Thursday, 20 October 2016

Some forgotten cards :(

I'm usually fairly organized (well organized is a pretty big word in this case lol) with my cards but somehow two managed to get away. Oddly enough they were hidden in plain sight (right on the stairs for weeks...) I'm not really sure when these were received all I know is that both cards were written on Sept 19th. 

This is a thank you card for an official I sent :)

A nice collection of stamps :D

Aladdin, 1992
Background by Thomas Cardone

The 2nd card that got misplaced, from a FB game. I have to admit I don't remember this scene in Aladdin, but it was awhile ago since I last watched it :P 

Apparently the cancel on here was so poorly done it was still pen cancelled... I like this pencil crayon colour too, so why CP, why?! Anyways it looks like this cancel isn't listed on the site, some further investigation will be needed 

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