Sunday, 26 October 2014

Calgary's First Meet up with Special Visitors!

During the very First Postcrossing Meet up in Calgary, we had some very special visitors from Germany. It was the little postal workers from the Postcrossing blog :D 

Here they are with the official Meet up card.

While I had them with me, I got them to do a little work helping to sign the cards. 

Direct Swap to my friend in Japan (sorry the photo turned out blurry...)

Direct Swap to my friend in Kazakhstan 


And here they are, waiting for us to drop the post in :) It was a small but lovely meetup, can't wait to attend one again! :D

Lost Cards Series: 7

This card is from the "Birds Tag," I had decided to add it to this series simply because it was mailed to my Canadian address while I was in Germany (long story short, I wanted to save the sender postage and send it there instead of to Germany.) I also do not know when it was received and thus, here it is. 

This card shows the loon, one of the birds featured on our coins. It is found on the $1 coin, us Canadians usually refer to this coin as a "Loonie" because of the bird on the front. 

This. Cancel. Is. Awesome! The Haunted Canada stamps were released while I was in Germany, and unknown to me were the new cancels that came with it! This is a wonderful cancel from Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario. The stamp for this cancel looks exactly the same and very spooky indeed~ 

Lost Cards Series: 6

A quiet little beach somewhere on Fiji's southern island Kadavu

Now this was just fantastic, my one and only card from Fiji! I had this sent to my Canadian address just in case. And Fiji is sure a beautiful place, I would love to visit one day :)

I really love this airmail sticker! 

Lost Cards Series: 5

So while living in Berlin, a person with whom I was swapping with had sent a card from there to my address in Canada. At least now I can recognize the landmarks :D The top part of the card is a bookmark with the Brandenburg Gate, TV Tower (and the famous East German Ampelmann), I think that's Charlottenburg Palace but don't quote me on it, and the Berlin Cathedral's dome. 

The last image is the German Parliament building.  

Lost Cards Series: 4

My friend in Japan had mailed me this greeting card while I was in Germany, it's also a card he made himself :3

(That terrible shadow was my arm, sorry...)

And some more lovely Japanese stamps and an awesome postmark! Assuming this was a self made card, today I learned that it's possible to buy postage ready cards. That is just great, I'm so jealous~


A Jin Dynasty sculpture of an elephant supporting the west bridge tower
Lugou Bridge, Beijing, China

I wonder how large that elephant is, and can I ride it? XD

Received: 24.10.2014

A lot of variety! Some of these stamps I haven't seen before either.


Well this photo isn't very clear :/ Either way, another card from the anime "Kuroshitsuji" this is from the anime's season 2. I didn't watch it so I'm not quite sure who these characters are XD

Received: 24.10.2014


Another lovely card from Russia today, what I like is that this card and Santa in the previous post are from the same distributor, the same stamps were used and it's generally the same theme. Makes you wonder if it was a coincidence or not.

Received: 24.10.2014


First official from Thailand :D I also think this is my first "keep calm" card as well, looking at this, you better be calm if you're going to do any fighting of any sort really! Sound advice in my books.

Received: 24.10.2014

Such lovely stamps, the only other heart shaped stamps came from France :3


"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas~" Well it does in that card at least, I'm glad we don't have snow yet! Either way a very lovely card, I wouldn't mind sending these out with the Christmas stamps were issued this year.

Received: 24.10.2014

Photo came out rather blurry :/

176th Tag

This certainly is lovely, this is from the "translation tag." But regardless the postal/vintage is theme is a nice touch. 

Received: 24.10.2014

Here are my words, thankfully written also in Pinyin.

175th Tag

So here we have Ma Rainey, who is Ma Rainey you ask? Good question, I can tell you that she was the vocals behind the song "Covering Blues" and I can also tell you that it was recorded in 1924. I suppose that might be why I at least don't know about her. I'm sure it was a good song though :) Either way this is from the "Taking out the Trash x4 NA tag" and it seems I'm 3 cards short :(

Received: 23.10.2014

At least I got an awesome array of stamps though! (My address is partially visible isn't it?)

And so I got the additional 3 cards that I was missing from this tag, some pretty interesting choices came in. 

Received: 03.11.2014

An ad-card for a play in Germantown, Tennessee 

Swimming with Guppies

Funny thing, I had a dream that night about fish in an aquarium, guess I dreamt about receiving this card? 


My World Cup 2014 Cake
Siv Dibowski

Oh this looks delicious, good thing the German flag is easy to replicate. I wouldn't know how to do this with the Canadian flag, that's for sure (or any flag with a coat of arms for that matter.) 

Received: 22.10.2014


What is there to not love about this card? A pocket watch, a giant cat, a disintegrating city, absolutely beautiful. Oh and the piece de resistance, the fat colourful zebra. Seriously, it's like this card was made for me TAT)/ Anyways, the sender translated the text on the bottom, it says "you have to believe there's someone in the world who will take you out of the place you hate." I'm not a believer in the idea that "love can redeem you." But it's still a very lovely and hopeful quote :)

Received: 21.10.2014 


Hurray one of those infograph cards :D I really love these, and so happy to receive one! I was also surprised to learn (rather first hand) how popular hockey is in the Czech Republic. I really do have to go back and visit, there's a lot of regret in not having bought that Kafka card! 

Received: 21.10.2014

The stamps were of great variety along with this nice drawing to accompany the card :D

92nd DS

What an interesting growth formation, good job tree! XD This came from one of my official sends, the scary part is the card was dated in April and postmarked at the end of September. That's just odd, I hope it didn't just get lost at the post office in Brazil for that long 0_0

Received: 20.10.2014

A lovely bookmark was included as well, I had forgotten to take a photo but it was of an extra stamp. The sender said it's about 23 years old (as old as me :0)

Stamp is now added :)


It's been awhile since receiving from Hungary, and not just that but it's an anime card :D This is from the series "Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle" by CLAMP. Not a bad series overall, albeit confusing. But that's just my two cents :P

Received: 20.10.2014

And some awesome extra Hungarian stamps :D