Friday, 26 August 2016

361st Tag NSFW (Nudity)

Here comes a card from a tag I don't participate in very often, the "human body part tag." It's clear which part is being emphasized here I hope lol 

Received: 19.08.2016

Hello Tom! Quite the matching stamp :P

Mail from Seattle :D

My postcard from the States came back! I've had this card for years and it was time to finally mail it, before we drove back to Canada we passed by the post office in Everett, WA. I will make a post about American mail at a later date. Nice to see it has arrived safely.

Received: 18.08.2016

Saint-Pamphile, QC

Here's some morbid humour, wonder what the Postmaster thought when they saw this one :P 

Received: 17.08.2016

Wonder where I went wrong when I adjusted this one 

Colborne, ON

To keep a long story short; when I was living in Berlin, I went to the Spandau Citadel and there was an art market on that day. Naturally I searched for postcards, there were a lot of nice cards to be had but nothing caught my eye like these ones did (the price was right too!) I don't think the artist intended for these to be postcard, but it would be a sin to not share them. I was easily captivated by the selections, certainly the next time in Germany, I'll have to find him again since his work is nothing but amazing. 

Here is the link to his home page (in German only) and his facebook page

Received: 16.08.2016

Greetings from the Helsinki Meet up!

A surprise meet up card from a friend in Finland! With the amount of signatures on the back, it looks like a lot of people joined in on the fun, so much so that everyone had to write very small to be included. I hope to attend another big meet up like this one in the future

Received: 16.08.2016

And a custom cancel! Amazing!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

183rd DS

I had a feeling of the going through the "uncanny valley" when looking at this, or maybe that's just me? From my friend in Japan

Received between: 09-12.08.2016

Grand Bank, NL

I've had this card for awhile now, and it somewhat matches the cancel which is perfect!

Received between: 09-12.08.2016

The cancel really came out beautifully! Thank you Postmaster! Wrote the 14th since it was the day we picked up the mail, but as we were away for a week, when it actually arrived is anyone's guess.

Quite the trip DX 

182nd DS

A very cool space related card, this is the constellation Valacirca from LOTR.  Having never read or seen the movie, I didn't know it has its own constellations, that's pretty amazing in my opinion!

Received between: 09-12.08.2016

360th Tag

This card comes from the "Photo you have taken yourself tag." Always an interesting tag to participate in. This here is a photo of a wreath the sender made, she takes the pages of books and upcycles them into these cool wreaths for Christmas. The pages for this one were taken from Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol." 

Received: 08.08.2016 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

359th Tag

A card from one of my favourite tags; the translation tag! This time I made sure to include the translation I asked for, love it when I get more than one language!

Received: 08.08.2016

Waterton Park, AB

I was fortunate enough to visit Waterton for the first time in over 10 years back in June, unfortunately the post office there was closed and I couldn't ask the Postmaster in person. Luckily after visiting the hamlet of Mountain View for gas (the gas bar also doubled as the town PO, diner, and souvenir shack :P) I got this lovely postcard to send. 

Received: 05.08.2016

Another expired cancel I was lucky to still have received!

Rosemary, AB

A pretty postcard I picked up at one of the meet ups, I couldn't resist. I finally found a matching cancel for it luckily.

Received: 05.08.2016

However it didn't come out very clearly and was expired. The Postmaster was nice enough to cancel it anyways

Here's what it looks like 

Not too far but still a respectable ways away 

Birthday wishes :D

"The Christmas Carol" Author: Oxana Zaika

Such a pretty card! Other than celebrating my birthday (4 days after receiving these) guess I'm celebrating Christmas too!

Received: 04.08.2016


More birthday wishes from Quebec, this time with an ostrich to greet me. Love it!

Received: 04.08.2016

Great variety of stamps too!


Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus)
Polar bears are one of eight different species of bears in the world. These Arctic nomads lead a solitary life, spending their summer wandering across the Arctic sea ice, one of the harshest environments on Earth. Polar bears feed on seals. Polar bear cubs must learn how to use their paws to hunt for seals. Each paw has five long curved claws (which cannot be retracted.) Polar bears mate from late March to late May. Their closest relative is the Brown bear. The majestic Polar bear has been featured on the postage stamps from many countries, including Canada, USA, Russia, Germany, Norway, and Sweden, to name but a few, as shown on this card. Sir Peter Scott designed the Panda-logo for the WWF, which appears on the Russian stamps. The WWF is one of the world's largest and most influential international conservation organizations, launched in 1961. 

The last card to arrive for today, neat how so many arrived on the same day. Brilliant collection of Polar Bear postage we have here 

Received: 04.08.2016


Some more sweet birthday greetings, I'm hoping that one stuffing its face is a hamster. If you're wondering what your ham is doing while you're at work, this is what it's up to XD

Received: 08.08.2016


Would you look at that? What a cool card! This one was made by a Canadian Postcrosser, that also explains the usage of both English and French to say the least :)

Received between: 09-12.08.2016


The last and final birthday card, what a nice surprise influx of cards during that week! I like how this is really a birthday postcard right here, love the moose too!

Received: 16.08.2016

358th Tag

The Herd Quitter
Oil Painting, 1897

Funny enough I have this same card in my collection to send out. Another lovely painting depicting Alberta's Wild West Heritage. Mr. Russell also has quite the signature as well. From another FB game

Received: 04.08.2016

181st DS

A wonderful meet up card from the capital of Nova Scotia. The Halifax cancel features the building on the left and naturally being a coastal province, there are many lighthouses to be seen there

Received: 04.08.2016

357th Tag

Yummy gummies from another FB game, these really do look tasty. I wonder what flavour the leaf looking one is

Received: 04.08.2016

356th Tag

An interesting homemade card for the Blind ABC game. Since I'm not much of a tea drinker, I haven't noticed this one at my local supermarket but maybe if I look a little closer for next time

Received: 02.08.2016

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

180th DS / London, ON

Very cool to see this card again, it certainly is an easy favourite regarding the anatomy cards I've received

Received: 29.07.2016

This was also a swap for this lovely cancel