Sunday, 27 December 2015


The review of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

I'm now caught up with all my cards for the last two weeks. Hope everyone's had a good holiday so far! To finish off is this card from Russia

Received: 24.12.2015

I like how even the stamp sticker is cancelled too lol 

Christmas RAS 6

Key views on other side
C- California Yucca
A- Yacht racing
L- Deep sea fishing
I- " " "
F- Old Mission
O- " "
R- Desert in Bloom
N- " " "
I- Orange Groves
A- " "

Some vintage reprint cards as a Xmas present from my friend, very nice of her to send those to me :D Will have to save these for a trip to Cali for sure

Received: 23.12.2015

Rich in citrus and oil. Orange county is famed for its boulevards and thriving cities. Its beautiful seashore is a superb playground and historic San Juan Capistrano is one of the best preserved missions 

Christmas RAS 5

This was a super awesome and nostalgic surprise from my friend in Japan! Even though I said nostalgic, I only recognize one Pokemon there lol The front says "Merry Christmas"

Received: 23.12.2015

Pikachu pops out and underneath him is a message from the sender

299th Tag

From the FB tag game, I was surprised to receive this dodo since I asked for "any large bird." But I also couldn't be more pleased! I love the dodo and it's too bad these poor birds were hunted to extinction.

Received: 23.12.2015

298th Tag

German Shepard
Rami Hoballah

I don't know why but I really loved this German Shepherd in a suit, I had to tag for it XD G is of course for German Shepherd...and today I learned there are two ways to spell "Shepherd"...

Received: 23.12.2015

Semi-matching stamp to go with it :D

Christmas RAS 4

Christmas greetings from Germany! One of the FB group members that moved back to Germany sent this to me, that was very nice of her! And it came just in the nick of time!

Received: 23.12.2015

Also a special cancel that didn't quite come out all the way. Still an awesome gesture :)


This is a cool little card showing some of the local specialities of Shanghai. Unfortunately all the names and descriptions are in Chinese, but they all do look delicious!

Received: 17.12.2015

Little drawing from the sender :3

Secret Santa Exchange :D

The mod of our FB group kindly put together a secret santa exchange, I got some interesting goodies in the mail. I was too excited to wait till Christmas and opened it early lol

Received: 16.12.2015

The stamps on the envelope were awesome too! Because of the postmark, it was an easy guess who she was lol 

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas Island, NS

If only the North Pole weren't so far away! One of the fantastic cards I picked up during the meet up in October and perfect for this festive cancel :D

Received: 15.12.2015

I had received this one previously but wanted to make an official post on it


From left to right: Market Plaza, City Hall - Rentamt, Market Street, on the Heuchelberg, City Hall and the Old Wine Press, the Witches' Tower, Castle courtyard and Church

Here comes a card out of historical Schwaigern, the city is located in south-eastern Germany and has records mentioning it from 766. The city is home to 11000 residences and looks like a charming place to live :)

Received: 15.12.2015

Riviere-du-Loup, QC

The wonderful and festive nutcracker! I always wondered how something so impractical looking could possibly crack something like a walnut... turns out my thinking wasn't wrong as modern nutcrackers are mainly for decoration purposes. Who would have thought.

Received: 15.12.2015

With a festive card comes a festive cancel and stamps!


A very interesting card, there's a slight pun here which may or may not be that obvious. The bear represents the gay person she is referring to, in the gay community, a "bear" refers to usually a larger and hairier gay man. 

Received: 15.12.2015

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas RAS 3

What a pretty and wintery card :D So far the snow hasn't been too bad, it's at that point where one can still appreciate it before they get sick of it! 

Received: 11.12.2015

Very nice of them to have sent me this plus the lovely festive cancels! :D

Christmas RAS 2 :D

Hurray for more Christmas wishes :D This is also my first time receiving a wooden postcard too! I didn't really realize how sensitive wood is to moisture since the card was fairly wavy when I first pulled it out of my mailbox. You learn something new everyday :)

Received: 11.12.2015

Also the cancel wasn't very clear and ended up on top of my address, but here is a link to a clearer one. I was under the impression I had received this one before but it looks like it's a first. So despite what the CP website says, you can still get this one so long as you request it, I imagine. 

Tuesday, 15 December 2015


I really like how much of a contrast there is between the black and white vs. the colour, but I also can't help but wonder if the car is actually that bright of a red or not, hmmm

Received: 07.12.2015

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas RAS :D

Isn't this a lovely card? :D I didn't know loons could skate but I absolutely love it! :D Happy holidays!

Received: 04.12.2015


Picasso, Pablo
"Guenica", 1/5-4/6-1937.
Oleo Sobre Lienzo, 349.2 x 776.6 cm

This card sure travelled for a long time, it was nice of the sender to re-send this awesome Picasso piece :D

Received: 04.12.2015

297th Tag

I love the colour contrast of this! That's one of the reasons that I just had to tag for this card, I can't help but wonder if those book spines are really those colours and how long it took to arrange them all to get this effect

Received: 04.12.2015


Be careful on the holidays - Ekaterina Panova

This is a very interesting card, and one that has a partner too! The partner card is called "Hell Matryoshka" for obvious reasons :P Loving this weird Christmas card to say the least

Received: 03.12.2015


Meconopsis cambrica: coloured drawing, dated July 1950, by Lilian Snelling

I always found these technical drawings to be interesting, at least the attention to detail is amazing to say the least. And apparently poppies come in yellow as well 

Received: 02.12.2015


Blackheads House, Old Riga, Latvia

The capital of Latvia certainly is a lovely place, and even more so during Christmas time. Sure looks festive and warm doesn't it? 

Received: 01.12.2015