Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Faro, YT

Look at all those sheep, could you imagine herding them on a daily basis? I couldn't but if you're used to it, probably not a big deal right? Sure looks chilly though

Received: 28.09.2016

Hm I think this was cancelled with this postmark by mistake (instead of the other one), oh well still nice of the postmaster anyways!

All hail Prince Nero! When I received this as a present from my friend, I think I made a post about it but I'm not sure. If I didn't, this is the largest penguin chick to grace the zoo, he's larger than most adult penguins! He should have lost his juvenile plumage by now but in videos of him, he looked like a giant teddy bear :3 

Received: 28.09.2016

Had to use the cute washi tape I picked up when I was in the States (we need a Daiso here too! >_<) 

Even more nope

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