Sunday, 27 July 2014


The Moon rises above Kaldzhin Lake. The South Altai Ridge

Wow this is a really beautiful and calming image, it basically everything I would imagine Russia to be really.

Received: 26.07.2014

The stamp says: Krasnaya Polyana is the only winter spa town on the Black Sea. It is well known for its geographic position and climate, and for the special snow and high mountains around the spa town.

147th Tag

So this is from a first timer tag, the "Europe to Islands tag." For some reason the words and the image don't match, then again: the card is cute enough :)

Received: 26.07.2014

Oh sweet! A year of the Horse stamp! I think this is my favourite one to date :D

85th DS

This is a response (sort of) to an official card that I sent. First time I ever got a card of a figure, then again (if it is) Figma makes really good figures. No idea where she is from though. 

Received: 26.07.2014

The sender also made me some black rose earrings, that's really cool :0

Slightly better photo...slightly

And a picture of Ed and Al from FMA, so cool! XD 

84th DS

Various scenes from the central coast of Namibia

This card didn't like getting edited, but anyways first card from Namibia! How exciting and there are many things to see, my favourite would have to be how the desert meets the ocean. 

Received: 25.07.2014


Nice! Denmark! It's been awhile and cool to see a statue of a very stoic looking, viking warrior who's named Holger Danske.

Received: 24.07.2014

Wow not postmarked :0


Woohoo! Spirited Away :D I haven't seen that movie in so long, I also really like the way this person made this picture. It's kind of calming to look at.

Received: 23.07.2014

NSFW (Sexual Themes): 345th

I'm surprised this would actually be on a postcard, funny yet weird at the same time |D Oh and yes, Boomerang supports Sandwiches (best threesome ever?)

Received: 22.07.2014

Birthday Wishes from Canada!

*Spits out water* Thank you my friend XD Well actually this came a little early but it doesn't matter either way. Birthday wishes are birthday wishes :)

That and I really need to figure out how to change posting order... 

Received: 19.07.2014

Plus some little extras that came with the card :D

And surprisingly I receive another birthday card in the mail!

She didn't realize it was a birthday card at first, and that's why I got another XD You have to admit, this forbidden fruit business doesn't sound like a birthday card... then again if there's a pineapple there's usually a party XD

Received: 31.07.2014


Steve Masters
From an In Touch article on physique mags
Also reproduced in Beefcake, Benedikt Taschen Verlag

Well hello there ;) I requested LGBTQ cards and I certainly got something homoerotic, not that I'm complaining though XD 

Received: 22.07.2014

I also got a nice set of stamps too, nice too see some of the old Hungarian stamps mixed in there.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

146th Tag

Edward Gorey
Mysterious Messages, Cryptic Cards, Coded Conundrums, Anonymous Notes
Illustration for Mystery!

Ah Edward Gorey, now this is a good one. Pen drawings are always so great for the tiny detail usually included in them. Also this is from the "Rescue a sinking tag, tag"

Received: 19.07.2014

Also a great selection of stamps!


The postcard didn't feel like uploading I suppose, anyways the sender wished me early birthday wishes, which was very nice of them :) Unfortunately I'm not really sure what the message on the front of the card says (hurray for cursive Cyrillic.) Still nice card overall.

Received: 18.07.2014

Also got this non-used stamp as a bonus :D


Leaf Fall - Aleksandra Kabakova

In a way the tree itself almost looks like a giant leaf or is that just me?

Received: 18.07.2014


Minsk. SS. Simeon & Elena Church (C) Roman Fedosenko

Wow another beautiful painting card, I really love the contrast between the warmer and cooler colours. Absolutely wonderful!

Received: 18.07.2014


Thérèse Maasalo: "Silmäjalka", 2003 

Macabre not as much as creepy, but it's a good kind of creepy. The eye is the best touch of the entire painting in this card. Not crazy about feet but still the eye is great.

Received: 17.07.2014


Knitted knee socks.
Latvia. 19th century.
National History Museum of Latvia

I honestly never thought I would ever receive a postcard about socks XD But really it's still pretty cool since this is something pertaining to Latvian culture. That and they look very warm and the designs are also really great to look at (I shouldn't be talking about warmth, when it was 35 C today...)

Received: 17.07.2014


This card looks almost post-apocalyptic, whether it is or not it still looks really cool despite the fact. 

Received: 16.07.2014

And a very nice variety of stamps to follow, I really like the middle one. It's like the tree is hatching from an egg almost.


Notre Dame Gargoyle
Paris, France

Here we have a stunning view in black and white of the French capital, with the oh so famous Eiffel tower in the distance. Very nice.

Received: 16.07.2014

With a matching stamp, very good.


Helmipöllö (Aegolius funereus)
Pärluggla - Pearl Owl - Raufüßige Eule

What a wonderful owl card, all bird cards are welcome. But owls are very much welcome (as much as ducks and a bunch of other birds, because birds are just fantastic!)

Received: 16.07.2014

Also cool custom "airmail" sticker too!


Oh Chobits! I haven't seen this anime in awhile, anyways it's good to see the official cards starting to come in.

Received: 15.07.2014

Saturday, 12 July 2014


Wow a postcard of Che Guevara, a face I'm quite familiar with. Because of the photo I took, the red on the right side of the card didn't show up very well unfortunately.

Received: 12.07.2014

NSFW (Sexual themes?): 332nd

Salvador Dali: The Great Masturbator, 1929
Gift from Dali to the Spanish State

So here we have a brilliant work by Dali, gotta love surrealism. It's also my first card like this so I'm very happy, I've been getting extraordinary cards lately it seems :D The painting has a fantastic name too...

Received: 11.07.2014

Also some great Finnish stamps too :D (Is the owl one a series?)