Sunday, 6 March 2016

The Manila Meet Up!

A very cool person from China had sent this card to me blank, thank you again if you're reading this! I made good use of it and sent it from the Manila Meet up on Feb 7th at the University of Santo Tomas, the oldest Catholic University in Asia.

Received: 29.02.2016

Receiving mail on the 29th?! Nice!

Since I was short on postage, I was hoping to buy some stamps to add on but with what had happened at the PO (check the post before this) it's no wonder I got this cancellation like thing on my card. 

Dagupan City, Philippines

The Bangus Festival in Pangasinan is an annual event designed to highlight the local bangus industry, establish Dagupan City as a major tourist destination, and promote the city as the "Bangus Capital of the World."

Still my favourite card 3 years later XD (check this post) I had planned to have this signed and take home with me, but before I knew it I had stunk on a stamp and it was mailed off. Also arrived on the same day.

On the way through security to catch out flight to Vancouver, I noticed something on the ground that looked like a stamp. I ignored it since I was more concerned with getting my stuff in the bin and through the x ray machine. My dad ended up picking it up and sure enough it was an unused stamp from Mexico, sweet find!

Some goodies received at the meet up. The Keep Calm card was one of the official meet up cards and the two Filipino flags were from previous meet ups. The other three were giveaways. The card with pink shoes had chocolate attached to it (the ladies got a flower in addition to their cards and chocolate) for Valentine's Day. Not surprisingly the chocolate almost disintegrated by the end of the day due to the heat XD

The official Meetup card and the official from last time. Both are cool venues for meet ups, Fort Santiago is also a busy tourist destination and located in one of the older (and prettier in my opinion) parts of Manila. The Panda is also a giveaway

This last card was a present from Phipost, UST does have a post office on campus which is really cool. The organizers of the event had a representative come down to sell us stamps (which is how I got all the other stuff from the previous post, since the two POs I visited afterwards weren't willing to deal with me...)

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