Friday, 10 June 2016


Way to state the obvious lol But that's more or less the simple charm of this card. The sender also wrote a nice quote (in German): "Lebe dein Leben, Lache jeden Tag, Liebe ohne Grenzen" which means "live your life, laugh every day, love without boundaries."

Received: 31.05.2016 

Friends of the blind

The sender also kindly sent some additional cards as well! 

A reproduction of a photo taken during WWII in the city of Gent, Belgium

Colours of Coupure by Dominique Dierick

I'm not really sure which way this card is supposed to be facing, but if it's turned 90 degrees counter clockwise it does look like the Ukrainian flag

A view card from Gent

Lammerstraat 33, Gent

Some extra stamps :D

And finally the delicious stamp that brought it all over, I've had fries in France (which were amazing), gotta try them in Belgium next!

The quote on the front of the envelope was: "A falling star, good only to make wishes on, and then forever to be gone"

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