Friday, 23 August 2013


A moose in a tree? A first for everything!

Received: 23.08.2013

70th Tag

Who wouldn't be afraid of those sharp teeth? This is from the Phobia tag, for some reason I feel like petting that shark's nose. Hmm XD

Received: 23.08.2013


That must be one big hat to fit 3 puppies in it XD Also my 2nd card from Slovenia =D

Received: 23.08.2013

Do you? What does Slovenia feel like? XP (This reminds me of I Amsterdam...) 

69th Tag

What a funky card, one of the interesting treasures you can find in the Recycle/2nd Hand/Environmentally friendly card tag |D

Received: 22.08.2013

A leo stamp, awesome! And a wonderful hand cancel from Nova Scotia, most excellent indeed!

Drive from here to there? 49 hours in the car? Nopenopenopenope

68th Tag

I had asked for something sort of macabre from the Request Photo Postcard tag, not what I was expecting but the dialogue made up for it. The sender asked, what happened here? Who does the blood belong to? And whose feet are those? Good question, my response: the blood belongs to the victim and the feet are mine because I'm following the trail XD 

Received: 21.08.2013


This picture was taken in Italy (should have asked where) by the sender's husband. Very if only I had asked where! DX

Received: 21.08.2013

And a nice assortment of stamps =) (wow pre-1990 Hungarian stamps XD) 

These stamps I approve, and the registration code as well |D

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


"Je tiens la rue comme un verre plein de lumière enchantée". Paul Eluard

Unfortunately I didn't study enough French to decode what this says, nor does google translator help. Either way interesting vintage card of Paris. 

Received: 20.08.2013


Such a cute handmade card, gotta love budgies! 

Received: 20.08.2013


Well then, fancy meeting you here. I had a couple of things with these characters on them when I was a kid but never quite knew where they were from until now. These two are Jip and Janneke, characters from a Dutch Children's Book series of the same name. Mystery solved! 

Received: 19.08.2013 

France you've out-done yourself again! This stamp is 8 cm in length, wow 0_0


A nice multi-view of Cologne, funny how the cathedral appears 4 times lol

Received: 19.08.2013

My favourite German stamp, hello *A*

Monday, 19 August 2013

67th Tag

It's been awhile since I received something from the 3+ stamp tag, gotta love them movies in technicolor! XD

Received: 15.08.2013

I certainly haven't seen you before |D (where is the Chinese part of this though?)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Another surprise?!

Such a cute little sheep TAT I didn't expect to get this in my mail, once again from one of my classmates. How unexpected that she sent this to me as well 0_0 This should be the last of the surprise cards since she's back home from her group study |D 

Received: 13.08.2013

66th Tag

The bear! On the 9th by coincidence I got the T-rex from my friend XD This is from the Birthday Card tag, I just couldn't resist XD

Received: 12.08.2013

And here is the back of the card, not much space to write on. Maybe one day I'll build this day

65th Tag

This lovely card is from Poland but sent from Belarus, thank you as always "Not your country tag" |3

Received: 12.08.2013


The buildings of Tula Samovars Musuem
Designed by V. Sirotkin 1910.
Globe shaped samovar "Spider".
Late 19th century

I really like how this card is laid out, maybe I'm just a sucker for fancy borders lol That and as far as I'm concerned a samovar is a kettle, a very interesting awesomely Russian, kettle XD

Received: 09.08.2013


There are no words to describe this card lol, I think what throws you off more then anything else is the cat's stare |D Either way I like it XD

Received: 09.08.2013


How nice! This is my first time receiving a "birthday postcard" before X3 (one day late but what can you do haha)

Received: 09.08.2013

And a lovely array of stamps to go with that!

64th Tag

This is from the Photo you have taken yourself tag, according to the sender this is "Mong Kok" the centre of Hong Kong. Doesn't look as crowded as I would have imagined lol 

Received: 09.08.2013


Talk about nice timing for a birthday present! The only card to receive today but still really great XD

Received: 08.08.2013

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


What a funky card, I guess it's also good to know I'm not colour blind either |D

Received: 07.08.2013


"Sail at Sunset" by Michele Hendricks (1990) 

What a beautiful card, I never really saw views like this in Holland but kind of wished I had.

Received: 07.08.2013

Monday, 5 August 2013


Vintage: Office in the Wood 

What a cute card, don't think it will be easy to work during the rain though XD

Received: 02.08.2013


No worries!
I had just laid down, when a voice asked me "What is the meaning of life?" I answered, "To have no worries right now."  

This bear, this is me all the time, the polar bear it is me |D 

Received: 02.08.2013