Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Post in the US

My recent travels brought me to our next door neighbour, the United States. There are some things that can be said about the postal service there; it's fast and it's cheap. That being said, I sent a lot of stuff that day lol

Like in Canada, there are independent POs and some that are shared with another business. This is a picture of what an independent one looks like, the last time I was in the US I saw the same building layout. Whether it's uniform throughout the US I can't answer for certain.

A quick peek inside, honestly standing in line at the PO is really an experience sometimes since I seldom have more than 2 people in front of me when I visit the PO in Canada.  Like most POs (as I would imagine) they offer various packing boxes and envelopes for mailing (even some with colourful designs and patterns for birthdays and such,) there was even a rack of birthday cards to choose from. Stamps were not on display, at Canadian POs for example, the stamps would be displayed under a glass pane, under the payment counter. This PO also doubled as a sorting facility as well, which is great if you want your mail quickly sent to Seattle (or largest sorting facility in the vicinity) for further sorting!

The standard mail box, sorry I didn't take a side shot. The box has the USPS logo on it, the shape certainly is unique and I don't think there are many that have a blue motif. Like other postal boxes, the pick up times and dates are listed on it.

This is more of a guess on my part, but this extremely large mailbox looks like a drive thru box. The parking lot was structured in a way that there was a separate lane to access this box and then leave the lot. I have only seen a drive thru mailbox in Germany, which was much smaller than this one. This one was the size of a small dumpster. But as the name implies, you would pull into the lane and mail your items without having to leave your car! 

One of the things I loved was the self service kiosk! It's great especially for packages, but since I like sticking real stamps and not the printed vending machine variety, it's worth going up to the counter. This alternative is good if you're short on time, don't mind what's being stuck on the envelope/package, and of course if you would like service in Spanish! 

The designated box (packages only?) for the self serve stuff

Even more sorting mailboxes, much more efficient in my opinion

Here are some of the mailboxes belonging to the town's residences, especially in smaller towns, when you want to get your mail, you have to pay a visit to your local post office to do so. The town of Everett has a population of over 100 000, therefore this doesn't belong to all the people that live there but a good chuck to say the least. I would imagine there are still some places that get home delivery.  Just from the occasional street view image, you can see the private mail boxes in people's yards. I'm not sure if community boxes are a thing there like they are here in Canada.

A nice close up of those beauties. 

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