Friday, 21 February 2014


What's up?

Last card! Wow my mailbox has never been both so full and happy! Right mr.goat? |D

Received: 20.02.2014


Despite being an ad-card, the paper had a nice texture and feel to it, and who doesn't love pirate themed stuff? XD

Received: 20.02.2014

The back was pretty rad too and these stamps are gorgeous too |D


Left to right: Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) and Brühl's Terrace, the Canaletto view of the Frauenkirche and the Residence Palace, Frauenkirche after the bombing in 1945, Frauenkirche, Palace Gate of the Zwinger, Semperoper

I believe this is my first card from Dresden, I certainly look forward to visiting Dresden given the chance. 

Received: 20.02.2014

Souris, MB

I received this awhile back from a tag, including that distance, I had originally sent this card to Cavendish, PEI for a cancel but their post office had closed. So I quickly re-sent this to Souris, MB. While this time I did get it back it did come without a pictorial cancel. I guess this cancel is off the books too? 

Received: 20.02.2014

Here is the cancel I was hoping for.


A self-taken photo by the sender notable because of the different colour tinges in the leaves, winter, she's a coming! |D

Received: 20.02.2014

Also some lovely Dutch stamps + 1 Latvian stamp included by the sender, aside from the two royal family stamps the other 3 show the flags of two provinces in the Netherlands. 

72nd DS

Capt. Curly sent me this nice looking mail box, wow that green and red must hurt the eyes after awhile?

Received: 20.02.2014

Superman I missed you TAT


Too bad those aren't doggles, either way this puppy looks smashing |D

Received: 19.02.2014

Also the sender drew this toy poodle, so fluffy!


And my first card received from South Korea, very cool illustration. I wonder about the wings not having the same pattern as the tree though.

Received: 19.02.2014


Achill, Co. Mayo: This is the largest island off the Irish coast. Connected to the mainland by a bridge at Achill Sound it contains within its small compass every type of scenery from sandy beaches to towering mountains. Here the holidaymaker has all the manner of recreational facilities and unrestricted scope for walking, cycling or touring and good deep sea fishing is also available. 

My first card from Ireland! Quite the lovely view plus the sheep! It was mailed in the US however.

Received: 19.02.2014

Thursday, 20 February 2014


This ad card is from a hotel in Berlin, that the sender enjoys going to when they go to Berlin. I also learned by car it's only 3 hours from Prague to Berlin. Jealous! 

Received: 18.02.2014

As well as a lovely stamp on the back


The further below you sit, the more likely you are to be shat on from above

This really made my day and sure made me laugh, new favourite XD 

Received: 18.02.2014


Belated valentine's day from Finland but greeted in Swedish? And fuzzy elephants :D XD

Received: 18.02.2014

A little Finnish/Swedish lesson from the sender :)

The stamp was printed on to the card


At first I thought the cow was a rat and was very worried about this person in the card XD First official card from Latvia :D

Received: 18.02.2014


Golden Prague

That is one sweet looking card, you got me on the whale though.

Received: 18.02.2014 

71st DS

Grandma's Dead:
Breaking Bad News with Baby Animals

Oh thank god! XD Honestly this approach has a real awwwtf tone to it, if the news is that shocking that is. Great card + to call up Maury lol 

Received: 18.02.2014

Merry Christmas!

Canada Place is the premier cruise ship terminal of the city - seen here from Stanley Park with world record sprinter Harry Jerome's statue in the foreground 

This was the other card I received from the sender though received on a different date

Received: 19.02.2014


The beautiful prospect...

I had no idea how to translate this, viva google translate! Sometimes XD Anyways great image of this (I assume) ring-tailed lemer |D

Received: 18.02.2014


Who says snails can't be cute? XD Anyways a lovely card from Burgundy in France, and here we have 2 things Burgundy is famous for: escargot and their roof tiles. I can certainly see why!

Received: 18.02.2014

Eureka, NU

I had difficultly choosing a card to send to Eureka; Eureka is the 2nd most furthest north settlement in Canada. Mind you it isn't permanently settled, it's a weather station. Eureka is also the furthest north post office in Canada, very cool. And I mean that literally!

Received: 18.02.2014

Inuvik, NWT

The beautiful aurora borealis, though not as high up we do sometimes get the auroras down here too. Sent this to a very fitting place, Inuvik Northwest Territories. 

Received: 18.02.2014 

It came in this cool envelope, so no ugly postmarks to get on it :)

And the added bonus, the postmark turned out wonderful *A*

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

131st Tag

This card is from the anime/manga tag, not really a matching theme but it's still really pretty X3 Props to the artist, Hans |D

Received: 11.02.2014

The sender apologized for covering the card with too many stamps, one must never apologize for too many stamps. There's no such thing as too many stamps! XD 

70th DS

So this swap came in two parts on two different days, I'm very much a fan of this envelope and the "hello my name is" stickers |D

Received: 10.02.2014

The awesome vintage stamps inside that envelope!

And part 2 |D Nothing like some horses on Kansas prairie.

Received: 11.02.2014