Sunday, 25 September 2016


Wow an ad-card for Kubo! I really want to watch this movie but haven't had a chance, soon I will have my chance, soon

Received: 16.09.2016


New Mexico
Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico has some of the most unusual and interesting ancient ruins in the Southwest. The Ceremonial Cave has an underground kiva that has been rebuilt. Visitors may descend through a small opening in the roof to reach a cool interior.

I don't get enough cards from New Mexico it seems, I wouldn't mind visiting when it's cooler since they have some interesting ruins there

Received: 16.09.2016

372nd Tag

A good looking lad from the "LGBT+ tag," just looking at this reminds me of how summer is over :(

Received: 16.09.2016 

Some really awesome extra stamps, don't always see stuff from Norway!

Some special stamps and a special postmark for "Stamp Day" :D

371st Tag

People with a discerning eye for talents with great potentials are just like Bo Le who is good at picking fine horses. 

A very interesting card to come out of the "Q&A tag," always a fun one to participate in.

Received: 16.09.2016

370th tag

I'm an occasional tagger in the "recycle/2nd hand/environmentally friendly tag," it certainly is a mouthful to say too lol So I received this awesome pelican card and there was a bit of a twist to it!

Received: 16.09.2016

Don't mind if I do!

Don't they look fancy now?! All they're missing is the tea :P

Ottawa cancel is still valid! 


Some beautiful views of the town of Leiden; not far from The Hague. The card says "Greetings from Leiden."

Received: 15.09.2016 

Love me some bonus stamps :D


A nice oceanside view, must be both pretty but chilly at the same time

Received: 15.09.2016

Saturday, 24 September 2016


"Telephone ancien" photo by Frederic Bisson

Funny how you'll probably see this type of telephone only in antique stores now a days, oddly enough I think I've only used this type of phone once and now cellphones at least are all touch screen :P

Received: 15.09.2016

Nice triangle shaped stamp!


A very interesting looking card, it made me wonder if anyone actually still tries to catch butterflies anymore. 

Received: 15.09.2016


Look how cool that is, alphabet cards are always fun especially if they can do something like that. Not surprisingly this is an ad for "Alphabet Day," which is on January 29th :P

Received: 15.09.2016 


Vladimir Arzhevitin / Medium

Another mystical owl! I have almost all of them! The ones around the crystal ball look so fluffy :0 The mystic reminds me of myself, half asleep most of the time XD

Received: 15.09.2016

369th Tag

From a FB game, and such a cute puppy :D I'm also impressed by the mailbox in the wall too, at least you don't have to worry about it getting stolen or someone smacking it off its post lol

Received: 14.09.2016


Rideau Canal
Stretching 202 kms (125 miles) in length, the Rideau Canal is the oldest continuously operational system in N. America. It opened in 1832 and still operates as it did 100 years ago. Rideau Canal has been recognized as a National Historic Site of Canada, a Canadian Heritage River and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Canal consists of a beautiful winding scenic waterway connecting Kingston and Ottawa through numerous rivers, lakes, and lock along the way. A trip down the Canal makes for a delightful journey, allowing for some time to take in the scenery and tranquil beauty of this historic region. 

Some wonderful views of the capital, I would love to visit one of these days 

Received: 13.09.2016

Bowden, AB

A Kafka card I couldn't resist buying awhile back; doesn't match the postmark very well but at least I got to use it :)

Received: 13.09.2016

The last postmark to arrive from my little road trip, also expired  


A surprise RAS from a Canadian postcrosser that moved to the UK, this is a meet up card between her and another Canadian postcrosser. Very cool!

Received: 13.09.2016

I'm guessing an independent mailing company and not royal mail?

Friday, 23 September 2016

368th Tag

"The Station," author: Alex Andreev

I love this surreal card! The clown fish are what make it for me; from a FB game.

Received: 12.09.2016


Some foggy weather coming out of Russia; I always love fog (except for when I'm driving in it!) since we rarely get it. Interesting how you can write a message on the front too, haven't seen anything like it

Received: 12.09.2016

Benalto, AB

Another one of those special cards that I got when I lived in Berlin. It doesn't match the cancel but for me so long as it travelled and returned to me, I'm as happy as a clam

Received: 12.09.2016

The same story as Spruce View, the Postmaster was kind enough to stamp the left side of the card. It was interesting to see that this PO was apart of the village's general store, barber shop, and video rental place. Definitely an all in one store!

Also quite close to Spruce View which made for an easy road trip that day

Spruce View, AB

Geocaching cards really are far and few in between, glad to use this card and add it to my postmark collection :)

Received: 12.09.2016

As you can see this postmark is unfortunately expired, the postmaster was nice enough to still let me have it on the left side of the card 

Thursday, 22 September 2016


It's the All Stars from Osamu Tezuka! So happy to see Dr. Black Jack there! (Leaning on the tree) Amongst the other characters there: Astro Boy, the Phoenix, Sharaku, Kimba, Princess Sapphire, and Unico. 

Received: 09.09.2016

Loved where my address was written, how cute!


T.H. Shevchenko 1814-1861
Fairy Tale (Soldier and Death), 1844. Paper, etching

What a macabre card; love it! I'm assuming this an older card back from the USSR days since there is quite a bit of Cyrillic on the back

Received: 09.09.2016


Greetings from Germany! This is my first GF from Germany surprisingly, I love it though!

Received: 09.09.2016