Sunday, 31 March 2013

Surprises, where are you all coming from?

Our wilderness is fast disappearing because of the relentless pace of development. Please help CPAWS protect Canada's public lands and waters and the wildlife that depend on them. 

I would say this cougar in particular is making use of her time indeed XD After all, she's a cougar-cougar |D My friend had too much fun drawing on this lol

Received: 28.03.2013

Blank Ad-card she gave me (not bad for an ad-card actually)

Along with a stamp from Mother Russia

I can't remember if I received this one yet? 

Eine Überraschung aus Deutschland / 28th DS

A surprise indeed, Easter wishes from someone that I swapped with back in December. 

Received: 27.03.2013


The Olgas, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory, Australia

It certainly looks like Australia, according to the sender it's also a UNESCO site.

Received: 27.03.2013

I don't always upload the back of cards, but when I do it's usually pretty awesome |D 

Love the AC/DC stamp!


Photo by Styf

I'm still staring at this card wondering how on earth that arch was made 0_0

Received: 27.03.2013

Monday, 25 March 2013

27th DS

If you can get a good seat then why not right? XD

Received: 25.03.2013

Such great variety from Indonesia! 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

26th DS

St. Peter's Square

When I saw this opportunity on the forums I jumped at it not really thinking what I could offer in exchange. In the end I was lucky enough to receive this very special card from the Holy See. The card itself is wonderful but it's the stamp that's the real treasure in this case.

Received: 22.03.2013

This is a special stamp used only for a limited time in the Vatican, it's used when there is no Pope in the Holy See. Now if anyone recalls these stamps were available back in 2005 after the death of Pope John Paul II. Here is a little bit more info about the stamp, these stamps are now unavailable now that Pope Francis I is now in power. 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

19th Tag

The 5 mix cards tag finally came! These 6 (instead of 5 =p) cards come from China, very excited to see my first gotochi like card too~! 

Received: 20.03.2013

This is Xiangqi or Chinese Chess

Proof why learning the characters is all about memorization, I had difficulty even attempting to find the title of this piece. All I can say is that it was by Wang Hui a Qing dynasty, this work was completed in 1658.

Spanish/Chinese ad-card for the 2010 horror movie "Julia's Eyes"

Another one of those really nice decorative envelopes!

18th Tag

Medieval Nuremberg 
View of the Albrecht-Dürer House

A very beautiful card from the Germany to Canada Tag, gotta love those snow dusted views. 

Received: 20.03.2013

Monday, 18 March 2013


"Bye for now!"

Such a cute card, the suitcases are great as well!

Received: 18.03.2013

That postmark is awesome! Canada Post does something similar for some regions in Canada as well, one day I must collect them all! TAT

25th DS

This is an ad-card from Taiwan, it was a response to a short story I wrote on an official card and I had asked him to finish it off. His ending is slightly disjointed from what I originally wrote though =|

Received: 18.03.2013

Well at least I can say hello to some unique stamps from Taiwan =)

Update: March 21

And here is the other half of the story! After reading this it made a lot more sense, I didn't think he would send two cards though =0

Received: 19.03.2013


According to the sender this card is over 40 years old, never would have guessed looking at it actually. Wasn't very yellowed either.

Received: 18.03.2013


Another maxi-card from Australia! I'm starting to see why people like them now, then again our postal service doesn't issue maxi-cards but special envelopes with stamps that have been specially cancelled. I don't know what they're called though.

Received: 18.03.2013

On a side note the variety of these post boxes are great! Unfortunately the tag thread about "where you mail your postcards from" seems to be going dead, which can be found here. But the one I have is really bland and boring...

These aren't my actual mail box, btw.


The Hualien and Taitung areas of eastern Taiwan

According to the sender the western side is the more developed part of the country while the east still maintains the original rural lifestyle. I can taste the rice now XD

Received: 18.03.2013 

Hm I guess I'll never know what kind of flowers these are.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

17th Tag

Tsing Ma Bridge
At 2.2 km the bridge is the world's longest combined road and rail suspension bridge. It is designed to withstand 300 km/h winds and carries 6 lanes of traffic on the upper deck and 2 more lanes below for use in bad weather. The main spain is 1,377 metres. The total length of the 160,000 km suspension cable wire is enough to circle the world four times. The new airport officially opened on July 6, 1998. 

So from missing day views of Hong Kong to a missing Sunset or Sunrise. One more and I have views of Hong Kong at all times of the day! This is from the "Use your imagination tag."

Received: 14.03.2013

I'm meeting so many birds from Hong Kong, all of you bird stamps, come closer XD


This card was printed during the existence of the USSR and at the time this town was called "Gorky" (which is written on the card in Cyrillic) after the writer Maxim Gorky. After 1990 the town was re-named and currently called "Nizhny Novgorod." On this card is a picture of the State Bank. That sure took me awhile to figure out -_-;

Received: 14.03.2013  


Certainly does describe me that's for sure lol That and belated International Pi day! 

Received: 14.03.2013

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

16th Tag

Dude, that's awesome! I love gas masks and grunge like artwork! Another cool card from the 3+ Stamp tag

Received: 13.03.2013

Woo hoo, look at all dem stamps! And the Biertan stamp is there too! The sender was nice enough to post this on for me =D

15th Tag

Why hello there, this time no beer with this Bavarian duck lol This is from the Germany to Canada tag.

Received: 13.03.2013

A bit easier then tilting one's head XD

Update: March 21

And so there was a 2nd card as well! How surprising! Now I have a couple of ducks from Bavaria, no surprise he's holding a stein of beer XD

Received: 19.03.2013