Saturday, 26 October 2013

101st Tag

Holy Tofu on a sandwich I'm finally caught up! Anyways this card from the Request Photo Postcard Tag (Self-taken) , at first I was wondering why am I looking at a toilet. When I read the back of the card this toilet became very amusing. Sure made my day |D

Received: 25.10.2013

Formatting fail is strong with this one...

With permission from the sender here is what they wrote.

Yes this is how every horror movie starts! 


Yeah these things are just plain vicious, do not piss off a goose (or a swan) if you love your life. Actually don't piss off birds in general XD Dem geese, you think they're gone for the winter but seems like they're back to visit XD

Received: 25.10.2013


From what I can make out is an upside down car, I think? Art at it's finest I say |D

Received: 24.10.2013

61st DS

Today I receive a very grandiose looking card from who else then my old chum Mr. Money. Being a millionaire is hard work I tell ya.

Received: 24.10.2013

A supposively well known Canadian Rock band, I haven't heard of them, and I like rock music *nervous laugh* 

Mr. Money also likes Superman XD

100th Tag

Yet another lovely watercolour painting, though this is a reproduction it was still printed on watercolour paper. How nice~ This is from the translation tag but it slipped my mind to include the translation...tomorrow XD 

Received: 24.10.2013

 As well an awesome assortment of Taiwanese stamps from the sender! 

Another type of stamp that is also very awesome 

New Taiwanese stamp! 

99th Tag

Unfortunately the info was covered by the stamps but for those unfamiliar this is the Washington Monument, where else but Washington DC? From the "another country tag."

Received: 23.10.2013

Bird on the left, I don't know what you are. But I'll pretend you're an albino peacock, simply because those things are rad |D

98th Tag

Beautiful warm Greece and my first card from there too! The sender says this is from the Cyclades, which Island is anyone's guess according to her. Though they do differ slightly, either way still want to go visit lol Oh yes from the "choose a country tag

Received: 23.10.2013


Renate Otto- Sylt
Kampen Lighthouse

In the past I've received a postcard of the Kampen Lighthouse which can be seen here, I thought it looked strangely familiar XD Either way very nice rendition of the real deal |D

Received: 23.10.2013


Heartfelt Greetings from Nuremberg 

Probably one of the more cooler touristy type cards I've ever gotten!

Received: 23.10.2013

97th Tag

Ah Vietnam, coupled with great food and the place that produces it. Lovely view of the rice fields. This is from the choose a country tag.

Received: 22.10.2013


Oh Mother Russia you look most wonderful in this card, winter sunsets ftw!

Received: 21.10.2013

I scanned the back of the card too because of the awesome matroyska stamp X3


Probably one of the more funkier ad-cards I've received. I still like it though |D

Received: 21.10.2013

State stamps, gotta collect them all lol 


Woohoo 200! And from Israel to boot! Now if only I knew what this card was telling me XD

Received: 21.10.2013

Such colourful stamps!


This little guy is from a photo taken by the sender, cute X3

Received: 18.10.2013


Probably my most favourite duck card ever, excuse me, I'll be going "d'aww" over there |D

Received: 17.10.2013

First time I've ever seen that kind of post mark, Holland please don't do this again... 

96th Tag

The scanner made this card a little too true to it's name so I had to darken it a bit. This is from the "mostly white tag" (thought it was from a different one...why it's important to say which tag it's from lol)

Received: 16.10.2013(?)

Different stamps from China! Huzzah!


Museum Engiadinais

Nice assortment of guns going on there lol 

Received: 16.10.2013

But also a nice selection of stamps as well |3



Gotta love vintage reprints! So this is a card celebrating the 140th anni. of Kastner & Öhler if I understood that correctly. 

Received: 16.10.2013 (?)

Some extra stamps in the envelope |3

The Green Heart of Austria 

I believe this sticker is also related to the card

Bernardo Strozzi's "Sleeping Child"


Sometimes receiving ad-cards isn't a bad thing. I've seen Peugeots in Europe but they aren't sold here in N. America. It certainly was interesting to see many different car brands I didn't recognize.

Received: 16.10.2013 (?)  

95th Tag

So after a very long hiatus (thanks school work) here come a barrage of posts... hell I can't even remember when I received certain things *handpalm* So this is from the NA Taking out the Trash tag, always a favourite |3

Received: 15.10.2013 (?)

Hindu goddess; her inclusion here challenges a broad misrepresentation of female power as destructive.

Kali plate from The Dinner Party
(c) 1979 Judy Chicago
China paint on porcelain, 14" diameter
Collection of the Brooklyn Museum
Gift of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center Foundation 
Photograph (c) Donald Woodman

A cute little card made by the sender |3

From 1634-1637, an era known as "Tulipmania," tulip speculation in the Netherlands reached unparalleled heights as gambling merchants paid astronomical prices for bulbs in hopes of turning a profit. 

Roozengaarde Garden, Mount Vernon, Washington

Black Hills Reptile Gardens
Orchids- The Sky Dome at Reptile Gardens is filled with exotic orchids of many varieties. Harmless reptiles roam free amid the oasis of color. 

The "Caroline Herschel" plate from Judy Chicago's installation "The Dinner Party" © 1979 Judy Chicago. Caroline Herschel (1759-1848) German-born astronomer who detected eight comets and catalogued 2500 nebulae and star clusters. 

This was the last card I received, I happened to get the perfect recipient for this card and was very happy due to this little coincidence. Glad this card managed to find a happy home X3