Tuesday, 28 April 2015

GRC 14

Painted Easter Eggs
Photo by nfoto

Some beautiful Ukrainian Easter eggs, must be a lot of work to do all of that for sure! The sender had sent a card to Estonia with 2206 users. I hope one day to receive from Estonia... one day ;w;

Received: 24.04.2015

The new dino stamps are out! And they're nice and shiny, unfortunately rex's head here got cut off by the scanner a bit... sorry rex 

131st DS

A beautiful aurora, we seem to be getting more and more lately...and I keep missing them all T_T 

Received: 23.04.2015

The sender attached a 10 cent coin, pretty cool

This is a pin that broke unfortunately :/ (made it easy to scan though...)

It truly must be spring, as I received more cherry blossom related mail XD This really is a beautiful envelope that I had to share it 

130th DS

More Lucky Star! This a cute spring time card, it's April and that means Cherry Blossoms! I would love to see them in person one day. One day... Thanks again to my friend in Japan :)

Received: 23.04.2015


This card is pure win, that is just too funny XD Those aliens and spaghetti are killing me. I'd fav this all over again if I could!

Received: 23.04.2015


I really like the contrast in this card, it also makes the landscape look so dull and desolate. 

Received: 22.04.2015 

Monday, 27 April 2015


Now that is one funky but awesome card! Wonder what's with the skeleton in the Narwhal but hey it's cool! 

Received: 22.04.2015

So this is the new generic stamp, kinda cute

RAS? :0

A lovely card from the FB group admin, she is currently living in Norway, all the way up the Arctic Circle. That must really be something! I'm wondering about our friend the troll in the image though. 

Received: 20.04.2015


The size of a domestic fowl, the flightless Kiwi makes its home in native bush, feeding on worms, insects, berries, and seeds.

Ah the Kiwi, such a magnificent bird. The Kiwi is only found on New Zealand is also their national bird. More Kiwi facts include the fact that the species is endangered and out of all bird species they lay the largest egg relative to body size. 

Received: 20.04.2015

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


This is an interesting card, there isn't much context to it. Perhaps it's about Don Quixote? 

Received: 17.04.2015

Aside from that, the knight in shining armour there reminds me of Grandpa Phil from "Hey Arnold" Dem childhood memories yo 

Thank you card

Essen is a city located in the western part of Germany on the Ruhr River, the city is situated in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. In the 70s, the city played a key role in the West German coal and steel industry. The word "Essen" is also the German word for "food" :) 

Received: 17.04.2015

129th DS

An absolutely stunning image of the Taj Mahal, one of the first I've ever received. It's unfortunate that the cancel was pressed so hard that it damaged the card though :/

Received: 17.04.2015

225th Tag

my 13th sad day 2002 
acrylic on cotton mounted on fiberglass
70.75" (diameter) x 10.25" (depth)

 Some very cool cards arrived from the "Taking out the Trash x4 NA" tag, love them all. Except this one, she's too grumpy lol Can't love what's grumpy...well maybe other then grumpy cat? XD

Received: 15.04.2015

Chii :D Chobits was an interesting series. Clamp be damned though.

Also a very nice variety of stamps in the envelope and on the outside, I'am one happy camper :)

Mini meet up card

The Centre Street Bridge, built in 1916, is the centre point of Calgary's quadrant system and a focal point of the city's dynamic skyline. 

There was a mini meet up between a local postcrosser and another who was visiting. They had a lottery and I won one of the cards. Such familiar scenery lol As for the quadrant system, the city is divided into NE, NW, SE, and SW. 

Received: 15.04.2015

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Scenery on the Badaling section of the Great Wall

Wow! The Great Wall! You think I would have received one sooner? XD

Received: 14.04.2015

The stamp on the right is pretty cool, I never understood why the character is always seen upside down though (well at least I assume it's upside down...)

GRC 13

Corey W. Moraes, Tsimshian
Eagle Transforming, 2007 
"The spirit in all beings offers guidance as we transform."

I received this beautiful card for the GRC, I love First Nations art, if only I knew where to find cards like these to send myself. Luckily I got some leads at the University's Native Centre, hopefully I can find some to send :D 

Received: 13.04.2015

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

224th Tag

Evening in North Friesland

This is a card from the area that the sender is from in Germany, North Friesland is located in north-west Germany. This area is also shared with the Netherlands. This card is from the "postcard from your next journey tag"

Received: 10.04.2015

223rd Tag

Spring has sprung! I wonder what kind of flowers are on this tree? Either way this card is from the "explain your nick- tag"

Received: 10.04.2015


That looks like one very large golf course, I'm more amused that the name of the town this is located in is called "Nokia" though XD

Received: 09.04.2015

222nd Tag

Sheikb Zayed Mosque - The third largest mosque in the world
Abu Dhabi, UAE 

One of few cards received from the UAE, this lovely mosque card is from the "religious buildings tag." 

Received: 09.04.2015

These stamps are also quite beautiful too, love it!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Thank you cards :D

I got some lovely cards as a thank you for one of the forum tags. Flag cards are always cool, this one makes good use of the white space in the flag, I think. 

Received: 09.04.2015

This is also a card the sender picked up on her holiday to Sumava or the Bohemian Forest, it really looks like a beautiful place to visit. The forest is located in the south-western part of the Czech Republic. 

A replica of a 5000 krona bill

A brochure about a new trails made mainly for cycling and cross-country skiing. The shortest being 3.1 km and the longest 6.9 km

And lastly Krtek tea! The one on the left is cinnamon and the one on the right is strawberry. I can't wait to try it :D