Friday, 31 January 2014

68th DS

I was fortunate enough to get a swap from Iran (sort of) this folded card was one of the highlights as the front image is on a different side then western folded cards. I've received folded cards from Japan before (a country whose books are the reverse of western books) and have never seen cards in this layout. Regardless it's still pretty amazing! The sender notes this is how most Iranian women dress, however she must wear a headscarf in public though. 

Received: 31.01.2014

Some awesome Iranian coins! (Front and Back)

As well as some un-used Iranian stamps! :D

And lastly the stamps that brought everything to me :) (mailed in Russia as it was easier for the sender) 

126th Tag

Oh such a cute doggie :) from the dog <---> cat tag, must obtain. cat card. next time. It's just the 2nd time I got a dog from this tag, ah ha |D

Received: 31.01.2014

Medicine Hat, Alberta

St. Patrick's Church
Medicine Hat, Alberta

The other vintage card I got at the farmer's market, this one from Medicine Hat; Medicine Hat is 293 km from Calgary and also located in Southern Alberta.

Received: 31.01.2014 

Unfortunately postmark didn't come out very well, this is the original. Which is too bad because I was really looking forward to this one, oh well

125th Tag

The vintage card is from the recycle/2nd hand/environmentally friendly tag, this card appears to be a linen card. I recently bought one and both feel similar to the touch. Very cool either way! Unfortunately the info on the back is a bit difficult to read, sorry... =\

Received: 31.01.2014

Peace River, AB

Peace River, Alberta, Canada
"Twelve Foot Davis"
The figure of 'Twelve Foot Davis', one of the great pioneering spirits of the North Country is well on the way to becoming a legend. Well-loved for his hospitality and generosity, he derived the name from finding gold on a twelve foot strip.  

I went to the farmer's market last Sunday to hunt down some prepaid envelopes (turns out they were aerograms, pretty cool!) and decided to pull 2 vintage tourist cards from across Alberta. I got a hold of this card which coincidentally matches the postmark, how awesome XD Retyped what was on the back of the card since some of it was blocked out by the automatic cancel...which is still Christmas theme for some reason XD

Received: 31.01.2014 

The Postmaster seems to come from another dimension since this card was received and stamped on January 39th, 2014...Postmaster I'm jealous of you, sending and receiving mail from an alternate dimension! XD

124th Tag

Plum Garden at Kameido, from the series "One Hundred Famous Views of Edo" - Utagawa Hiroshige

This lovely ukiyoe reprint card is naturally from Japan and sent through the translation tag.

Received: 30.01.2014

Another cute teddy bear stamp |D


How cute, I'm very jealous of that fox sleeping all cozy and peacefully |D

Received: 30.01.2014

A fantastic array of both postage and ink stamps! Unfortunately two stamps were placed on top of the text so I mosaic-ed that. It was a stamp of a nesting doll and a teddy bear with a heart.

Thursday, 30 January 2014


I.E. Repin (1844-1930)
Unexpected. 1884. 160.5 x 167.5.

Ah yes, always fun to receive a good old Soviet postcard. I wonder if the amount of space left on the front functioned as writing space or something.

Received: 29.01.2014


Nothing says Netherlands like: windmills! Though most of these are not built as often anymore many of them are still standing and wonderful to look at :)

Received: 29.01.2014

Twin Butte, AB

Bears! Sent this matching card to Twin Butte, Alberta. The number of cancels for Alberta is relatively high so out of curiousity I looked up Twin Butte. It's a small hamlet close to the American border with a population of 10. Small town living at it's finest! |D

Received: 28.01.2014

Got my hands on a previous low denomination stamp which depicted Indigenous art and crafts. The cancel from Twin Butte is also extremely detailed and doesn't show up very well on this card, this is what it was supposed to look like.   

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Thank you card

Such a pretty card of Mt. Fuji, a thank you card from someone I had previously swapped with. I may change the status of this post once I find a good card to reply with ;)

Received: 24.01.2014


Michael Sowa "The Small King" from the book "The Small King December" by Axel Hacke and M. Sowa

A very cute card, I wonder what kind of story the tiny king is from |D

Received: 24.01.2014

123rd Tag

All of these awesomely diverse cards are from the Taking out the trash tag x4, however the sender was nice enough to send more then 4 :D

Received: 23.01.2014

Left to right: Sycamore, Small Elephant Hawk-moth, Alder moth, Mullein moth, Cinnabar moth, Chamomile shark, and Polygonia c-album 

Caterpillars have 14 segments, of which the last three are usually fused into the anal segment. Caterpillars are composed of three main parts: head, chest, and abdomen. They have camouflaged or frighting colours to fit into their environment.   

"Parting of the Homeless"
Painted by: Zheng Mukang and Lu Yanshao 

Kiel: Port city of the Kiel Fjord

Sunday, 26 January 2014


I've heard of teacup pigs but teacup puppies? I shouldn't be that surprised should I? |D *flash forward couple of months later* and the fully grown dog attempts to sit in tea cup again XD

Received: 22.01.2014


And ducklings mean spring! Yes ducks! :D The last card from Finland today, ah ha |D

Received: 21.01.2014

And this is Paul Bunyan's anthill and giant pocket watch lol


This is a Christmas themed card but it was also in my favs, can you blame me? (Maybe? XD) Snow, dead trees, and gnomes, all that good stuff! 

Received: 21.01.2014

I believe this stamp is from the European post transport series? Some of them were pretty ace alright!


Nothing like a midnight ski, then again I guess foxes only do it at night so they won't surprise the humans, huh? XD

Received: 21.01.2014

Wasn't picked up very well by the scanner but these stamps are pretty shiny. Ukraine seriously has some of the best stamps ever (*A*)b


Plot twist: frog is actually 2 cm long, I wouldn't be surprised at least lol cute frog regardless though |D

Received: 21.01.2014


One of the cooler official cards to be received |D Kinda reminds me of Ed Hardy though, the stopwatch also reminds me of the old USSR stopwatch I broke as a kid. Yeah Soviet contraptions last forever until they meet a 3 year old boy lol 

Received: 21.01.2014

Whoa! Finnish postcrossing stamp! And it's huge too, great to see more and more countries getting on board with their postage stamps :D