Sunday, 28 July 2013


We meet again bearded one, so this came from someone that I swapped with twice XD I had this feeling this would happen eventually (one of us sending the other an official card that is.) Either way a nice coincidence X3

Received: 25.07.2013

He was also nice enough to add in this extra card, it translates "No one takes better care of my financial matters." Thankfully he also explained the pun behind this card as well, that Piepen = chicks but also means money. Some things you just don't learn in German class! XD

And some more stamps from Germany, thank you TAT

53rd DS

Santiago de Chile
Perched atop San Cristobal Hill, the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception casts her gaze across the Chilean capital. Inaugurated in 1908, the statue measures 36 m in height.

Greetings from Chile! My good friend Capricho has sent me mail from his great travels around the world XD The card was written in Spanish, well then lol 

Received: 25.07.2013

P.S. Capricho, amigo, you gotta stop smoking man. 

Some lovely un-used stamps from Chile!

Travelling far and wide from the comfort of home lol

60th tag

Nothing says summer like sundresses it seems, "Greetings!" from good old Finland. Thanks as always "eyes closed tag" |D

Received: 25.07.2013

Women's legs and roses, excellent XD

59th Tag

These are some nice extras that the person who replied to my questions from the 20 questions tag, was nice enough to send me =D

Received: 24.07.2013

Very good advice, this card and sticker need to go to Russia >|

An awesome set of stamps that came with it~

Naturally the sender knew I like Spiderman lol 

52nd DS

More mail from Japan ^w^ And I gots an alpacca, so fluffy *A* 

Received: 22.07.2013

Of course the mailppaca approves, one of my friend's said "it's like one of his friend's sent him a picture postcard" XD

This folding card expressed early birthday wishes X3

A stamp and a cool way to write the date

More wonderful stamps from Japan! One is even shaped like a cherry blossom *A* There is also 6 with an amazing postmark as well~

And the stamps on the envelope~

51st DS

Even ducks like to settle down and read a good book every now and then lol 

Received: 22.07.2013

Friday, 19 July 2013

58th Tag

M! Yes aside from the letter, this is also the title (full title: M: A City searches for a Murderer) of a 1931 talkie by Fritz Lang (the director of Metropolis). I really liked this movie and made reference to it in my post for the Handmade alphabetical tag, I'm glad the sender took me seriously, this looks so great XDDDD 

Received: 18.07.2013 

Hurray! New awesome stamps once again from Mother Russia! =D

57th Tag

Andy Warhol, Unidentified Male, black ballpoint on ivory paper 

According to the sender Warhol is a famous gay artist, you learn something new everyday lol From the gay + lesbian tag~

Received: 18.07.2013

56th Tag

This is a white-tailed eagle according to the sender, she says she seems them quite often 0_0 Naturally this comes from the bird tag XD 

Received: 17.07.2013

Hurray Sweden! New stamps =D

55th Tag

Sidelong Glance, Paris, 1948

Awesome vintage re-print, though not from France but from the US |D This is from the Question and Answer Tag.

Received: 17.07.2013

Huzzah! Many stamps, including a new one! 

54th Tag

Washington, DC by George Washington
Construction began on the WWII Memorial in September 2001. It opened to the public on April 29, 2004. The memorial honors the 16 million who served in the armed forces, the more than 400 000 who died, and all those who supported the war on the home front. 

A wonderful view of Washington DC thanks to the rescue a sinking tag, tag!

Received: 16.07.2013

Dat Pontiac |D

53rd Tag

What a cute card coming from the translation tag, today I learnt 5 new words in Spanish and Aragonese =D

Received: 16.07.2013

50th DS

In this swap 2 cards were exchanged but they ended up coming on two different days |D

This is the sender's characters (well actually one is her friend's) Rao and Mana, the card was drawn by her friend. So cute X3

Received: 16.07.2013

And this is from one of the game's that the sender likes, it looks really cool TAT

Received: 17.07.2013

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

49th DS

First card from Latvia =D Now who's up for a ride? |D

Received: 15.07.2013

Dem Stamps |D

48th DS

This ad card to visit Thailand is actually from Vietnam, I'm sold to go though lol

Received: 15.07.2013

Such awesome stamps! 

47th DS

I love how cheesy this card is XD This is from my friend who moved back to Hungary, this is the village of Füle which is not far from the Batalon. 

Received: 12.07.2013

1999, good year lol 

52nd Tag

This is from the 5 mix cards tag, I ended up getting 3 extra, hurray =D

Received: 11.07.2013

Another one of those awesome envelopes from China~


Oh la la XD This certainly is liberal for Russia, no complaints though! 

Received: 11.07.2013

Friday, 12 July 2013


Another from the "porcelain" series, this one has a nice pattern to it.

Received: 11.07.2013