Sunday, 6 March 2016

The Post in the Philippines

Considering that the Philippines is one of those countries with only a handful of members I decided to write about my experience while visiting there. 

This is one thing I never had a chance to ask during the meet up was: how do they receive their mail? It appears that most people don't have a personal mailbox, I saw only one house that had a personal mailbox, my entire 3 weeks there. There is also an absence of postal boxes for mailing as well. If you have something to send, you have to go to the post office. The only post box I saw was outside of the post office.

This small little kiosk is the post office, the only one in the city I was staying at. The photo is a little shaky as the Postmaster was giving me stink eye. I was told during the meet up that a number of POs will charge you more or less postage then they're supposed to. This also happened to me, as the Postmaster was trying to overcharge me, it took a bit of back and forth through my interpreter for them to eventually charge me the correct price per card.

Another thing worth noting is the glass barrier, a lot of businesses, the PO included usually have a glass barrier of sorts for theft reasons. Even entering grocery stores, security had to check your bag for weapons or items that could be mistaken for stolen merchandise (ex: water bottles).

Look at all those postcards! This was a mailbox inside the terminal at Ninoy International in Manila, this was past the security check point. I thought it was really cool to be able to see the mail inside like that, I can't help but wonder where they got their postage from, I was positive there wasn't PO at the airport.

Now for some postal goodies, this souvenir sheet was fantastic and I just had to buy it. San Miguel is a household name when it comes to beer there. Couldn't picture the stamp without the real thing next to it!

Some First Day Issues, the nice thing is you could actually place something inside to mail unlike the Canadian ones which are sealed up.

It's not clear from the photo but the Inquirer stamp is holographic

As you can see by these two, the Philippines is a very Catholic country and it certainly shows even in their postage.

The photo isn't very good but his Holiness is both shiny and embossed.

After doing this entry, I should probably do this for other countries I visit in the future. Maybe I'll do one about Canada too. 

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