Sunday, 31 July 2016

Meet up Card RAS

A festive card to say the least, this was from (I think?) the yearly Ingersoll meet up. It's great to see a card from there :) 

Also the translation to the card as follows:
Panel 1: My New Years resolution is that I won't drink more!
Panel 2: But also not less! 

Received: 22.07.2016

353rd Tag

Tag request for a homemade card! How cute, I especially love cards when it seems obvious that material was re-used :) In this case the cardboard used. 

Received: 22.07.2016

So far 2 provinces and 1 territory collected. Here is Saskatchewan's provincial bird: Sharp-tailed grouse 

352nd Tag

Delicious, delicious sushi! Now I want some! From the ABC game, couldn't resist tagging for something tasty 

Received: 21.07.2016

350th & 351st Tag

Since we have 2 cards from the same sender and from the same game, why not 1 post? We'll start with C for Cat ;) 

Received: 20.07.2016

The common raven; this stamp came out stunning

Here's card #2 from the Blind ABC game, surprisingly the cards are also from the same Russian postcard site. Funny :P

Received: 20.07.2016

349th Tag

Cute Peanuts card from the "Cartoon/Comic strips/Anime tag," this tag is certainly a first since I wasn't sure what to expect. The year 2000 is what makes the card even more special
Received: 20.07.2016

348th Tag

Well that sounds like an interesting title, the fact it's a Harlequin (and I admit I had to look this up) certainly didn't make me think this novel could be a romance. Looks can be deceiving, from the Blind ABC game 

Received: 19.07.2016


A pretty hand painted card by the sender. I think it's great that you can buy blank postcards to draw or paint on. I've only ever seen blank watercolour cards here, great for watercolour but challenging to write on. 

Received: 19.07.2016

RAS / Manotick, ON

Since these cards are from the same sender, I decided to make it all one entry. The sender got the card cancelled at 5 different post offices located around Ontario. Like she mentioned, the back really looks like a passport. 

Received: 19.07.2016

Thistle Fluff in Summer

Card #2 that arrived a few days later. This lovely card is a photo taken by the sender, this card has 3 cancels on it. 

Received: 22.07.2016

I had misread this at first, it's Manotick; a suburb of Ottawa

That's far enough... 

347th Tag

Saskatchewan Burrowing Owl
Juveniles: Burrowing owls hatch in early June. These owlets are approx. a month and a half old. 

It's only naturally that I tag for some owls :) These little owls are prairie birds that keep their nests underground, unfortunately they are endangered in Canada but luckily the species as a whole is considered "least of concern."

Received: 18.07.2016 

Matching stamp :D This stamp here shows the "Great Horned Owl;" Alberta's provincial bird 

346th Tag

Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Wrapped Trees, Fondation Beyeler and Berower Park, Riehen, Switzerland, 1998

What a cool looking card! Naturally I'm pleased with it since it comes from the "totally weird postcard tag" :P The tree on the far right really looks like a face doesn't it?

Received: 18.07.2016

Thursday, 21 July 2016


Author: Dovydas Baksys, Playing Cards Attack, 2012

What a cool card! I love it! I'm just wondering how much of an influence was "Alice in Wonderland" on this? Still interesting and an excellent choice

Received: 15.07.2016

Another surprise card :D

Navy Pier Sunset and Reflection

Another card from my travelling friend, this time to the "Windy City." I'm wondering how many places she's visited in the US, must be a lot!

Received: 14.07.2016

345th Tag

Some beautiful bird illustrations, I wonder where one could see the real ones? Also from another FB game

Received: 14.07.2016

344th Tag

The Calgary Zoo's TransAlta Rainforest is home to eight Western Lowland Gorillas: Kakinga, Barika, Zuri, Yewande, Dossi, Kioja, Zola, and Shana. 
Pictured here at play, Yewande is the youngest member of the Zoo's gorilla troop. 

A cool card from the local zoo, sent via one of the FB games. It's been awhile since I've been to the zoo but I should have went earlier since Nero probably has all his adult feathers now. 

Seriously how can you not love him?!

Received: 13.07.2016

Monday, 11 July 2016


That finally catches me up on 2 weeks of mail, I had been taking my sweet time with posting as negotiations between Canada Post and the Postal Union have been going back and forth. For days we were uncertain if we were going to get mail or not, finally there is news that there will be no lockout...for now

Now back to this wonderful card, certainly the highlight of this mail-less week. Love steampunk stuff! 

Received: 05.07.2016

Here's how some of the stamp booklets in Russia look like

Inside were 3 used stamps

A deleted card :(

The Peter and Paul Fortress, 1706-1740

I had received this wonderful star fort card and as I registered it, the ID didn't come up, as soon as I did the search it came up as being deleted from the system. Very unfortunate since not only will this card never be registered but I can't thank the sender either since I really do like the card :( 

Received: 30.06.2016

Another thing is it looks like the sender had re-sent the card not too long ago. I wonder when was the original sent date though

Would be ID:


After a lot of digging on wikipedia (in both English and German...), I can finally mention that this sign represents the community of Prieros, which is apart of the town of Heidesee. Heidesee is located in Brandenburg, not far from Berlin. Prieros is first mentioned in 1314 and was a former Slovak settlement.

Received: 29.06.2016

Picture made by the sender of the "Chinese Teahouse," you can find this lovely building in Park Sanssouci in Potsdam.


A beautiful view of the mountains, presumably in China but the card doesn't indicate. But then again the certainly are mountains in western China, so maybe?

Received: 29.06.2016

343rd Tag

Yoga cats! From another lovely FB game, this card is reminding me that I should check my "Neko Atsume" (yeah, 2 years late to the fab, I know.)

Received: 28.06.2016


From The Tale of Jamima Puddle-Duck, 1908. Jemima Puddle-Duck collecting garnishes for the foxy gentleman. "She was rather burdened with bunches of herbs and two onions in a bag."

What a cute duck :) Apparently she is from the Peter Rabbit series, I didn't know that but the art is certainly similar

Received: 28.06.2016


This is my 2nd card from Slovakia, I was thinking to myself that it's been awhile since I last got something from there. Turns out it's almost been 2 years!

Received: 27.06.2016