Thursday, 28 January 2016


What beautiful scenery and a giant moon to accompany it! Of course it's great to look at and not so much to experience especially at night mind you :P 

Received: 11.01.2016

Also some extra stamps :D

Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Hamburg! I know I received one from there, but this is the so called "original" card I was looking for. Hamburg is not only a city but one of the 16 German states. It also has one of the largest ports in Europe. At the time when I visited in 2014, the "Speicherstadt" or "City of Warehouses" was not considered a UNESCO site but that changed last year. It's really something to behold if you ever find yourself in Hamburg, here's a link to a panorama of it. 

Received: 11.01.2016


This fits some people's bill in terms of creepy, not mine but I still like this taxidermy owl all the same. It looks rather fluffy and dusty, does this card not really "dusty"? Or it just me? Adds to the charm to it for sure :)

Received: 11.01.2016


Chiselville Covered Bridge
This beautiful bridge was built in 1870 and crosses the Roaring Branch Brook 40 feet above the rushing waters. 

I wonder if this fine is actually enforced... I don't see anyone do you? Guess it's time to speed up :P Then again the view must be very nice if there is a fine for "speeding" on this bridge

Received: 11.01.2016


Jungle, 2008. Kazumi Yoshida

An interest array of animals here and all in bright colours. I would like to see a pink elephant or blue zebra one day. Or even better yet... a rainbow zebra! :D

Received: 10.01.2016


This is an interesting card, it's an ad for a fort in Switzerland. I would imagine that's why the window is meant to look like a mirror. The text says: "Who is the most beautiful in the whole land?" It makes an allusion to Snow White ("Who is the fairest of them all?" and what not.) 

Received: 10.01.2016


What a cute custom card, I wonder if it came from a meetup? 

Received: 10.01.2016

Love the custom postmark too! It's really clear

RAS :)

Taunton, Somerset
Centre: The Town Centre. Clockwise: The Castle, The Old Tudor Tavern, The High Street, Bath Place, The Castle Hotel Gardens, River Tone, Castle Green, The Moat House, Orchard Shopping Centre, Somerset County Cricket Ground, Cinema & Bowl, Vivary Park 

A nice surprise from one of the members of the FB group during her visit to the UK. Taunton looks like a lovely place to visit especially during the summer it seems.

Received: 08.01.2016

301st Tag

Greystark Hall children's home, 1969

Another beauty from the ABC game, this is card from Dr. Who. I didn't realize it until I looked at the back, I just liked how creepy it was lol 

Received: 07.01.2016

Also an excellent selection of Christmas stamps!


Some lovely scenery coming out of lovely Switzerland. Greifensee or Lake Greifen is located in the Canton of Zurich. While the lake itself isn't a UNESCO site, it does have one nearby.

Received: 07.01.2016


Cool looking postmark! Little hard to make out but still nice all the same :)

Blank card surprise :)

Left to right: Charley Harper- Chickadees, Charley Harper- White-breasted Nuthatch, 
Peyto Lake, and a painting by van Gogh. 

More info:
Peyto Lake
This pristine lake was named after English-born Ebenezer William Peyto (1868-1943) by American writer and explorer Walter Wilcox (1869-1949). "Wild" Bill came west to work for the Canadian Pacific Railway and stayed on to become one of the most colourful figures in Banff. Peyto, an expert guide, outfitter and park warden, was considered by Wilcox to be the best in the Rockies. 

Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853-1890)
Memory of the Garden at Etten, 1888
Oil on canvas, 73.5 x 92.5 cm 
L'Hermitage, St. Petersburg

One of the users on the FB group offered to give away some blank cards, I was more then willing to help her ;) 

Received: 06.01.2016

Left to right: O'Keeffe: Untitled (Tent Door at Night), O'Keeffe: Blue II, O'Keeffe: Morning Sky, O'Keeffe: Evening Star No. VII 

More info:
Georgia O'Keeffe (American, 1887-1986)
Untitled (Tent Door at Night), 1916
Watercolor on paper, 19 x 25 in. (48.3 x 63.4 cm), sheet
Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

Blue II, 1916
Watercolor on paper, 70.8 x 56.5 cm, sheet
Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

