Friday, 25 April 2014


Rubber ducky card from Ikea! Ikea has rubber ducks?! Why have I not seen this? *A*

Received: 25.04.2014

Stamps really do vary on location don't they?

133rd Tag

I got these 2 "cards" from the Germany to Canada tag, it's quite different being on the other end of the tag for once :) This ad card is for the Pan Am games, this is my first time hearing of it but the sender told me she was going to volunteer when they happen in 2015.

Received: 22.04.2014

Back of the card

And the second card that came... 

...along with this amazing array of stamps!

There is also 2 wonderful postmarks from Toronto, Canada's largest city and capital of Ontario

Saturday, 19 April 2014


A painting by Rudolf Koivu

I'm not quite sure what's going on in the painting, but aside from the tone anything with gnomes and cats is good XD

I also realize there is indeed a large gap between entries, I did receive other cards but they're all back home in Canada. I'll have to do entries on them when I return 

Received: 19.04.2014

Easter greetings from Finland and of course from Germany ;)

Saturday, 12 April 2014

77th DS

I got 2 things from my friend back home and decided to put them all in one big post! 

Received: 11.04.2014 

From the postcard book, "Everything's Connected" by Keri Smith

I have to admit compared to living in Calgary's burbs to inner-city Berlin, I do see way more interesting things on my walk to the postbox (which is about 50 m?)

Haha, how sweet :p what I wouldn't give for a decent donut right now!

Managed to get sent after the 31st, most excellent.

Another card from the postcard book listed above. Yes this will clearly help the planet, I agree.

And with it came a baby goblin! So cute *A* 

My friend had asked me to adopt my friend above and I had brought him to Germany with me. Here is big and baby goblin X3

All dem stamps 

Edit: And today another thing from my friend back home came!

Ostriches always make cards 20x better! Never wear cherry print to the zoo XD 

Received: 14.04.2014

Another cute card from my friend once again |D

Received: 17.04.2014

These are the most detailed and colourful gummy bears I've ever seen, as long as they don't taste like Haribo... Haribo *cringes*

And here's the new uber expensive stamp! That deer's face is saying: look at me. LOOK AT DIS FACE. It's perfect XD

Received: 22.04.2014

I'm jealous, I would love to ride an ostrich too! =0

Received: 30.04.2014

She also made me a fluffy chicken! XD

This is the fluffy chicken I'm referring to.

Nothing beats chocolate does it?

Received: 03.05.2014

I thought what she wrote on the back was relatively funny so with her permission here it is. Poor Dracula XD

76th DS?

I got this nice black and white card in response to an official card I had sent. Very much appreciated, haven't gotten a b/w card in awhile either :)

Received: 11.04.2014

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

3rd Time's the Charm! (75th DS)

Today I was in a bit of denial over the fact my mailbox was empty again (the things postcrossing can do to a person!) I had checked it once this morning, nothing. Ok maybe I came too early, the wind began to pick up and some light rain came, it was then I heard a crash. I look out the window to see that the mail carrier's bicycle had fell over due to the wind. Surely something will be in my mailbox now! Nope. I carried on with my day and in a last ditch effort as I can home I stared at my mailbox thinking, "there's no way" and proceeded to open it, in the far back laid this card from my friend living in Southern Germany. What a surprise! It certainly made my day after checking my mailbox twice and seeing nothing :)

That and this is joke is great XD In Westerns there is usually the phrase "get along little doggy." Now separate "along" and well there you go, oh being literal.

Received: 08.04.2014

First card in Germany :)

-Washington National Cathedral-
The Cathedral's west rose window celebrates with brilliant sparkle and deep, rich color an abstract vision of God's creation of the universe.

Ok well I actually sent this to myself to test some things out but anyways it worked and I'm ready to receive mail again! :D

Received: 01.04.2014 (I think?)

I finally realized these are the stamps from the automated machines. And yes it's true the machine does not provide change instead change is given in stamps. So I had this 5 cent stamp haunt me for well over a month XD