Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Baiquan at Hui County 

The boardwalk looks like it would make a pleasant stroll, some very nice scenery indeed

Received: 25.09.2015

I like how CP decided to pen cancel the prepaid stamp lol


A cool handmade card with a bunch of Taiwanese stamps! 

Received: 24.09.2015

This was a cool piece of washi tape, I hope there's more like it :0

Stamps and more nice washi tape :3

NSFW (Mummy/Dead Body): RAS :D

Egyptian Museum - Cairo
New Kingdom, 19th dyn., 1279-1245 BC
Mummy of King Ramses II

Doesn't King Ramses II look good for his age? For his mummy? Luckily he didn't disintegrate when they removed the bandages. RAS from a local postcrosser, makes me wonder what the Postal Worker thought about processing this one lol 

Received: 23.09.2015


We serve the best Angus Beef from Uruguay and USA. Expertly grilled and accompanied with sides and sauces. Free-range chicken, juicy burgers.
Grill House restaurants are on the cruise ferries Romantika, Baltic Queen, Baltic Princess and Galaxy

If you ever wanted to know where certain cuts on the cow are located, well here you go! I did ask for anatomy, I wasn't expecting this though. It's good information to know for beef lovers (mmm... beef)

Received: 23.09.2015

282nd Tag

Vanity Fair, June 1929
Marion Wildman

The ABC game strikes again! D is for Diva! That's sure one way to look at this card, but I'm also assuming it was the fashion norm in the 20s as well? What a large hat that is.

Received: 23.09.2015


Could I visit Seattle without the zombies? :D I guess it's good to know when the zombie apocalypse does occur, it will be in Seattle... I should move further East lol 

Received: 22.09.2015

Archerwill, SK

I'm sending out only shaped cards this time it seems :P

Received: 22.09.2015

Good to see a cancel on the back, it's clear the theme here is flags. It would have been nice if I had a Saskatchewan flag for this. Oh well.

Still pretty far to drive...

Morrisburg, ON

Top was slightly cut off when I first scanned it. Oops. 

Received: 22.09.2015

And here we have a plain cancel. This pictorial was not listed on the CP website, I have an inkling that it was a temporary one. This was the one I was going for. At least the stamp on the right wasn't pen-cancelled! 


Here's a cute little card from the town of Zoetermeer. The sender described it as "boring," I rather like it. To each their own of course :)

Received: 22.09.2015

Monday, 28 September 2015


Love me some "Greetings from Cards"! I still can't get over how popular hockey is in the Czech Republic, rather it's more unexpected than I would have thought.

Received: 21.09.2015

Left and right banks of the River Vltava with Prague Bridges
Foreground: Less Town, middle: Charles Bridge, background: Old Town and New Town

I'm not sure where this was taken, but most likely from Prague Castle. Even with the train there was still a bit of climbing to be done, when I was there I went through the castle's vineyard. But the view plus the seeing the castle is definitely worth it! 


Well this card certainly speaks volumes on women's rights in the workforce in Asia. This card is an ad for legal consolation in the event someone would find themselves in this unfortunate predicament. The card is originally from Singapore 

Received: 21.09.2015


Greetings again from Aachen, Germany! I really enjoy the fact that this city's name various so much in different languages, that and how in Dutch it isn't pronounced with a long "A" sound. 

Received: 21.09.2015

281st Tag

Another beauty from the "LGBT tag," the card mentions that Taiwan is the most LGBT friendly country in Asia, it seems that way. Makes me wonder where Thailand stands in regards to that. 

Received: 21.09.2015

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Lottery win :3

I really like those Roosters from Portugal, the sender says the Rooster represents "Truth" and "Justice." I'm down with that |D This was a lottery celebrating the sender's 5th year on Postcrossing!

Received: 18.09.2015

Best. Stamp. Ever. Yes I do love Pineapples.

280th Tag

I really like the geometric design on this; this card is from the "Your Favourite Song Lyrics tag," always a good place for finding new music to listen to it seems

Received: 18.09.2015


Thoms Corner
Main Street West Wyalong
Photo by: Lorraine A. Williams

This is probably the most interesting rendition of a tourist card, I have ever seen. 

Received: 18.09.2015

Say Something
By Ange Costes

"If you look around, up and down, each day give to you an opportunity to capture a new emotion. Just LOOK around... "Say Something" was a part of my beautiful experience as a photographer for the Mardi Gras Festival, Sydney."

Sanja Simic graduated with Honours from the University of Wollongong. She is a director, photographer, dramaturg, co-artistic director of Bodysnatchers, and current employed in the Arts. She's heavily influenced by the works and worlds of Thomas Ostermeier, Gregory Crewdson, Patti Smith, Michael Haneke, and Austrialian theatre company My Darling Patricia. She also studies German in the hopes of one day moving to Berlin to make art and eat schnitzel.

Berlin isn't the best place for schnitzel, just sayin' :) That and I learned the "sprinkles" in his mouth are referred to as "100s and 1000s"(the round ones) in British and Australian English. To Canadians and Americans, those are just sprinkles. Sprinkles for them are elongated. 

Some extra stuff

When I'm looking at this mini calendar on the bottom, I can't help but think Australians have fewer holidays than us. 

151st DS

Some cards from my friend in Finland, I really wonder where on Earth do they manage to find these LGBTQ+ cards! I want some XD Honestly, the only thing that bugs me about this card is the arms. There are days where I wished, I too had spaghetti arms lol 

Received: 17.09.2015  

Robert Mapplethorpe
Omakuva/Self Portrait, 1980 

Nice hair dude :P

Dammit Finland! Stop coming out with awesome stamps! (No, don't stop, I'm joking, don't listen to me! XD)


The Castle of Turku, prison from the 18th century 

I always enjoy a different looking card, surely not your typical tourist card if you're going to show off a dungeon ;)

Received: 17.09.2015


Photo: Markku Wilk

Card #700 is the lovely views of Lapland in Finland. Really looks like a beautiful place to visit

Received: 17.09.2015


That's one slick vehicle, sure goes fast I better. Better not get my hands on it since I'm guilty of speeding :P 

Received: 17.09.2015


May I present a pig wearing traditional Dutch clothing, at least I think it's Dutch? 

Received: 17.09.2015