Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Tennessee Aquarium
The Tennessee Aquarium is located on the beautiful Chattanooga Riverfront. Vistors can explore two aquarium buildings and may extend their visit aboard the aquarium's new riverboat, the River Gorge Explorer

My first received foil card! How exciting! =0 I'm still impressed with the card I won but to have another is even better XD

Received: 30.04.2013

Wow first time I got a flower stamp from the neighbours XD


I thought at first that the art was relatively familiar, it took some discussing and searching but turns out this is from the book "I'am a Clown" by Dick Bruna also well known for his series, Miffy. Didn't know Miffy was Dutch, looks like you learn something new everyday, no? |D

Received: 30.04.2013

Stamps issued for the opening of the Rijksmuseum, how awesome looking! 

35th Tag

Sea Vision by Christian Riese Lassen

A blast from the past, welcome back to the 90s everyone! This card comes all the way from Hawaii so it's very appropriate, this is from the Recycle/Second Hand/Environmentally Friendly tag, not quite what I was expecting but it's great all the same =D

Received: 30.04.2013

Woody...*watches him*

Postmark 1, oh eccentric me (Banff, AB)

As you can clearly see this card is from Michigan, this is one of many cards I got from my family who visited us last week. This is my favourite card of the ones I got and while visiting Banff I decided to mail it to myself because of the postmark XD 

Received: 29.04.2013

Yes this postmark was completely worth it, scored a geocache that was across the street too (bonus!) 

Sunday, 28 April 2013

34th Tag

This is from the Canada to the rest of the world tag, this is the Turku cathedral, located in the oldest city in Finland. How beautiful =0

Received: 26.04.2013

Grapes? XD 

Saturday, 27 April 2013

33rd Tag

This is from the List Tag, and what a nice looking card too! 

Received: 22.04.2013 

Both the stamps and the postmark look amazing, looks like that acorn is also looking for love XD 

32nd Tag

What a suave looking cat, someone looks ready for a night on the town XD *grabs hat in cane* let's get this show on the road! XD This is from the Random Card Tag

Received: 21.04.2013


Caj Bremer: Jyväskylä championship rally 1964

I sure hope this guy didn't fall off the roof, that chair looks shaky XD

Received: 21.04.2013

What a great looking rooster XD 

31st Tag

The Legend of the Ducks
Back in the 1930's Frank Shutt, general manager of The Peabody, and a friend, Chip Bartwick, returned from a weekend hunting trip in Arkansas  The men had too much Tennessee sippn' whiskey, and thought it would be funny to place some of their live duck decoys (it was legal then for hunters to use live decoys) in the beautiful Peabody fountain. Three small English Call ducks were selected as "guinea pigs," and the reaction was nothing short of enthusiastic. Thus began the tradition which was to become internationally famous.  

This is from the Hotel Tag, and according to the sender this hotel will be gone next month, I wonder why though =| Still the story on the card was kinda funny, yet slightly cruel =p

Received: 21.04.2013

Well hello there different American stamp |D

36th DS

Here are 3 beautiful multi-view cards from Hungary! =D

Received: 22.04.2013

Visegrád is famous for the castle on the bottom to pictures, it's also very close to the Danube.

Szeged is Hungary's 3rd largest city and home to one of the most prestigious universities in Hungary. It's also known as the city of loyalty as it had the choice to join Austria but decided to stay with Hungary instead.

Lillafüred is a popular tourist attraction for many reasons, on this card is the famous Palace Hotel and Lake Hámori by the looks of it.

35th DS

So this is a postcard from Izmir in Turkey, I had previously swapped with the sender of this card. He also sent me a packet of a very tasty Turkish drink, I have yet to try it! Now what do I send back, hmmm

Received: 22.04.2013

30th Tag

Finally! I can get going on uploading all the postcards I received again! This one is from a small village in Saskatchewan, the bread basket of Canada. Another from the Canada-to-Canada tag.

Received: 18.04.2013

What a fantastic postmark! It would be great to collect one from all the places in Canada~!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

34th DS

Boracay- The Paradise Island
You get there by Philippine Airlines via Kalibo or Tablas. Direct flights to Boracay.

How beautiful, I hope one of these days me and my family visit here since we've been wanting to travel to the Philippines for a long time. This was a response to one of the cards I sent for the 3+ stamp tag

Received: 16.04.2013

More lovely stamps, really hope to see more one of these days!

29th Tag

Such a beautiful map card! The sender was nice enough to let me choose this card and have it sent! How awesome is that, again from the good ol' 3+ stamp tag!

Received: 16.04.2013 

How awesome are these? I'm surprised the USSR stamp is still valid, I wonder if other ex-USSR countries can use them as well. 

28th Tag

I'm very happy to have received a card from the "Where I mail my Postcards from" tag! This one didn't get much attention for quite some time. Apparently this is the postbox that this card first entered, how cool! 

Received: 16.04.2013


And just for the heck of it, this is the postbox I sometimes mail my cards in. This is the postbox near the bus loop at the university. My postbox is relatively bland and ugly so I rather share this one lol Just some trivia, the postbox has the first part of different postal codes throughout Canada. But there is one complete one, can you find it? 


So this very awesome cat card is made by the sender's friend, it's a really great card! That and blue beer! XD Seems to be popular it had 5 favourites shortly after I registered it~

Received: 16.04.2013

Is this a year of the snake stamp?! I think it is! 

33rd DS

What a fabulous card from my good old friend "from Italy"! I never would have imagined rubber ducks and high heels together in one shot though lol 

Received: 15.04.2013

My friend, is a handsome no? XD

Yay more stamps! =D

Vancouver 2010 stamps! How awesome is that, now to find out if the sasquatch is on one of them! Later though, time to crash first DX

27th Tag

Why it's important not to have chili when you have guests over! XD This is from the Tacky/Bad Taste Tag, I don't think it's bad taste were talking about here lol ok I stop now... 

Received: 15.04.2013

The more I see this stamp, the more ironic it seems 

Reply from the OPP

Greetings from "The Amish Country"
As in almost all else, the schools of the Amish are of another century. The one room little red school house with its pot-bellied stove and its eight grades together is still the mainstay of the Amish school system.

This card is in response for my contribution to the Orphaned Postcard Project, it certainly was a lot of fun and this postcard was relatively unexpected! Here you can find the details about the project, and my earlier post about it is from here

We also have one of those old school houses sitting in the middle of Beltline area, it also is across the street from our city's oldest library too

Received: 15.04.2013

What a great variety of American stamps! 

Saturday, 13 April 2013


Whoa cool! So attached to the card is some salt from Poland's oldest salt mine. This mine was opened in 1248 and the statues according to the sender were made of salt. Made my Friday! 

Received: 12.04.2013

Polish stamp bonus! =D

The tiger was just so great to include as well! 


What a lovely watercolour reproduction, the weather has been rather dreary lately so the dose of colour does help!

Received: 12.04.2013

So many stamps *_*

26th Tag

I'm having a wtf moment, still pretty funky and pretty cool card from the Germany to Canada tag

Received: 12.04.2013 

Postmark y?!

32nd DS

A swap from United Arab Emirates! How cool! I think there were some regrets on the card I sent though v_v Still very cool card!

Received: 11.04.2013 

These stamps were so huge!