Monday, 29 February 2016


What a relaxed lol This is lucky card #777, do I win a prize or something? XD I would imagine by now that there must be a colloquial Russian phrase regarding this but the sender coincidentally wrote "good luck" at the end, hmmm ;) 

Received: 20.01.2016

304th Tag

Yay Lali :D From the FB group. So this festive card says: who made themselves pretty and brought a present? It took me a moment but I found them, have you? 

Received: 20.01.2016

Awesome variety! I like the astronaut especially :D 

Watson Lake, YT

I always found the second word on this card really hard to read, sure I know what it should say (here for) but I tend to read it as "hi-fer"... guess that's being bilingual for you. Also matching card for a matching stamp? Yes!

Received: 20.01.2016

Too bad the "Alouette II" stamp wasn't cancelled, as you guessed it is a satellite. Launched in 1965, "alouette" is French for "skylark" and also the title of a French-Canadian song that is taught in schools (presumably across Canada.) 

Watson Lake was "closer" than I expected 


This is my first time receiving a colouring postcard. It was a lot of fun to finish up and then show the sender what it looked like. If the text isn't clear, the left side is before and right is after. Also this card is from the "Secret Garden" postcard book. 

Received: 19.01.2016

What the card would have looked like un-coloured


Some art from Latvia and an interesting depiction of the market there as well. Not as busy as I would have imagined it.

Received: 18.01.2016

RR 4: Birds

Common Loons with Young

The loon! The good ol' giant loon! A good choice for a RR about birds :) Also I had to read the caption of the card again since I didn't notice the chick in the corner there!

Received: 18.01.2016

Great stamp selection as well :D

RR 3: Birds

Here come the last two cards from the RR, this time we have a photo. And a very nice choice to put the swan against a black background as well, I wonder if there's parallel card to this one? A black swan on a white background.

Received: 18.01.2016

RR 2: Birds

From an original oil painting by Laura Regan, 1985
Canadian born, Laura Regan was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She studied graphic design at the Maryland Institute, College of Art, and for the past twelve years has painted exotic flora and fauna in oils. She has had many one-woman exhibits and has become widely known for her clean, rich, contemporary style. She currently resides in Northern California. 

What another lovely painting, the details of the feathers is especially well done in my opinion.

Received: 15.01.2016

RR 1: Birds

Probably the Stork-Billed Kingfisher (Pelargopsis Capensis), watercolour. From an album of 51 drawings of birds and mammals made at Bencoolen, Sumatra, for Sir Stamford Raffles. Illustrated by J Briois. Originally published in 1824.

Such a cute little bird, this is for a round robin of course and what an appropriate theme ;)

Received: 15.01.2016

303rd Tag NSFW (Sexual themes/Nudity)

From a typical favourite of mine, the Taking out the Trash x4 Tag. Certainly this user went above and beyond 4 cards, guess she had a lot of "trash" to get rid of :P

Received: 12.01.2016

This is also the first time I received something from Serbia, it made me very happy to see this! 

164th DS

Some good cards from a buddy in China, I really like this one too. I remember seeing these cards in Berlin's Pride month in 2014, I'm just wondering if I got some of these cards myself. The front says: "when did you choose to be hetero?" Good question, the card makes a point that some people believe that gay people choose to be gay and of course use the same logic against them.

Received: 12.01.2016

Another cute card, very festive! I'm envious on how much mail Santa gets ;)

Some more special goodness from Germany (sort of) the cancel is awesome!

302nd Tag

Sarah Tillman
"One could survive on the taste of sadness for years..."

I'm wondering, how do you interpret this card? It seems it can have many different interpretations, mine would be about food addiction. I do like it quite a bit though, this is from another FB group tag game. 

Received: 12.01.2016


Happy Holidays from Romania! Looks like this mouse is ready to party lol

Received: 12.01.2016 

1. Town Hall stairs 2. Citadel Gate 3. Holsten Gate 4. Holy Spirit Hospital

Some extra blank cards that I received :)

The front of the card details a brief history on the Hanseatic City of Lübeck. To keep it even more brief the city was established in 1143 and is located on the Baltic Sea. It became a free imperial city in 1226 and the leading city of the Hanseatic League. At the end of the League in the 16th century and 30 Years War (1618-48), Lübeck was doing relatively well for itself until the Napoleonic Wars and the economy fell on hard times. The city becomes apart of the state of Schleswig-Holstein and is considered an UNESCO world heritage site.

The Post-Cistercian monastery complex in Lubiqz, 12th century (at present the Baroque building from the 17th-18th century) one of the biggest and most wonderful in Europe. Since 1991 the complex is being renovated by the Lubiqz Fund. 
The Blessed Virgin Mary's Gothic church from 14th century. The summer reflectory. The twin towered facade of the Blessed Virgin Mary's church. The 223m long Baroque facade. The Prince's Hall. The Monastery Complex (general view.)


I'm back from a very long hiatus, I hope to get updated very soon and once that is done, I'm going to make a special post about mail in the Philippines. Stay tuned :P

A nice piece from Japan, unfortunately the sender covered the artist's information (then again would it even be written in English in the first place?)

Received: 12.01.2016

Mm sukiyaki; the stamp on the left was something a former Japanese teacher of mine called "very Japanese," I wonder why?


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

See you in a bit

Unfortunately I didn't have the time I was hoping for, I still have some cards left to post for January and couldn't get around to it. I'll have to post them once I come back from vacation, which is near the end of the month. Expect some giant updates then! Until then...ciao!