Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Greetings from Japan!

Traditional Street View of Kyoto

Once again my globe trotting friend has went to Japan for I think over a month or so? Here she sends her greetings from Kyoto, the former capital of Japan. I really like the style of this card as well. Something to do with the line strokes 

Received: 21.08.2015

Card #2 arrived today, always nice to see this wood cut. This time the card was sent from Tokyo and she has since arrived safely back home :)

Received: 24.08.2015


Jiri Trnka: From the puppet film "Spalicek"

I think this was from a stop-motion cartoon, I just like how it looks like the ducklings are following a fake duck XD 

Received: 21.08.2015

Some nice stamps attached to the first card

Perm, Russia
Photo by Yuliya Chernova

This art installment is located on the Kama river. It says "Happiness is not far away", I really like this one, it's nice to see the letters reflected in the water too 

Some extra stamps, all New Years themed 

RAS :)

Oh what a chill image, that duck looks so pleased. I wonder what they're looking at. The sender came up with some good titles for this card, this is my favourite: "Zen and the art of rubber duck maintenance" the other was "The wise old dude and the yellow duck" XD

Received: 21.08.2015


That's a cool looking keep calm card, I love the one penny stamp touch as well :)

Received: 21.08.2015

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

270th Tag

A pretty yellow rose from the End/Start Game. Never knew yellow roses were  that important to Texas. Well today I learned 

Received: 20.08.2015

Many cancels in one day, life's good :D

Edmonton, AB at last!

Short-eared owl
Alberta, Canada

Holy moly guacamole! Finally, finally cancels from Edmonton! It took asking an Edmontonian to get it, but here they are! Woo hoo! :D

Received: 20.08.2015

Why does it take 7 days within Edmonton though? Love the owl stickers too :3

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Twilight Reflections

An appropriate Year of the Dog stamp for the Chinatown gate cancel 


Here's another first, having a card with just washi tape on it. It's a nice design though

Received: 20.08.2015


This card had an extremely rough journey, it makes you wonder what it had seen, what it had endured. Luckily it was readable and the stamps are in decent condition.

Received: 20.08.2015

148th DS

What on earth happened to that baby? Seriously lol Another cute card from my friend in Japan~

Received: 19.08.2015


Oh well this is nostalgic XD I got this same card at Pride in Berlin and of course sent it off. Funny how I end up receiving it myself lol 

Text above: Spartacus shows you the way! 

Received: 17.08.2015

269th Tag

American Staffordshire Terrier

What a sweet pup, they look kind of worried don't they? XD Puppy needs a pat on the head :3 From the "Dog tag."

Received: 17.08.2015

GRC 22

Man Ray (American, 1890-1976)
A l'heure de l'observatoire - Les Amoureux, 1932-1934
Oil on canvas
Niarchos Collection

Some funky lips in the sky for a card received from Luxembourg (210 members). I would assume floating lips meant aliens really lol

Received: 17.08.2015 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Cochrane, AB

I bought these Cows cards during my last trip to Banff. It seemed like the most appropriate card to send to Cochrane, which is known for it's ice cream. With the weather being as hot as it was, some ice cream would have been perfect

Received: 14.08.2015 

The postmark is different from the one on the CP website, I'm assuming it expired. 

Could have driven there, but eh, it was a bit of a rush job (it was part of a swap) 


Kaja Renkas - Niebo nad Berlinem (The Heavens over Berlin)

We meet again mysterious angel of Berlin, but after such a short time. Funny how that works out huh? My original post about this card can be read here

Received: 14.08.2015

Surprise Game!

Bonjour de Québec! This is my surprise card, and it looks like the sender went on vacation to Québec. How nice, I would love to visit one day

Received: 14.08.2015


A scenic looking drawing, perhaps of the Ukrainian countryside? Looking good either way 

Received: 14.08.2015

268th Tag

Wow! Talk about going above and beyond! Received some great cards from the "NA Taking out the Trash tag x4" after having stalled it for a month or something :/ But really, some good cards in here! 

Received: 13.08.2015

Norwegian Forest Cat (Detail)
Photographs (c) Astrid Harrisson 2014

I think that's its ear? I love those cats TAT

Finally! A HP card! Time to make a HP fan happy :D

Milk for Summer Thirst
Artist unknown
Cleveland Divison of Health/Food and Drug Administration

Milk isn't my choice of the ideal summer beverage, but hey whatever floats your boat right?

Danny Erker
Goya's Saturn Devouring One of His Sons (1819-23)
George W. Bush Kissing Baby (2004)
Selected by Lawrence Weschler as a winner in the ongoing "Convergences Contest" 

I won't lie, I chuckled. Now to replace Bush with Harper...

Magician E. Chambly and spirit - ca. 1890
Courtesy of Christian Fechner Collection 

One sunny day...
Author: Darius Matijosius

147th DS

Here's a poem for you all, me and my penpal mainly send letters but there is the odd postcard included. Decided to post this up, enjoy :)

Received: 13.08.2015