Thursday, 26 November 2015


Brock! Or otherwise known as "Takashi" from the ever so popular Pokemon franchise, he is from the anime though. Like many other people my age, we grew up watching Pokemon and were very invested in it, and some people still are. Brock was one of my favourite characters :D

Received: 20.11.2015

Great selection of stamps too :D


"Whoops" is the only thing that can be said of this situation lol 

Received: 20.11.2015


Come to my "Fan Curve"

This is a funky card, which decade was this furniture from? Because wherever it's from, they called and want their furniture back. Yup, that joke went over well, I'm sure lol Also the Fan Curve thing was a little confusing, apparently it refers to the corner of a soccer stadium where fans of a certain club will be seated. I guess the general idea this card is conveying is: come to my place for the game, kind of thing. 

Received: 20.11.2015


What a cute little card, the sender started a story based on this image. It took me awhile to come up with a continuation but I eventually got it!

Received: 18.11.2015

And a bonus card made by the sender's son, how nice of him :)


Ah Hermione, looks like this is a picture of her from one of the earlier movies. I think... didn't quite watch them all.

Received: 18.11.2015


I thought this card is really pretty, that and I just like watercolour of course, so I'm a little biased :P

Received: 17.11.2015

Wow! The Ukrainian Postcrossing stamp looks awesome! Very cool to receive this :D

Wednesday, 25 November 2015


I know these specific cat cards are called something, whatever it is... they're always so amusing to look at though. Loving how the mice take the subway lol 

Received: 17.11.2015 

Also as a writing prompt I ask the sender to start a short story and that I will finish it once I receive it. I thought this one turned out good so I saved it to share:

Took 81 days to get here, better late than never!


A new GF card! :D I certainly learned a number of new things about Australia today too. The Dingo fence thing was especially surprising.

Received: 16.11.2015


Kotorogo Theatre

What a familiar clown, perhaps I got another from the same series? At least they have a bit of a smile on their face :)

Received: 16.11.2015

Red Deer, AB

Not quite a deer but it was the closest thing I had. Red Deer is most notably as being the halfway point between Calgary and Edmonton. To be honest, having passed only through the city, I didn't realize how large it actually was. And if you did watch HIMYM, no Red Deer is not the winter wasteland they depicted it as lol 

Received: 16.11.2015

Also for all you lovely folks interested in getting this cancel, the address on the CP website is wrong. Here is where they are now located:

Red Deer PO
6010 67A St.
Red Deer, AB
T4N 1X0

First time I got to cancel them myself :D (Too bad the ink wasn't red though!)

RAS from Cuba!

How cool and colourful is this? My first card from Cuba from one of the FB group members! I wish I had a little bit more info on these pictures, but overall looks like a warm and wonderful place to visit :) 

Received: 16.11.2015

Monday, 16 November 2015

Innisfail, AB

I took a road trip to Red Deer last week and scored a cancel there and in Innisfail. I also tried for Sylvan Lake, a small town on, well Sylvan Lake... according to the PO there, they never had a cancel like that. This was the card I was going to send there, but we detoured through Innisfail last minute on the way home. 

Received: 12.11.2015

Sunday, 15 November 2015

293rd Tag

K is for Kangaroo of course! A very fitting card for the ABC game :)

Received: 12.11.2015

Rememberance Day RAS

Every year a new set of Remembrance Day cards come out, this is one from 2011. I think it's very sad how only so little is done to honour the lives of these men that fought during D-Day, but I suppose taking one day out of the year to do that is asking too much. On the bright side... no Christmas music! 

Received: 10.11.2015

And of course a beautiful matching stamp

Saturday, 14 November 2015

292nd Tag

The Spring Flower Festival is one of four floral displays held at Cypress Gardens. The Victorian Garden Party is on display during the summer, the Mum Festival is in November and the Poinsettia Festival is held throughout the holiday season.  

Check out that cardinal! I noticed there was two dates on my card, one in 2000 and in 2015. Makes me wonder if the sender bought this card 2nd hand since she's never been there. Another good question, why didn't the original sender never got around to finishing this card and sending it in the first place? Many questions indeed. 

After a bit of research, I also found that the theme park (yes, this is another thing I also learned) closed in 2009 but was reincorporated into Legoland!

Received: 03.11.2015

291st Tag

Relatively quiet week, but I did find this jumble of animals in my mailbox. I tagged for an ostrich but got a whole zoo, awesome deal ;) 

Received: 03.11.2015

Monday, 2 November 2015


This certainly meets the "anything macabre" criteria. Many thanks! This shows a "Japanese ghost," certainly Japan has a relatively rich culture revolving around the supernatural. This might also explain why their horror movies are so damn scary too! XD

Received: 29.10.2015

Sunday, 1 November 2015

160th DS

Happy Halloween from my friend in Japan! Hope everyone who celebrates had a fun time, I didn't get my chance to carve a jack o' lantern this year, perhaps next time.

Received: 29.10.2015

A wonderful cancel but wow it took only 2 days to get here?! This sure caught the next flight from Tokyo to Calgary 0_0 

159th DS

Let's step into the time machine folks, as we got two great anime classics here. The first is "Hana no Ko Lunlun" or under it's English dub name "Angel"(US) or "Flower Angel"(UK). This anime is one of the first of the now well established (thanks to Sailor Moon) "magical girl" genre in anime. 

Received: 27.10.2015

Yet another classic from the great Osamu Tezuka (I'm a Black Jack fan), known as Astro Boy in West and originally called "Tetsuwan Atomu." Aside from the original manga, the anime has been rebooted a total of 3 times (the last in 2003, the version I watched as a child) and having a film released in 2009. I think it's fair to say there isn't an anime fan, or rather anyone who knows a thing or two about pop culture to not know about Astro Boy. 

Duncan, BC

I got this wonderful art card during my last visit to Banff (they were on sale!), what's very special about it is located in the image below. It's great to support local artists and as well, an important part of Canadian culture. 

About Duncan, BC, the town is first and foremost located on Vancouver Island but apparently is the smallest Canadian town by area. 

Received: 27.10.2015

The card cropped funny so I saved the important bits. Unfortunately there were no pictorial cancels located on or around the Stoney Nakoda Nation to match with the card. I went with the next "best" available option. 

Good to know another viable option is to go through the US

290th Tag

Where's Waldo/Wally from the ABC game! Have you found him? Here's some additional things to look for (written on the back): six donkeys, Wenda (if you were as out of touch as I was, she is female Waldo basically), and three dogs. Happy hunting :P

Also because I just had to, this is one of the scenes that originally had a topless woman on it. It was of course changed in the N. American version (no idea if the British version kept it), coincidentally the scene was almost cut off the card. Funny how that works, huh?

Received: 27.10.2015

NSFW: 158th DS (partial nudity)

This is certainly an interesting card, I'm not loving how close that cat is to that penis though but then again the man is wearing a kilt ;)

Received: 26.10.2015

Another card, this time of Harbin where the sender is from. Here it shows the winter festival, which I have always wanted to see if I ever find myself in China at the right time of year. Stunning!