Morning Sky, 1916
Watercolor on paper, 22.5 x 30.5 cm, sheet
Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

Evening Star No.VII, 1917
Watercolor on paper, 22.5 x 30.2 cm, sheet
Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

Left to right: Norman Rockwell- New Glasses, Georgia O'Keeffe - Music, Pink and Blue No. 2, Norman Rockwell- Choir Boy Combing His Hair for Easter

More info:
Norman Rockwell
New Glasses, 1956
Oil on canvas, 30 x 28, Saturday Evening Post cover
May 19, 1956

Georgia O'Keeffe  (American 1887-1896)
Music, Pink and Blue No. 2, 1918
Oil on canvas, 35 x 29 in. (88.9 x 73.7 cm)
Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

Norman Rockwell
Choir Boy Combing His Hair for Easter, 1954
Oil on canvas, 29 x 26.5 in., Saturday Evening Post cover
April 17, 1954 

I really like the the bottom left one, I had met the sender when I last visited Edmonton and saw that card during the meetup. I wanted to take it but also didn't want to be too greedy with my selection, it's nice to see it again :)

Here are the new goalie stamps! Last year they issued the famous players at the international rate. These stamps are about 10 cm long! I have some myself to use but haven't had the opportunity to do so yet. 

764th NSFW (Partial nudity)

Yet another anime cult classic, this time I received an...uh...interesting card from "Crayon Shin-chan." If you haven't guessed that's Shin. The manga finished in 2010 with 50 volumes, while the anime has been ongoing since 1992 (for as long as I'm alive, excellent.) The anime follows 5 year old Shin's adventures. 

Received: 06.01.2016 


This is a rather interesting compilation of photos, luckily the sender wrote a little about it since the stamps covered the info. It's from a book called "Photo Booth"
by Babbette Hines. I would imagine these are just random people's photo booth photos... do people even use those anymore? 

In Germany I did since I needed a passport quality photo, it's pretty convenient and cheap, 6 euros (at the time) for 4 pictures. Here for passport photos you have to have it professionally taken at a studio and the cheapest I've seen was around $7 for 2 photos (at Costco if anyone was wondering).

Received: 06.01.2016

Guess the machines can't recognize if stamps were deliberately reused... 

Mystery card?

Eluanbi Lighthouse, Pingtung County

I received a mysterious card, I can't seem to remember if this was from a tag of sorts since it isn't an official (I tried sending in a request but wasn't expecting anything from Taiwan at the time.) The sender was also very vague as well since I don't have a name either. I wonder what this was for?

Received: 05.01.2016

300th Tag

Boy oh boy do I have a lot to post, naturally taking three weeks (or was it four?) brings in a lot of mail! For the curious, what kept me away was that I was busy helping have a novel published! I helped with the cover art and just some minor revising. So I'm doing a bit of shameless promoting right now :P Come check it out here! (The complete first chapter is online for viewing!)  

Now then, my first card of the New Year! From the "skulls, bones, and skeletons tag," how that tag never gets old :) ...old...bones... oh geez lol 

Received: 04.01.2016

Monday, 4 January 2016

Ingersoll, ON / RAS

Some delicious looking cheese there! This was sent as matching card to the new Ingersoll cancel. As far as I know, Ingersoll has a postcrossing meet up every year in July, I think? But if you ever find yourself around the area during the meetup time, go for a visit!

Received: 30.12.2015

Since it looks like they only have one post office, please write your requests for this cancel to:

Ingersoll Main PO
36 Charles St. W
Ingersoll, ON
N5C 2L0 

163rd DS

Another fantastic manga classic, Lupin the 3rd! The story is of course about the master thief Lupin, in this case, he is the grandson of the original Arsene Lupin. Definitely a well known character and he has made his appearances in other forms of Japanese medium (including a Detective Conan spin off!) 

Received: 30.12.2015

And here is a related cancel! This cancel is from Hamanaka where the creator of Lupin (Monkey Punch) was born. 


An interesting card to say the least, I wonder if that small creature is meant to be a personified bird or a fairy? 

Received: 29.12.2015


What a magical looking card, I love it! Nice and abstract just the way I like it :)

Received: 29.12.2015