Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Postcrossing Stamp Petition

Hi everyone!

Thanks for checking out my blog and seeing all the awesome mail goodies that I have been receiving. It really puts a smile on my face to be able to find little surprises in the mail everyday. It wouldn't have been possible without Postcrossing, and as more and more countries begin to release Postcrossing stamps, us Canadian Postcrossers believed it was time to convince Canada Post to release one as well.

It's clear the mailing industry is losing revenue more and more every year, this cannot be more true in Canada with the decrease in letter mail and the increase of package mail being sent. This is especially reflected in the expensive rate of our international stamps ($2.50 CAD/2.02 USD/1.80 Euros per card) however we are almost 8000 members strong. Despite the cost, more and more Canadians are joining Postcrossing everyday. That being said the release of a Postcrossing stamp would not only further create awareness for Postcrossing and share the joy of receiving and sending mail. Perhaps maybe one day you will find a card with a Canadian Postcrossing stamp in your mail box? Wouldn't that be great?

To sum up, there is an online petition that we would love for you to sign to help convince Canada Post to release a Postcrossing Stamp. We can't do this without you! Here is the link and thank you for your participation! 

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