Thursday, 19 May 2016

Lyalta, AB

I've had this card for awhile and it was high time I sent it to myself :P Luckily this card easily fits Alberta, those types of hares, cows, and cowboys are all over the place here :P

Received: 13.05.2016

As you can see the cancel is expired, luckily the postmaster was kind enough to let me stamp it anyways. I bought the Christmas stamp there because might as well support the local office, that's only open for 3 hours a day.

The Hamlet of Lyalta as you can see is a stone throw away from the big city, in 2011 a grand total of 26 people lived there. Since I went there in person I took a few photos

The local grain elevator across from the Post Office 

The PO, it's nice that such a small community was able to keep theirs. Beats driving to the next town to mail stuff. 

The other houses of the Hamlet 

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