Sunday, 28 September 2014

161st Tag

According to the sender this (card?) or this object (I assume) is sacred for the "Wudang Mountains." Quite a beautiful artifact, I'm surprised to receive this from the "totally weird postcard tag" :P But hey, I'll take what I can get. 

Received: 17.09.2014


The Peter and Paul Fortress

Absolutely brilliant! This is a card from my favs, but another reason why it's so wonderful to receive this is card is because I love Star Forts! Or that is to say Citadels and the like, they're quite amazing to look at from above and exploring them even more so!

Received: 17.09.2014


The very cool castle lamp was made by the sender's friend, very impressive work and definitely very unique!

Received: 17.09.2014


Ah Monet, a field of flowers so well painted, I can feel my allergies reacting to it XD 

Received: 17.09.2014

Oh my, what a wonderful selection of stamps, the 2nd stamp is the top row is rather interesting lol

Calgary Tower Mail

Whether you remember my last post about "Calgary Tower Mail"or not, you can find the post here :) While I was still in Germany, my friend paid another visit to it and sent me a card from there. Thing is, she had sent it to my German address even though I was returning relatively shortly. This card had a nice little trip to Germany and back XD

Received: 17.09.2014

Saturday, 27 September 2014


Skeletal Figure of an elegant woman, Mexico City
(c) Museum for Folk Art Hamburg

Some wonderful macabre from good old Mexico! However the card was sent from Germany and is German, not a problem, just send it over regardless of where it's from! :)

Received: 16.09.2014


Now this is one interesting piece, I do like the shadows and the shirts though, well the effect that is to say. 

Received: 16.09.2014

I really like this card, fish swimming in the sky and just the way the clouds look. I'm receiving a lot of cool cards lately it seems :D


Akseli Callen - "In the Sauna," 1889

Is it just me, or does this sauna have two levels? It looks like there are people above the scene. 

Received: 16.09.2014

NSFW: 377th

Warning: It is gory

I don't usually link cards, but when I do, it means someone can loose their lunch. Depends how poorly you react to gore. I never really thought I would receive a card like this, it's interesting and gets a fav just for that. 

Received: 16.09.2014

The veins and muscles of the arm, c. 1510
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

And here is another card sent to me, also quite nice as well and something also never expected to receive. Lots of nice macabre and anatomical variety today!

And also some lovely stamps :D

The envelope I found was also quite brilliant, just had to share it :)


Mütter Museum interior, c. 1890, at the College's previous location at the Thirteenth and Locust Streets.

This card is absolutely brilliant, my kind of lab lol But really I just love how these skeletons are being presented, or rather stored. A closet full of skeletons indeed.

Received: 16.09.2014

Thursday, 25 September 2014

I won a lottery :D

So yes, I won a lottery not too long ago. It was a lottery for some cards of graves, and I got two very cool cards.

Received: Early to Mid September

Martin Luther King Jr.'s burial crypt is a memorial to one of America's most revered citizens.

160th Tag

So this rather macabre/humourous (well if you like dark humour of course) card along with the rest is from the "Taking out the Trash (NA) tag." Aside from the cool selection you can get, for me it's also a bit more affordable! 

Also I've seen a figurine of this before, this card was weirdly familiar when I saw it.

Received: Early September

A picturesque scene of Cave of the Winds visitor center in the foothills of Pikes Peak. Thousands of visitors year round enjoy spectacular views of Willams Canyon and the surrounding mountains.

This place is located in Manitou Springs, Colorado. 

Absolutely wonderful stamps, documenting some great moments in American and of course, postal history! 

NSFW: 159th Tag

So we'll start from 'safe for work' to 'not safe for work.' This card is really quite small actually, about the size of my palm, I never knew postcards could be so small. Either way this nice little package is from my ever favourite tag, the "LGBT tag." 

Received: Early September

The next two pieces are homo-centric art, unfortunately the artist information is all in Chinese.  

The sender also included the business card for the store she got it from. So if you're ever in Taipei City and looking for some LGBT related cards, here's your place! 


I really do like the architecture on this building, it really does look like a snail shell doesn't it?

Received: 12.09.2014

More Birthday Surprises :)

 Some mail from my friend in Germany came, she sent me a nice little package of cards from the town she lives in. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to visit her while I was living there, judging from the cards, I missed out on seeing a very nice part of Germany.

Received: 12.09.2014

A birthday card from her (gosh this bird is so cute XD) It says: "your birthday is a big international event! And since it's spoken in English! Here are a few goals for you!!" It's spoken in English? Where? XD Anyways I really love this card, so cute.

Flags below from left to right:
Switzerland (when I visit my friend, she lives near the border)
 Australia (Far away...)
Belgium (Been there)
Brazil (Far-ish away)
China (Also far away...)
Germany (Lived there XD)
Austria (One day)
Finland (Likewise)
France (Been there)
Greece (Not in summer)
Italy (Been there, in summer... never again!)
Japan (Do want!...but also far away)

This is a castle located nearby and only ruins remain, the castle was built in the 11th century and remained in use until the 17th. (Source: English wiki page...)

Lörrach - A city near the corner of three countries and at the foot of the Black Forest 

So according to my friend from left to right, the statue is in front of the central train station the middle photo is the central train station. The bottom left photo is city hall, in the middle is Villa Aichele, dating back to 1861. It was then sold to Maria Aichele, mother of the Electric Engineer Albert Aichele. And lastly Burg Rötteln once more.   (Source: German wiki page...)

"Black Forest Greetings" it says. This is probably the most German card I've ever seen, then again the stereotype does come from Southern Germany (that Black Forest Cake looks fantastic...*A*) my friend also makes an extremely good point... WHERE'S THE BEER?! XD There is no beer anywhere here XD

"Finally!" Well this is actually a pun, it should say "na, endlich!" When said it sounds like "ent" as opposed to "end" coupled with the fact the German word for "duck" is "Ente." It's a very hard pun to translate, but still cute anyways XD 

And lastly some stamps! The stamp on the left is the "Ishtar Gate" which is both extremely big and beautiful in person. You can find it at the Pergamon Museum on Museum Island in Berlin. 

88th DS + Lost Cards Series: 1

I remember Rozen Maiden well, there's nothing more interesting then having the majority of characters be a bunch of moving dolls dressed in gothic clothing :D It was an interesting series overall, and of course this comes from my friend from Japan. He had sent me this card in March (after I had moved to Germany) and once more again this month. 

After I get caught up with my posting, I plan to post the cards that were received while I was away, something I would like to call the "lost cards series" since I have no idea in which order they were received and when, hence the name. I'll get to posting those, in the next 20 years or so...

First card received: sometime in March
Second card received: 12.09.2014 

The stamp of the first card

And the awesome stamps of the second card


Hurray, duckies :D And don't they just look fuzzy... I want to pick one up X3

Received: 12.09.2014

I'll be honest, never liked these stamps and never liked using them. Unfortunately they're more widely available and that's the reason why you see so many cards with them. That and it's just easier to buy a set of 10 (the best way around it is asking for a weird number like 8 for example.) 

158th Tag

How cute, a moomin card. I think this is the first time I received a moomin card now that I think about it. This is from the "eyes closed tag" a not bad pick :P

Received: 12.09.2014

And with a cute card comes a very adorable stamp, those little letters X3