Friday, 21 June 2013

44th DS

The Palace of Westminster, a very famous London landmark and also home to the British Parliament (the Canadian one looks similar, minus Big Ben.) Despite that this card was sent from Germany, the sender was fortunate enough to travel to London twice (if I understood him correctly) this year. I'm so jelly XD

Received: 21.06.2013 


Not sure if monkey or small child *insert Fry's face here* then again who doesn't love fiddle music by moonlight? XD

Received: 21.06.2013


Heligpeder, Bornholm, Denmark

And yet this card is from Russia, still a very nice view |D

Received: 21.06.2013

43rd DS

3 lovely cards from Siberia~

Received: 18.06.2013

What a lovely collage TAT Paris is one of the places that the sender would like to visit

And this handsome fellow (lol) is known as a Bannik, a bathhouse (banya) spirit. According to folklore if the Bannik is disturbed while washing he will kill the intruder, the Bannik is also known to invite other spirits and demons along. 

And this is the city of Novosibirsk, Russia's 3rd largest city and captal of the Novosibirsk Oblast.

The caption reads: "Weapon of Victory"
Here we have 2 models of Soviet tanks the left is the T-34 used during WWII and the right is the "Joseph Stalin" Tank.

And lastly a very awesome Sochi 2014 stamp =D I can't read the information very well because of the postmark so please bare with me...

"The Volkonskiy Tomb is a unique megalith grave located in the Lazareyskiy Forest in Sochi National Park. Volkonskiy Tomb is the only megalith grave that remains under state protection. "


An old episcopal city, located on the beautiful river Main. It is the vibrant capital of Lower Franconia (part of Northern Bavaria). In the background lies the fortress Marienberg which dates back to the 8th century. 

What wonderful scenery considering all we've been seeing lately is rain T^T 

Received: 18.06.2013

48th Tag

From left to right:
1. The Abundant Life Building
1720 South Boulder - Tulsa, Oklahoma
7-story International Headquarters of the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association, Inc., in Tulsa  Oklahoma  Dedicated to the Glory of God and the proclamation of the gospel to the whole world.

2."World Famous Hofbrau Haus"
Hallandale, Florida 9 miles north of Miami
Phone 27223 
Copyright 1956 (awesome!)

3. Presbyterian Church, Naples, Florida

4. Rochester Methodist Hospital
This outstanding medical facility in Rochester, Minnesota maintains a close relationship with the Mayo Clinic. It is staffed by Mayo Clinic Physicians and Surgeons and affords 571 beds as well as 30 operating rooms. Copyright 1970. 

These cards are from the North American version of the Taking out the Trash x4 Tag, these "antique" cards are in relatively good condition, not yellowed in the slightest! Very nice |3

Received: 17.06.2013

$1.10, so it is true, you can send to anywhere in the world for that amount in the US...hmmmm >|

47th Tag

Headstone from the original grave of Canada's Unknown Soldier, 1920

This is one of the reasons why we celebrate Nov 11th every year, to thank the soliders who bravely fought in WWI. This card is also from the Canadian War Museum, amazingly there is a Mercedes limo that was used by Hitler in their collection 0_= Really awesome stuff from the good ol' Canada to Canada Tag~

Received: 17.06.2013

And a matching stamp~ The sender was nice enough to get the special cancel for me TAT Too bad it didn't turn out too well but I'm still happy none the less, here is what it was supposed to look like.

Friday, 14 June 2013

42nd DS

Yes some very sharp pencil crayons, excellent lol 

Received: 14.06.2013

Noooooo not again DX


Mt.Fuji at night seen from the Otome Pass

Many pictures I've seen of Fuji-san are always during the day, it's really nice to see it at night and from a different angle as well |3

Received: 14.06.2013

Thursday, 13 June 2013


"New Address"

Nice text XD Still gotta love gnome cards, and brightly coloured mushrooms |D

Received: 13.06.2013

Another set of old Netherlands stamps, according to the sender these stamps will no longer be valid after November of this year. Better use these stamps while it's still possible!


What a cool vintage card with some early photoshop work done it haha The old motorcycle is also a very nice touch |D

Received: 13.06.2013

And the sender drew me this very chillin duck XD Too bad the postmark is right on top TAT

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


A Full Metal Alchemist card from Japan, how awesome!! I really like this rainy scene with my two favourite characters ^w^ 

Received: 12.06.2013

Two very nice stamps, the postage stamp and the air mail stamp is really nice too~

46th Tag

View of the Old town from Kapuzinerberg

What a beautiful scene from Salzburg, Austria. I love looking at snow if only it wasn't so cold! Nice to look at as summer rolls around |D This is from the "Trading Snow for Sand Tag."

Received: 12.06.2013

Wow what a nice stamp! Preferably without the cover but still a very nice stamp over all 0_0


I always found these cards to be a lot of fun X3 For this one, can you find the fly's (?) cake? 

Received: 12.06.2013

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I think it's an ad-card but not sure and not sure what for either, I do like the contrast between the two pictures. Now if only the year of the right photo wasn't chopped off.

Received: 11.06.2013

41st DS

Oh Milano what a great card, here is the very famous Milan Cathedral, which took 600 years to complete. It's also the 4th (or 5th?) largest Cathedral in the World! 

Received: 10.06.2013

4 Euro cents to Canada? I think I will be moving to Italy now XD

45th Tag

"Above the Town"1914-18, Marc Chagall 

What an interesting card, almost surreal like (it's actually cubism) for some reason I feel dizzy looking at it lol Either way this is from the Question Tag, I can find myself asking the same question over and over because I really do want to know, how did you find out about postcrossing?  

Received: 10.06.2013

Too bad my Japanese isn't good enough to read the name of this mountain. Maybe one day.

A Surprise from Down Under!

Omg these colours, these ducks, this is awesome XD And who says zazzle cards are bad! This is a RAS card, how nice X3 (At least it sure made my day yesterday TAT)

Received: 10.06.2013

This Wombat...*wants the Kukkabura again or a Kangaroo*


Well hello again XD So shortly after receiving my first card from the UK here is my first official one! Now all I'm missing is Wales (this card was from Scotland).

Received: 10.06.2013

Wow what an array! And the last stamp looks like it's from a collection, I must get them all! All! XD

Monday, 10 June 2013

44th Tag

My first gnome card! So many firsts XD Still it looks great and this is from the Recycle/Second Hand/Environmentally Friendly tag.

Received: 07.06.2013

Oh my word! So many wonderful stamps *A* There's also one from Lichtenstein too!! 

Some wonderful stamps from various time periods? 


Holland~! I like the layout of this multi-card, it must be the colourful borders XD

Received: 07.06.2013

And a nice collection of stamps =D Some are from the time when the Netherlands used the Guilder and the stamp with the W's was issued after King Willem-Alexander became King back in April of this year.