Friday, 30 October 2015

287th Tag

Thank you sender for providing some background on this amazing image. This is Astronaut Bruce McCandless II outside of the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1984. This is an image of the first un-thetered spacewalk. I've seen this image but knew very little about it until receiving this card, isn't it great how postcards can teach you something new each time? :D From the common thread game.

Received: 23.10.2015 


San Francisco
Cable car turntable at Powell and Market Streets 
Photo by Ken Glaser Jr.

Oh San Francisco, when one finds themselves on the West coast, San Francisco is a must. The cable cars look especially charming in this card. The text overlay, not so much

Received: 23.10.2015

286th Tag / Montreal, QC

Alphonse Mucha
Poetry, 1898

A beautiful Mucha card from the ABC game, his work certainly is phenomenal! 

Received: 23.10.2015

New unexpected cancel from Montreal, how awesome! Montreal is Canada's second largest city and also the second largest Francophone city in the world. When it comes to learning about Canadian history, Montreal is the place to be along with finding a small piece of Europe in your own backyard. Unfortunately I haven't been there, but perhaps one day. 

Meet up card!

A wonderful night view shot of Montreal, the card was made by the FB group's admin. and this card was sent as apart of a swap. Hopefully she receives my meet up card soon 

Received: 23.10.2015


B.M. Kustodiyev
Staraya Russa. Sketch, 1921
Canvas on cardboard, oil. 20 x 30.5
The State Russian Museum

This looks like a lovely autumn related portrait right? That would be my lighting's fault, those leaves are very much green. Though some are yellow, it's very much in-between Summer and Fall for this painter 

Received: 20.10.2015

And a cute little sloth drawing :D

Second card of some very yummy looking cocktails~

With a very fabulous man on the back, dat perm.

285th Tag

Sheep. Ernst Vikne

Sheep! There's something that I find just so great about sheep, perhaps the wool? The dairy? Or that they're just so darn adorable, who knows :) From the ABC game

Received: 20.10.2015

Wednesday, 28 October 2015


So it seems this famous photo has multiple renditions, or rather angles and crops. The "Raising a Flag over the Reichstag" is one of the most iconic photos of WWII and represents the Soviet victory and occupation of East Germany. It should be noted that the Brandenburg Gate also represented the "gateway" between the Capitalist West and the Communist East. 

Received: 20.10.2015


This is a relatively interesting card, I'm not sure what they mean by "special secret agent" but it sounds like it was a fun event :P

Received: 19.10.2015


A cool panorama card of a nice little town located in Northern Italy, seems like a nice place to live :)

Received: 19.10.2015 


This is a really cool card, I think of these "lily pads" as one giant hat, must be heavy lol

Received: 19.10.2015

Year of the goat stamp! And mango sticky rice, not my favourite combo but must be tasty to some

GRC 27 - Last one

Indeed this is the last of the GRC, it was fun while it lasted but atm I'm having commitment issues. The last card is one from my favs, how did you celebrate Pi day this year? It was pretty special and of course pie was eaten :) 

Received: 19.10.2015


Septentrionalium regionum description by Abraham Ortelius, 1570

What I like about looking at old maps is that despite our advances in technology, I can't help but wonder perhaps maybe then landmasses actually did appear that way? I think that, especially when I look at Sweden and Norway on this map.

Received: 19.10.2015

Monday, 19 October 2015


An interesting spring-y card, that is a one big bird house to the left. Makes me wonder what kind of bird it belongs to

Received: 16.10.2015


Inka, Rummelsburg
(c) Jaron Verlag, Berlin

This sure brings back memories, not that I have seen this personally. It was very easy to find such colourful displays of street art in Berlin whether you were looking for it or not. I could never figure out how people managed to get such intricate displays in the most unlikely of places, such as high buildings for example. 

Received: 15.10.2015

Some additional stuff because Berlin...

One of my favourite ones was of the popular Japanese anime character "Luffy" from "One Piece." It was relatively hidden away and could only be seen from the train. I shot a crappy video of it (below), makes me wonder if it's still there. 

Back to the card, Rummelsburg is a borough of the district of Lichtenburg. Lichtenburg was apart of former East Berlin, however today you never would have guessed as parts of the area have gentrified and got some pretty cool art as well. Here are some pictures I took at Lichtenburg's S and U-Bahn station.


From Men Without Ties, by Gianni Versace 

My favourite card this week! Aside from his nice dress, the black and white is a nice touch to the overall composition in my opinion.

Received: 14.10.2015


The mail has been rather slow this week because of Thanksgiving, and today I found this comical card. Funny how the cancel ended up on the wrong side too. The translation might need some work, he says to her "Aspirate was your order!!" The joke somewhat works in English, since aspirating and vacuuming both involve sucking, but the word "absaugen" can mean both in German. 

Received: 14.10.2015

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

156th DS

A pretty sweet 3D card of Christ the Redeemer! This card and everything else was really on a journey for awhile, it ended up getting held up at Customs and finally came almost 60 days later! I also learned, while I thought the statue was an UNESCO site, it is actually the area around it.

Received: 09.10.2015

Some extra soccer related stuff plus some stamps, very cool!

155th DS(?)

I wasn't sure whether to call this a swap or not since it was a reply to an official I sent. Anyways this lovely card was taken at Meiji Jingu in Tokyo by the sender when she visited Japan. I heard summer can be very hot in Japan, but this photo sure makes it look cool 

Received: 09.10.2015


Some more beautiful art, I'm really digging that shade of blue. But I can't help but think the ink wasn't originally blue but digitally altered, I would be happy to be proven wrong since it's so stunning

Received: 09.10.2015 


Now this was extremely nice, one of the FB group members sent this card to me for Thanksgiving. Again very nice of her, and yes indeedy I did go into a turkey coma on Monday. That also meant no mail either since it's a holiday :( 

Received: 08.10.2015


Hey ducky, what are you looking at? The filter on this card makes it look especially interesting. I'm still wondering what the duck is looking at lol

Received: 08.10.2015


Looks like it's "receive all the Lesbian art" week, not that I mind :) With this novel cover being 40 cents, makes me wonder when this was published and how well it was received. An interesting card overall 

Received: 08.10.2015

Some very macabre and halloween related stamps :D The sender said this is the ugliest card/stamp combo he's sent, I thought that was kind of funny. To each their own after all :)