Friday, 31 May 2013

40th DS

Awesome card sent again by my friend, thinking about it now, if I happen to be up around 5 am I can say that Steve definitely is being himself |D 

Received: 31.05.2013

More Vancouver 2010 stamps =D

And some extra stamps! 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Ha! What a funny card, this is why you shouldn't mess around with wild boars |D This is also my first official card from the Ukraine! =D

Received: 29.05.2013

Whyyyyyyy?! DX


"Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar"

This famous Basilica is located in Zaragoza, Spain. While this Basilica is constructed in the Baroque style, previous incarnations were the Romanesque and Gothic styles. The Baroque version is the one we see today and it's construction commenced near the end of the 17th century.

Received: 28.05.2013

Because who doesn't love a stamp that defies physics XD

42nd Tag

This is a mountain located in Chongqing where the sender is from, of course this came from the Mountain Tag XD 

Received: 28.05.2013

Is that the Great Wall? Maybe? I still would like a Great Wall stamp from China lol 

My 1st Touchnote Card

So Touchnote had a promotion 2 weeks ago where one could send themselves a card to see what it's like to receive one of their cards. I like what I got and don't feel so guilty sending them so much (especially if the person I'm sending to doesn't care much for stamps.) In a way Touchnote cards do defeat the purpose of hand-writing a card but I also like the ability to pick something that I know the sender will like. 

Either way this is just some Romania (on the left) and Bulgaria fan art from the anime/manga series Axis Powers Hetalia.

Received: 28.05.2013

Thursday, 23 May 2013

41st Tag

First card from Brazil =D I got it from the "choose a country tag."This here is the Bom Jesus de Matozinhos cathedral in Congonhas. According to the sender it's an 18th century Baroque style cathedral. 

Received: 23.05.2013 

That long stamp is so great XD 

39th DS

It seems today's mail has a bit of a theme going on, I sent a card for the "ad postcards tag" and the sender who seemed pleased with what I sent her, sent all of this yaoi (gay anime/manga usually targeted towards girls and women) themed stuff back to me |D 

Prepare for some non-focused pictures -_-;

Ah good old Avengers and Johnlock

Original art?

2 ad cards and a cute print ^w^

Another ad card and 2 other that a girl or a guy??? 

Received: 22.05.2013

38th DS

The picture of this one didn't come out too well, either way its an LGBT themed card and I really like the suggestions on it. And here's a fun fact, the concept of "sex" and "gender" are two different things! Sex is what you're born as (female, intersex, male) while gender is socially constructed and is subjective, hence why there are individuals that identify as transgender.

Received: 24.05.2013

Another 2 new ones to the collection |3

Edit: June 6, 2013

Yesterday I received an extra piece of mail from the sender, how awesome X3

A rubber ducky with much needed encouragement XD Many thanks! 

Received: 05.06.2013

My word! (The sir duck is the best!)

More stickers!


According to the sender the day this card was written it was going to be a scorching 40 C!!! I think I would die if I was in LA lol 

Received: 21.05.2013


What a cute puppy, these eyes and these ears XD Can...can I tug them? =0 Anyways very cute card from the Netherlands X3

Received: 21.05.2013

Thursday, 16 May 2013


Another beautiful set of nesting dolls from Mother Russia, these ones kind of remind me of the ones my aunt has. Only her's have double the amount of dolls |D As a side note, I can't type with a Russian keyboard... 

Received: 16.05.2013

Oh another new stamp from Russia, lucky! Anyways this blue guy here is the commemorating the centennial of the "Severnaya Verf" or the "Northern Shipyard" in English. This shipyard is located in Saint Petersburg and is one of Russia's major shipyards.


40th Tag

This ad card is from the "Erotic Tag" not quite what I was expecting XD But those "types of cards" are hard to get in China, and yeah I believe that |D 

At least I got this cute card as an extra XD

Received: 14.05.2013

39th Tag

Another awesome card from the "eyes closed tag"! I've never tried caviar so it makes me wonder what Russia will taste like =p Still really cool card, I'd fav it if I could XD

Received: 14.05.2013

A new stamp from Russia! On the stamp is Friedrich Zanders designer of the first liquid-fueled rocket. The USSR sticker is also a nice touch as well =p

Monday, 13 May 2013

38th Tag

This is a card from the ad postcards tag, this ad card is for a bakery the sender goes to. Oddly enough they don't serve coffee! 

Received: 13.05.2013

Hello again! 


Woohoo first card from Slovenia! This is an ad-card from their leading Telecommunications company. 

Received: 10.05.2013

And a bunch of wonderful Slovenian stamps! Mainly postmarked in their capital Ljubljana. 

This stamp was placed on the card 

These stamps sealed the envelope

 And here is the envelope, a First Day of Issue, how awesome! 

Thursday, 9 May 2013

37th DS

Sea Gulls are always an attraction along the Gulf Coast. With a little patience they'll eat bread out of you hand. Through commonly considered a sea-coast bird the Sea Gull goes inland to the Midwest and Central states following the plow in search of worms.

This is another card from the US, it was a reply to an official card I sent. These seagulls sure are different from the ones I see, but I did always wondered why there were seagulls around since we live nowhere near the ocean. Now I know XD 

Received: 08.05.2013

I don't think I have received these Aloha shirts yet, nice! Same with the butterfly! 


Pikes Peak

This card here is from Colorado, it sure looks like desert. Even though the mountains found in Colorado and the ones found in Alberta are from the same mountain range, the differences in geography are quite staggering as I look at this postcard. 

Received: 08.05.2013

I just realized for a stamp that's from the US, the US isn't even on it! 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Kampen Lighthouse

This wonderful lighthouse is found on Kampen which is on the Northern island of Sylt in Germany. I easily forget Germany has islands because they are so tiny. 

Received: 06.05.2013

First time I ever received stamps in this arrangement lol


A beautiful woman and penguins, two great things in one card XD As the northern hemisphere is entering summer the southern hemisphere is entering winter. This card is slightly more appropriate for them, it's even too early for Christmas in July! I still love the card anyways XD Then again a carton of eggnog from Australia would have been nice lol

Received: 06.05.2013

Kookaburra! Is it just me but is that kookaburra blushing? XD

37th Tag

Murray house, Stanley
This is a restored 1846 building housing restaurants and the HK Maritime museum. It was dismantled in 1982 at its Central site and rebuilt here in 1998. Stanley is a relaxed popular residential area best known for its beaches and famous market. 

Another lovely view card from Hong Kong, this one is from the "Rescue a Sinking Tag, tag" XD

Received: 03.05.2013

This tortoise, I love birds but it's always nice to see something different |D