Thursday, 26 December 2013


Paddy Nursery, Mandya
Paddy seedlings being raised in a dry-bed nursery for later transplanting. 

My first official card from India! How cool is that? Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the map on the back that shows where this card is from, so please see the image below. 

Received: 23.12.2013

Karnataka is the state where this card is sent from. According to the sender (and wikipedia XD) this area is well known for its temples as well as Jog Falls, one of India's tallest waterfalls.  

Wonderful stamps, as well as the Gandhi stamps to go along with the ones I have of his wife |D

114th Tag

Seasons Greetings everyone! And what a cool looking skull! And with checkers no doubt, my favourite |D This is from the skulls, bones and skeletons tag 

Received: 23.12.2013

Saturday, 21 December 2013


This monument is considered to be the emblem of the city. The column measures 108 ft and the angel an additional 20 ft. It weights 7 tons. The angel is built of bronze dipped in gold. Around the central base are four status representing law, justice, war, and peace.
Ciudad de México (Mexico City)

Greetings from warm and sunny Mexico, at least there I wouldn't have caught a cold. Ah ha |D

Received: 20.12.2013

Greetings from the Calgary Tower!

As a long time Calgarian not once have me and my friend went up the "Calgary Tower" an iconic part of our city. The Postal History Corner blog sums up the history of this landmark very well. Despite the obvious photoshop work, this is the route me and my friend walked towards the tower.

The tower boasts having the "highest post box in Canada", now certainly if the CN Tower doesn't have one (their tower is taller then ours) then yes I would have received a card from the highest post box. Good day!  

Received: 19.12.2013 (A week later, oh dear)

From one mailbox to another ah ha XD

We have Superman and Mediocre Man, don't be mediocre, be super! Ah cheesy me is cheesy. And yes you've also discovered my Luchador name as well lol 

113th Tag

This card is from the "not your country tag", however it seems like I did get a card from the sender's country. No complaints though, it's nicer when the card and the stamp countries match after all =)

Received: 17.12.2013

Woot! New China stamps! 


Greetings from Hanau
From left to right: Walloon-Dutch Church, St. Mary's Church
Philippsruhe Palace, (not labelled: Statue of the Brothers Grimm), Town Hall
Nuremberger Street, Health Establishment at Hanau-Wilhelmsbad, House of Goldsmiths 

Who would have thought that wikipedia would have most of the site names translated for me |D Anyways another lovely greeting card from central Germany 

Received: 16.12.2013

St. Leon, MB

So this card here outlines some phrases in Frisian. Frisian is a Germanic language mainly spoken and used in the province of Friesland in the Netherlands and also in some areas of Northern Germany. Frisian is the closest related language to English especially when articulated. At the moment I'm trying to figure out what these phrases mean myself... *reluctantly goes to his father anyways* (he understands Frisian.)  

Received: 11.12.2013

Anyways the main article of this post is this lovely postmark from St. Leon, Manitoba. I intentionally sent this card to the Wind Capital since, well, the Netherlands is known for their windmills |D 


A wonderful view of Mont Blanc, this lake is Lac Blanc located at an altitude of 2352 m. Very nice~

Received: 11.12.2013


That must be a huge basket for those cats too look so tiny! 

Received: 10.12.2013

112th Tag

Great views all around lol This card is from the gay + lesbian tag.

Received: 10.12.2013 

Santa sticker stamp, hey Santa you don't bring any hot men/women for Christmas do you? XD

Oh the irony of this stamp

65th DS

A wonderful card from a person that I previously swapped with, Japan truly has some of the best cards! As well this nice picture map shows some of the things each city is famous for. 

Received: 09.12.2013

And hurray for extra stamps! Upon fixing up the images I noticed something interesting on the postmarks. The stamp 2nd from the right with the very noticeable postmark has a different date format. Aside from observing the lunar calendar like other Asian nations, Japan does use the Gregorian calendar, however there is a slight variation in terms of "what year it is." Currently Japan is in the Heisei period, the current era of their Emperor Heisei (given name: Akihito). From the start of a new period the current year automatically becomes "1". When Emperor Heisei ascended the throne in 1989, that year became known as Heisei 1 and so forth. With the example of the postmark "25. 7. 27" that would mean this was postmarked in Heisei 25, in other words the year 2013, which would be the 25th year in the Heisei period. 

Yup that makes a lot of sense especially because it's coming from me. The wikipedia article explains it more beautifully then I ever could |D  

Also another bonus! Feast your eyes on Tokyo's metro line...oh. my. god. this is so complex DX Especially when you look at Calgary's metro line...

And last but not least the stamps on the envelope, gosh so nice~ 

Sunday, 8 December 2013


In this statue, the man is missing his heart to represent the bombing that occurred during WWII in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The city had become a "city without a heart." I've always liked that representation myself. To advertise a little bit, there is an Indie band called "A Rotterdam November" that base their debut album around the bombing of Rotterdam. 

Received: 06.12.2013 

111th Tag

These fuzzy little guys are from the DOG<---->CAT tag, an interesting tag where taggers alternate between "cat" and "dog." Win-win for anyone who loves both =)

Received: 05.12.2013


Much luck from Luxembourg! (And first card too!) With this many four leaf clovers anyone would be lucky lol 

Received: 04.12.2013


This is a really cool homemade card! As someone who is allergic to cats I'm relatively divided on wanting to see this doctor XD

Received: 04.12.2013

Eriksdale, MB

This is the card I sent in to Eriksdale, Manitoba for a postmark. If anyone actually likes this card, feel free to send me a PM on postcrossing (here ah ha |D) to trade for this card...I have wayyyyyyy too many of them...

Received: 04.12.2013

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Fat birds ftw! Tis winter after all, gotta love fat birds!

Received: 03.12.2013

The Arboretum is a monument of park and garden art, which was established in 1892 by S.N. Chudekov. The unique collection is home to 1700 plant species and varieties from all over the continent (Europe?) 

Another Sochi stamp~ That and I learnt a new Latin sounding word today in both English and German, Arboretum (Dendrarium auf Deutsch) Yes good word |D


A mushroom fairy? First I've ever seen ah ha |D

Received: 02.12.2013


Wah, such a cool card! Apparently Taiwan has various series of postcards to send that promote Taiwan, my favourite are the colour Tainan/Taiwan, Chinese dragon, and old map series. So cool!

Received: 02.12.2013

64th DS

Cathedral Architectural Complex, visit card of Chisinau. 

This lovely postcard is from both Moldova's largest and capital city Chișinău, very nice X3

Received: 02.12.2013

As a side note: retrieving this card in a blizzard, worth it! 

Some extra views plus some coins, cool~

And last but not least the wonderful envelope this came in, love the stamp on the left! 

110th Tag

Now this beautiful card is from the "Skulls, bones and skeltons tag" much love from Mexico now if only the image wasn't flipped >3< 

Received: 29.11.2013