Wednesday, 25 February 2015


I have not seen a nesting doll in a long time, I just noticed that the background of the doll matched another strip on it and it's layered.

Received: 20.02.2015


This is an interesting card, really love the snowy background :D

Received: 20.02.2015

120th DS

Barbara Fürstenhöfer: On the Duck Pond

A lot of interesting duck themed cards, this is my favourite of the three. It was very nice to the sender to all of this :)

Received: 19.02.2015

Young Ducks

Dragica Smichibrada: On the Pond

I wonder how this managed to get through, I believe there should have been more postage?

Lottery Card

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival Poster by James Jean, 2005

I won another lottery, I seem to be rather lucky lately :3 The same card is also in the postcard book XOXO by James Jean

Received: 19.02.2015

My scanner doesn't do justice to this stamp, it's also embossed 

119th DS

That became pessimistic really quickly XD Still a fun read, this card is also from the postcard book "Everything is Connected" 

Received: 18.02.2015

Some stamps, didn't know there was an international version of the Mandela stamps. 

213th Tag

Sleepy Sundays. Sean McGrath

Ah feet, this is from the "Human body part tag" I asked for body parts, and I got them... 

Received: 17.02.2015

The stamp on the left is about Vladimir Oblast and the right about the Kazansky railway station in Moscow


Jeroen Henneman:"De kus" (The Kiss), 1982, aluminium, h. 56 cm

The sender picked up this card the last time they visited Amsterdam, certainly an interesting find to say the least.

Received: 17.02.2015

We meet again Megalith grave


The town of Gelsenkirchen is located relatively close to Düsseldorf with 240000 residents.It seems to me like a lot of German towns have the word "Kirche" (Church) in their names 

Received: 16.02.2015

Some stamps that came with the card, the one with my name on it is the envelope it all came with. 


Original art by Hazardoflove on Deviantart

This is a really cool looking card, I really do love it however there is one problem, a nice big watermark on the front. Seems the art was most likely stolen, which is a shame. 

Received: 16.02.2015

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


#5 Madame Butterfly

Well ain't this card just special? I sure did say I wanted cards that played with gender, and I sure got one |D 

Received: 13.02.2015

Some extra stamps


This is a cute card, would have been a bit nicer without the newspaper, but that's just my opinion.

Received: 13.02.2015

212th Tag

Well isn't this cool? I'm impressed by the variety of air mail stickers that there are in the world, this card is from the "translation tag." 

Received: 12.02.2015

I just realized I had asked for "Lamp" before, in all fairness the hippo is in there because it can be read as "water horse." Hell yes, it's a water horse! XD

Some surprise cards

Nakiska at Mount Allan: The Site of the 1988 Winter Olympics in the Heart of Kananaskis Country
One of the most spectacular day lodges in N. America offering superb dining and lounge facilities with a full view of the mountain 

Got 2 other copies of this card from a local postcrosser, she found a bunch of the same card and decided to share with her fellow Canucks. How nice :)

Received: 11.02.2015


Santa Cruz, California
Santa Cruz, commonly known as "Surf City", boasts exciting waves, sunny beaches, scenic forests, and is home to the west coast's oldest seaside amusement park. 

So here we have a card sent to South Africa with 1601 users, really love this card! I agree, send more tourists! Feed the sharks! XD

Received: 11.02.2015

A very fitting stamp 


Another city sign card, this has a nice twist to it then the traditional ones. Love the Cologne skyline!

Received: 11.02.2015


Sts. Konstantin and Helena 

Bulgaria sure has some pretty coastline, it seems every place always has surprises huh?

Received: 11.02.2015


Josef Lada
Children in Winter (1943)

Another Josef Lada card, sure looks festive and winter like. We do not have winter right now, but I'm not complaining either! *cue "do you want to build a snow man" here*

Received: 10.02.2015

From left to right: Old Town Square and Tyn Church, Wenceslas Square, Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, Malostranske namesti and St. Nicholas Church

And here we have an older looking card from beautiful Prague~  I managed to visit 3 out of the 4 sites in 1 day, because I guess that's what happens when you're a speed tourist *nervous laugh* 

Wow a 4-leaf clover! Will my luck increase? :P

118th DS

Ah "Air" haven't seen you in awhile either, Air is both an anime series and a game. Many thanks to my friend in Japan as usual.The dinosaurs are cute too :D

Received: 10.02.2015

Ohhh this is a really nice cancel, it's from the town of Mio in Wakayama prefecture.   


Haven't received from South Africa in awhile, this card shows one of South Africa's National Parks- Richtersveld.

Received: 09.02.2015

Wow a 3D stamp, that's a first, WHY DO I NOT HAVE 3D GLASSES?!


Ferdinand von Wright 1822-1906
Fighting Capercaillies 1886
The Museum of Finnish Art, Ateneum, Helsinki, Finland

Here's a bird you don't see often, a capercaille. Well at least not in N. America, since it's not native. 

Received: 09.02.2015

Question, how did that mole end up in the nest? XD

Monday, 9 February 2015

Vancouver Meet Up Card!

I got a RAS card from the Vancouver meet up! How cool! And what I love about this Ikea card...I have no idea if it's upside down or not XD

Received: 06.02.2015