Monday, 30 September 2013

89th Tag

I got 2 cards from the recycle/2nd hand/environmentally friendly tag, love that tag! 

Received: 30.09.2013

"Tell me when."
Dove deodorant ad-card |D 

"Where is it written, that slaps are forbidden?"

I didn't understand this card 100% but I believe it's about mistreatment and abuse of children in Switzerland (plus some extra history provided by the sender) but I'm not quite sure. 

A lot of amazing stamps once again from the sender!! 

And more! =D 

As a side note, we have Superman stamps in Canada lol 

88th Tag

A cute card from China, from the Canada to the rest of the World tag. The sender said this card is a direct illustration of the Chinese saying "Good good study, day day up." Now in English this makes very little sense and I had found that this is a direct translation of the phrase said by Mao. This image below seems to sum it up nicely.

Received: 30.09.2013

Red thing...what are you? 

87th Tag

This is from the Photo you've taken yourself tag, so yes this was taken by the sender =3

Received: 30.09.2013

Whoa a Vancouver 2010 stamp from somewhere else =0 Ukraine your stamps are amazing as always TAT


Even with 51 teeth, it's still the true original!

So I starred at this card for a bit, thinking, what are you trying to tell me? 51 teeth? Am I reading this right? Ok maybe that's why there's that crumb on the side there are now 51 ridges (teeth?) on the cookie. I think too much...

Received: 27.09.2013

And below are some awesome stamps that came with the card!

And the ones on the envelope 


Such a creative ad-card! And it's true, this card's message is relatively plain and simple. So please reduce, reuse, and recycle! (First official card from Romania X3)

Received: 26.09.2013


Kotorogo Theatre

What an interesting card, can't tell if those are beanbags or not |D 

Received: 26.09.2013

An awesome beach stamp! And our pal Friedrich Zanders is back lol  

86th Tag

All these awesome cards are from the Taking out the trash 4x tag (the international version =D )  

Received: 25.09.2013

San Gimignano - Museo Civico (Town Museum) 
By Taddeo Bartolo 
A picture of the Patron Saint 

Palazzo Venier dei Leoni
Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice 

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien (Art History Museum, Vienna) 
Pieter Bruegel (1525/30-1569)
Die Heimkehr der Herde (Driving home the cattle), 1565

Houston, Texas
Famously known as Houston's "Skyline District," this collection of skyscrapers is one of the largest skylines in the United States. These buildings are home to the headquarters of various multinational businesses and financial institutions. 

Another beautiful set of older low domination stamps =D

85th Tag

I think this is an ad card for moon cakes but not quite sure. Moon cakes are presents given to friends and families during the Mid-Autumn Festival (held on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month.) These elaborately decorated cakes are filled with red bean paste. I got this card from the ad postcards tag (pretty nice for an ad card if you ask me.) 

Received: 24.09.2013

84th Tag

Matthias said "Trust your luck. Everyone needs a little bit lucky."
Day of Legends (on the url)

Not quite sure about the "day of legends" but if I may, "everyone needs a little bit of luck" might work better |D A prime example of Denglisch in my opinion. From the Germany to Canada tag

Received: 24.09.2013


A bear with an afro = win XD (And yes that's a fish steak |D) 

Received: 23.09.2013

An awesome variety of never before seen Taiwanese stamps |D


Said Ihaddaden, Hannover
Title: "AKT und Strauch" (Act and Scrub)

What a cool card! First time I've seen something like this!

Received: 23.09.2013

Monday, 23 September 2013

57th DS

This is from one of the latest swaps I did and my first from India, so cool!!

Received: 20.09.2013

Dakshineswar Kali Temple: Built in 1855 by a rich widow Rani Rashmoni. The Saint Ramakrishna completed his Sadhana here. (It is dedicated to the Goddess Kali and the rest to Lord Shiva.) It sits on the Bank of the Ganga, near Bally Bridge 

And what a beautifully complex Temple it is!

A young prince receiving his beloved (Mughal)
c 18th century
Indian Museum, Kolkata 


And some amazing stamps! Scanner for the fail once again.

Lastly the package that held it all together, a great array of stamps, very awesome! 

83rd Tag

This card is from the Photograph Tag, though I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking at though =|

Received: 20.09.2013

There were more stamps but they fell off somewhere before getting to me (I guess this is why licking stamps is the best way to go?)

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Any one up for a game of bingo? 

Received: 19.09.2013

250 stamp you are most beautiful of them all, seriously Ukraine why you make your stamps so lovely?


Another from my favourites, beauty! Here is the Cyrillic alphabet, not the modern one mind you. This is the alphabet as it existed in 1534, the letters more closely follow the Greek alphabet. This image is featured in the first Russian textbook printed by Ivan Fyodorov, one of the first Printers in Russia and the Ukraine. 

Received: 19.09.2013 


Head of Tutankhamun emerging from the lotus flower
18th Dynasty, reign of Tutankhamun, 1356-1346 BC

Despite appearance this card from Egypt is actually from the Netherlands, not complaining though!

Received: 19.09.2013


Because nothing beats an afro! This was from an exhibit about afros XD

Received: 18.09.2013