Tuesday, 30 June 2015

RR: Flags 1

The first of four flag cards for the newest Round Robin I signed up for. Hope there's more variety to the other cards, it will be a little boring if they're all Canada flags ;)

Received: 26.06.2015

Great variety of stamps too! 


Say hello to your nightmares :D Now this is a really creepy card, rather appropriate for Alice in Wonderland I suppose

Received: 25.06.2015


Since I lack any basic knowledge in Spanish, I'm assuming "ñ" is pronounced as "ny"? Well today I learned, thank you card :P

Received: 25.06.2015

A card from a Friend

From top to bottom
Freiburg im Breisgau
Martin's Gate with Bertold's Fountain
Freiburg Minister 

My friend living in Germany recently visited Freiburg im Breisgau, a town located in the state of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. The town is a university town and the University of Freiburg (est. 1457) is the fifth oldest in Germany. I almost went there on exchange actually. Too bad I didn't otherwise I would have lived not far from friend. Oh well, c'est la vie. 

Received: 25.06.2015


Shame the card was damaged a little bit. A nice combination of gray, black, and red. Kinda creepy in a way but nice

Received: 24.06.2015

245th Tag

Norway: Winter Children
Photo: NK/Trygve Gulbrandsen

Y is for Young Norwegian, he certainly does look young. Nice traditional dress as well, I don't suppose a lot of Norwegians learn how to ski from a young age? 

Received: 24.06.2015


The city sign cards are coming in again! But then again once all the major cities are taken, it's rather hard to add. Hannover is the capital of the State of Lower Saxony and is also home to the House of Hanover. The British Monarchy does have ties to the House of Hanover, with the succession ending with Queen Victoria

Received: 24.06.2015



Do I want to know what he's looking at? Do I really?! XD

Received: 24.06.2015

And some newly issued stamps fresh out of the US of A 

244th Tag

Tina Z'Rotz & Markus Schwander
44 Degrees, 2008
Bois, vis
5 x 5 x 4.6 m 
Photo: Tina Z'Rotz

U is for upside down, I love this card! It feels like this house could just roll away if you pushed it... now I want to push it XD

Received: 24.06.2015

This card also reminded me of a local (well not anymore, it moved somewhere...) art installation called the "Device to Root Out Evil" 


Jacques-Louis David. Born in Paris, 1748. Died in Brussels, 1825. The Death of Marat. 1793. Oil on Canvas. 165 x 128.3 cm. Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Brussels

I'm trying to figure out what happened here, I wasn't sure if he died in the bathtub, in bed, or at a desk first. Looks like it's the bathtub, might as well get caught up with your letter writing while soaking in the tub right? XD Interesting piece overall, unfortunately all of the information regarding this painting is written in Dutch and is rather lengthy. 

Received: 23.06.2015


I really love the vibrant colours and the watercolour like effect, I wonder what is going on in this card though

Received: 23.06.2015

Oh an anime stamp! This is from "Gegege no Kitaro," the manga was published in the 60s and was  rebooted 6 times as an anime


I too love Munich! Shame I wasn't there very long but it would be nice to visit again :)

Received: 23.06.2015

I just noticed I received three consecutive numbers from Germany, this is the first one followed by the East German card from Potsdam. 

GRC 18

A cool custom card just for me :D Some rainbow ducks for the GRC, the sender sent a card to South Africa with 1629 users. 

Received: 22.06.2015


Wintery greetings from Lapland, Finland. The traditional clothing the children are wearing is especially cool. I'm assuming this is the traditional clothing of the Sami people (no details were given unfortunately)

Received: 22.06.2015

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Postcrossing Stamp Petition

Hi everyone!

Thanks for checking out my blog and seeing all the awesome mail goodies that I have been receiving. It really puts a smile on my face to be able to find little surprises in the mail everyday. It wouldn't have been possible without Postcrossing, and as more and more countries begin to release Postcrossing stamps, us Canadian Postcrossers believed it was time to convince Canada Post to release one as well.

It's clear the mailing industry is losing revenue more and more every year, this cannot be more true in Canada with the decrease in letter mail and the increase of package mail being sent. This is especially reflected in the expensive rate of our international stamps ($2.50 CAD/2.02 USD/1.80 Euros per card) however we are almost 8000 members strong. Despite the cost, more and more Canadians are joining Postcrossing everyday. That being said the release of a Postcrossing stamp would not only further create awareness for Postcrossing and share the joy of receiving and sending mail. Perhaps maybe one day you will find a card with a Canadian Postcrossing stamp in your mail box? Wouldn't that be great?

To sum up, there is an online petition that we would love for you to sign to help convince Canada Post to release a Postcrossing Stamp. We can't do this without you! Here is the link and thank you for your participation! 

243rd Tag

Retro Days
From an original designed by Martin Wiscombe

A wonderfully retro card for the ABC game! V is for Volkswagen vans! The 60s one is so funny, dat flower power

Received: 19.06.2015


Here's a card from the town of Ferch located on Schwielowsee. Schwielowsee is located south and west of the capital of the state of Brandenburg: Potsdam (and easily accessible with the S-Bahn from Berlin might I add.) The sender mentions this card is from former East Germany, the card even had it's original price printed on it, it costed 0.20 Marks.

Received: 19.06.2015

So many stamps *_*

The envelope was slightly damaged so Deutsche Post re-sealed it... of course taping over the stamp 


New York
The Empire State
State bird: Bluebird, State flower: Rose 

A lovely card of New York state, looks like they really have a lot going on there... then again the Big Apple is there!

Received: 19.06.2015


A folded card of champagne, one has to beg the question: what are we celebrating? 

Received: 18.06.2015


An awesome stamp card from Postal Love, I also spy a Canadian stamp. Is it weird that I've seen a lot of these stamps in person before? XD

Received: 18.06.2015

Extra stamps from la France~


The nine-foot-tall Ground Sloth, Megalonyx jeffersoni, browsed Iowa's Ice Age woodlands over ten thousand years ago, seen in this life-sized reconstruction 

Behold! The Giant Ground Sloth! Wonder what life would be like if these creatures never went extinct

Received: 18.06.2015

Funny, this envelope is neon green. Wonder why the shade of green is different from scanning


Francis Bacon
Painting 1946, Second version, 1971
Ludwig Foundation

There's a little bit of everything I like here, macabre, anatomy, and some surrealism. What's there not to love? :D (That is if you share my tastes that is :P)

Received: 18.06.2015


I sure haven't seen a city sign card in awhile! Here we have a card from one of Germany's oldest cities, located on the Rhine opposite to Düsseldorf. The city is over 2000 years old, being founded by the Romans in 16 BC. 

Received: 18.06.2015 

Stamp motif Nr.3: Series: "For Sports" Closing Time

Also some bonus cards :D 

Stamp motif Nr.12: 10 Year Anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty - European Union

An ad-card from the Düsseldorf Studentenwerk, the organization that organizes dorms and other services for students