Wednesday, 25 May 2016

175th DS

Exhibition: Mountain of Flowers and Fruits
March 19 2016 till April 19

A very cool looking card from my friend in China! This was displayed at an art exhibit he visited in Beijing. The monkeys are from the Monkey King myth and that the figures were not positioned like in the card according to the sender, they would face opposite directions in an alternating pattern.

Received: 16.05.2016

I wonder if this more speculation on our part or maybe it's true but it looks like these two are playing "Rock, paper, scissors"! XD 

Jetoy bookmarks exist?! :0

This souvenir sheet was very surprising, it would be great to receive mail from Chad one day

These space theme stamps are really cool too! I can't recall any direct space themed stamps being related however for all you trekkies, we have some sweet stuff for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek that was released this month. 

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