Sunday, 25 May 2014


And here I have my first official card from Indonesia! With very pretty umbrellas to boot :D

Received: 23.05.2014

Wow and year of the horse (yes house XD) stamps too! Awesome!

136th Tag

So here we have a card from the anime/manga tag, it's been awhile since I got an anime card. This is from a series called "Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi" (note: it is yaoi.)

Received: 23.05.2014

I thought I haven't received the water stamp yet but it seems that I have. Now I'm questioning if there are other element stamps as well.


It's not everyday that one gets a ticket to a party in the mail, note this ticket is non-transferable |D

Received: 23.05.2014

135th Tag

Three Gorges of the Yangtze River

A nice view card from China, haven't had one of those in awhile or a tag card in general really! This is from the "What do you know about my country tag" it's a mouthful but it's an interesting way to see how others perceive certain parts of the world. 

Received: 22.05.2014


Cats as chess pieces, how cute! Then again it's not a surprise as this is coming from Japan. Tea time anyone?

Received: 22.05.2014


Indeed summer is here again! And the girls in this card seem to have the right idea, it's only too bad with good weather comes very hot temperatures. Then again I'm a polar bear XD

Received: 21.05.2014


And card #300 comes from the Ukraine! This cat is just as happy as I'am it seems XD

Received: 20.05.2014

Some Cheshire Cat drawings and stamps, the 2.50 stamp is very lovely imo. 

Saturday, 24 May 2014


This is a book cover from a rather well-known series of books that's published in the UK, you have to admit anything to do with aviation is a great invention itself!

Received: 19.05.2014

The card also came in this awesome looking envelope that I just had to share it!

Along with the back, I see you hiding there Captain America |D

Sunday, 18 May 2014

78th DS

The original post with my friend's cards sent to me was getting a tad bit long, anyways a card of the good old Heimat XD

Received: 17.05.2014

Adding another card from my friend, I like these old bottles. It gives an antique medical feel, always the best types of antiques imo 

Received: 19.05.2014


Mount Maunganui, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
With apartment blocks and cafes springing up along the length of Mt Maunganui's Ocean Beach, this area is becoming one of New Zealand's most sought after recreational/residential localities and a magnet for holidaymakers. 

Wow and my first card from New Zealand! A whole week of firsts :D And this card is equally picturesque but much warmer I bet!

Received: 17.05.2014

And also a great array of stamps too :D


Ok this is pretty cool, it's an ad card for the new Godzilla movie but from Russia! The two different alphabets together add to the awesomeness of course~

Received: 17.05.2014

Not a real stamp but it was printed on the card and I really liked how real it looked plus the postmark.


Ah at times like this I absolutely miss my scanner, anyways my first card from Guernsey! And how picturesque it looks! Probably cold though?

Received: 15.05.2014

And here is a Deutsche Post mail van, how cool :D


Aw yish, tis the season of baby ducks after all! I'm still to see some little quackers myself, but soon. Soon. Occasionally my "last name" gets misspelled, today I learned I'm Italian lol

Received: 14.05.2014


It's been awhile since I got something awesomely macabre :D The day of the dead isn't for quite some time though 

Received: 13.05.2014

Sunday, 11 May 2014


The puffin strikes again! This time with an awesome array of vintage stamps, very very nice. 

Received: 09.05.2014

Thursday, 8 May 2014


I got this little gem in my postbox today, my God googly eyes do make everything 20x more funnier XD One of the best cards I got recently |D

Received: 08.05.2014

I also made 2 parodies on it, this dog XD 


There's nothing like a good mix of vintage and mail art to make a damn fine postcard! 

Received: 07.05.2014


Yes! Pretty looking clock! Unfortunately I don't know where this is located since it's really nice.

Received: 07.05.2014

Also another wonderful selection of stamps :D


Shaped cards are always fun and this is my first official card from Bulgaria :D Very nice multi-view and shell

Received: 07.05.2014

Sunday, 4 May 2014


I've always wanted a card from a meetup or at least card regarding a meetup. Meetups are very mysterious events for me, and not quite sure how they work |D

Received: 03.05.2014


Some of the local flora and fauna (I think?) Still very nice.

Received: 29.04.2014

So many stamps, excellent!

134th Tag

Another lovely card from the bird tag, gosh I miss tagging. 

Received: 29.04.2014

And of course a matching bird stamp, love it! =D