Thursday, 11 June 2015

Does anyone else do this?

I didn't think dental offices still do this, but they do. I remembered receiving postcards from my dentist reminding me of my next cleaning. Now I wonder do other countries get postcard reminders from their dentists? Or what about other services? Or is it just a weird Canadian thing? So many questions that I would love to have answers to

Received: 01.06.2015

Here's the back... you'll know where I was on July 2nd lol 

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  1. I got one from my dentist once here in Japan. I think she was reminding me of her summer holiday. We often get New Years cards from businesses that we use through the year.

    In Japan, there isn't the idea of preventative visits to the dentist as much as in Canada, so it would be strange to be reminded of a cleaning. (Cleanings are done over several weeks, rather than in one appointment.) Now, you know everything I do about Japanese dentistry!!!