.08.2012

 Taiwan has a very lovely array of stamps too!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Attempt numero 2

As stated above, here is me attempting another hobby blog. I think this one might work better then the last one but we shall see won't we?

This new blog is dedicated to my adventures in postcrossing! If you haven't heard of it, and really like receiving mail, I highly recommend you check it out ;D

I'll be posting all the cards I received from random users around the world, along with the beautiful stamps attached to them. Soon I'll be opening up direct swaps for art trades as well as sending some stamps I collected to eager collectors.

If interested in doing an art trade (post cards created by myself and whoever wishes to take part) please message me through your postcrossing profile with your address and what you would like to see on your card and I will reply with the same.

As for the stamps, I don't have a large collection so I will more or less be sending an envelope with a postcard (or card, letter, or nothing (lol) whichever you prefer) along with three stamps since of course as I said I don't have a large collection. Normally I would choose stamps not from the country I'm sending to, unless otherwise requested. If you're interested just send me a message from your postcrossing profile with your address and any requests. Note when I send off the envelope, a Canadian stamp will be affixed as well, so technically you'll be receiving 4 stamps XD

I suppose that's everything, ah I write too much.