Thursday, 26 May 2016


Hello from Estonia! Some nice landscapes and showcasing of Estonian culture, very nice. 

Received: 20.05.2016

Also got a lot of extra cards which were a total surprise! 


An interesting montage of photos here, makes me wonder where a lot of these were taken

Received: 20.05.2016

A mini travel guide for visiting Istanbul 


This card certainly looks like Amsterdam, and what a nice place it is to visit. The tall houses and canals are some of the most charming things to see in the Netherlands in my opinion. 

Received: 20.05.2016


What a fierce looking fish! And rightfully so, as this is a lionfish, question is... do they roar? XD

Received: 20.05.2016

Spock! Also in honour of the 50th anniversary, the town of Vulcan in Alberta now has a cancel of him. Isn't that cool?! 

Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Jumbo Floating Restaurants in Aberdeen at night

Whenever I receive an official from Hong Kong, I tend to feel mystified since only a few years ago they were in the 5 digits and look now! Almost at half a million cards sent! 

Received: 19.05.2016


The joys and wonders of Lapland, sure looks chilly. Certainly wouldn't mind visiting, perhaps in the summer ;)

Received: 18.05.2016

176th DS

My first card from Albania, very very nice and a GF card no less. It's amazing that there are only 10 Postcrossers in the whole country! Also I remembered hearing there was a country whose head shakes meant the opposite from what is commonly interpreted (see opposite head shake at the bottom right.) Very cool to learn that all!

Received: 17.05.2016


Ah official cards from Canada, very nice. Because of postal rates, I'm always happy to send a card across the country, and he certainly chose a nice one (and language appropriate, since it came from Quebec.)

Received: 17.05.2016

175th DS

Exhibition: Mountain of Flowers and Fruits
March 19 2016 till April 19

A very cool looking card from my friend in China! This was displayed at an art exhibit he visited in Beijing. The monkeys are from the Monkey King myth and that the figures were not positioned like in the card according to the sender, they would face opposite directions in an alternating pattern.

Received: 16.05.2016

I wonder if this more speculation on our part or maybe it's true but it looks like these two are playing "Rock, paper, scissors"! XD 

Jetoy bookmarks exist?! :0

This souvenir sheet was very surprising, it would be great to receive mail from Chad one day

These space theme stamps are really cool too! I can't recall any direct space themed stamps being related however for all you trekkies, we have some sweet stuff for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek that was released this month. 


Quite an interesting card here, it really needs some context to say the least :/

Received: 16.05.2016


What a cute giraffe :) The front says: I'm doing spine exercises now; yes giraffes should exercise those neck muscles and bones! 

Received: 16.05.2016


The state capital with a population of around 1.35 million, it is also the largest city in the Free State of Bavaria 

Munich! How I haven't explored you enough or the rest of Bavaria for that matter. Then again the bus ride from there to Berlin was 6 hours :/ Perhaps next time, perhaps!

Received: 16.05.2016


Hurray a card from my favourites! This little guy is clearly annoyed (if you're going to swear, right?) but they're so cute regardless X3

Received: 16.05.2016 

Whoa Angry Birds stamps :0

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Lyalta, AB

I've had this card for awhile and it was high time I sent it to myself :P Luckily this card easily fits Alberta, those types of hares, cows, and cowboys are all over the place here :P

Received: 13.05.2016

As you can see the cancel is expired, luckily the postmaster was kind enough to let me stamp it anyways. I bought the Christmas stamp there because might as well support the local office, that's only open for 3 hours a day.

The Hamlet of Lyalta as you can see is a stone throw away from the big city, in 2011 a grand total of 26 people lived there. Since I went there in person I took a few photos

The local grain elevator across from the Post Office 

The PO, it's nice that such a small community was able to keep theirs. Beats driving to the next town to mail stuff. 

The other houses of the Hamlet 


Ghost selfie, how spooky :P I barely could see the guy standing there, I was more focused on the red lamp thing lol 

Received: 13.05.2016


A nice multi-view from the UNESCO world heritage site of Bruges (Brugge in Dutch while Burges is used in both English and French.) The sender makes trips into Belgium often, and I can't help but wonder if the postage is cheaper there than in France.

Received: 13.05.2016


What a nice lighthouse card, I wouldn't want to get soaked by that wave, it looks chilly. But the picture is very nice, calming despite the sound of the roaring ocean

Received: 12.05.2016

Wow that's rather high, I don't remember postage from the UK being that high (around $2 CAD)


Is that a winking ostrich? Is there something you want to tell me ostrich? XD Since the last post was about birds wearing boots, maybe I need an ostrich wearing boots too lol

Received: 12.05.2016

The new international stamp is nice! I was wondering how they were going to vary on the "Earth" theme this time... they haven't done Earth at night have they?


Edward Gorey
Gorey Creatures
"In winter they were both discreet / And wore galoshes on their feet." from The Osbick Bird

It's been awhile since I've seen an Edward Gorey card, I quite like this one. Maybe I just like birds with boots or something lol 

Received: 11.05.2016

Quite a number of stamps here, so much so it could barely fit on the card :P