Tuesday, 29 March 2016

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Most otters live in freshwater, inhabiting inland waterways on all continents except Australia and Antarctica. Sea otters, by contrast, are found only in the northern Pacific off of far eastern Russia, northern Japan, and the west coast of North America. The most populous of the three subspecies, the northern sea otter (Enhydra lutris kenyoni) lives in the coastal waters of Washington, Canada, and Alaska.

Northern sea otter (captive)
Photograph by Tom and Pat Leeson

Some cool cards from the "NA Taking out the Trash x4" forum thread, got some good ones here! Also with the sea otter... if most of them live in freshwater... why are they called "sea" otters?!

Received: 21.03.2016

dogs from childhood: 1999
fiberglass, resin, lacquer, wood, and cotton
72" x 60" x 40"

Heh, nice I have another one of this :P

'Knock 'em dead', 1946
(c) Laurence Jaugey-Paget

This comes from a queer postcard book, I need this now!

"Christmas at church is so pretty, Addy!" said Sarah.
From Addy's Surprise. Illustration by Melodye Rosales.
The American Girls Collection

I think I might have seen this book back when I worked in a bookstore. 

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