Thursday, 28 February 2013

8th Tag

Vanity Fair, January 1918
Gordon Conway

You don't always expect to get a card written in German from Hong Kong! This was from the 3+ Stamp tag

Received: 28.02.2013

Glad to see something different from Hong Kong, and also nice year of the snake stamp. 

On a side note, Canada also has a year of the snake stamp as well. It's not that expensive and shipping is free even internationally (minus customs payments.) 

7th Tag

NW Façade
The villa "Les heures claires" of Villa Savoye was built by the architect Le Corbusier and his cousin Pierre Jeanneret between 1928 and 1931. It is a masterpiece that is internationally renown, it is the perfect application of the theory of "five points of new architecture."

This is my second tag from the "another country tag." This building here is in France but it was sent from China. And on a random note, today I learned French-Canadian keyboards are different from French keyboards...*handpalm*

Received: 28.02.2013

And this time it`s water!

"Impression, Sunrise" by Claude Monet

And I was also sent a 2nd card, sort of by accident. It is still highly appreciated though! This card is also originally from Paris, France.

And such beautiful stamps, too bad they were damaged during transit though =(


Portugal sure has a very nice national costume, what I like about this card is that it's written in both English and Portuguese. 

Received: 28.02.2013

A unique stamp with every card =D

6th Tag

Collection of human skulls hanging in a longhouse, a relic of head-hunting traditions of by-gone days. 

According to the sender this was practiced by ancient Iban warriors, who decapitated their opponents as a trophy of their victory. No wonder it's from the "Skulls, bones, and skeletons tag," very morbid and loving every moment of it |D

Received: 28.02.2013

Skulls and flowers, how perfect XD

5th Tag

This is from the "Another Country Tag" the sender is from the US. It's no wonder so many flights go to Mexico every day, with a beach like that so close by!

Received: 26.02.2013

*turns head around* hm looks like it's the same amount to send from Canada to the US and visa versa. 

Monday, 25 February 2013


My first card from Switzerland! Despite how this card looks, it's actually an ad-card about donating blood. And yes saxophone, that guy, is going to play you *evil laugh* XD 

Received: 25.02.2013

And inside some wonderful stamps! With doubles =D

This is officially my favourite and my baby. I thought this bat stamp was a sticker, no it is a stamp! A bloody beautiful stamp! And I adore bats so this really made my day =D

This is what it's supposed to look like before being mailed off:

77th and 1st TN

Greetings from Oulu, Finland! To learn more about Oulu check out this website that was written on the card.

Received: 25.02.2013

Beautiful stamp to go along with a beautiful card |D

Also my first TN came in! So far I have 3 pages filled up, what to do next? (Study for a midterm that's what T_T)

Woody...I don't feel safe now. Washington anyone? 

Friday, 22 February 2013

22nd DS

More glitter more love from within town, turns out this piece took a vacation since it took over a week to get to me. Also this card is very appropriate for my blog |D

Received: 22.02.2013

Portable screwdriver that was attached to the card, Pete sure has a really small waist |D

Wow another stamp from Venezuela!

Unfortunately he is forever parted from his beloved envelope XD

5 cent bee stamp is up for grabs! 

21st DS

England!! Yes the country but I mean the character from the Japanese Anime, Axis Powers Hetalia. I fell in love with the colours and took part in a swap with the sender who is from China. First time I ever got an anime card too =D

Received: 22.02.2013

So many stamps *A* 

20th DS?

This cute soon to be giant bird um...ran from South Africa, I'm surprised how fast it got here! The sender didn't want a card back, would that count as a swap? =/

Received: 22.02.2013

Wow it's been awhile since I've seen a scratch-it stamp! What a big airmail sticker for such little text.

Any ideas what the answer is yet?

Of course! What else could it be? XD

4th Tag

Hong Kong Island at night

This is from the "Wrong Hand" Tag, it was really difficult to write with my left hand somehow I managed to write a lot, though I needed to take a lot of breaks lol Hong Kong looks extremely bright at night, the lights literally are piercing through the darkness.

Received: 22.02.2013

We meet again!

Thursday, 21 February 2013


No not very well, I always burn it... get the joke? It took me a min, funny bbq was also my lunch today lol

Received: 21.02.2013

I really love it when I come across stamps from the Netherlands I have never seen before~!


A duck flew all the way from Australia to greet me! It also looks like another maxi card as well, beauty!

Received: 21.02.2013

3rd Tag

This card is from the "Explain your nick" tag. The story behind the sender's username was cute, mine if anyone is interested is kind of weird (my username is die-Dusche, German for "the shower.") 

Received: 21.02.2013


This fabulously macabre card was taken at Lake Las Vegas (I believe?) but the card is from Germany, either way I really like it. I just wonder, how does one make their hair like feathers? XD

Received: 21.02.2013 

50 year anniversary of the Elyseé Treaty (finally my French keyboard is useful for something!) 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

2nd Tag

A lovely painting card from Japan, unfortunately I don't know the name of this flower. From the 3+ Stamp tag on the forums.

Received: 20.02.2013 

5 amazing stamps from the 60s and 70s! 


Winter in Finland, and nice use of a map card as well. 

Received: 20.02.2013

Another circle stamp! 


I had no words for this when it came in the mail, it did make me laugh in the end though |D 

Received: 20.02.2013 

And then the Madonna is on the back, oh my side XD


Wow this is the first time I got something from my favourites! (Removed it now though) I really like the detail that has gone into the painting of these dolls, it's just too bad there is some gleam on the wise man doll and the one next to him.

Received: 20.02.2013

Another stamp for trade