Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Christmas RASes / 195th DS

Not much mail came this month but a whole lot of Christmas cards did! I put them all together in one nice big post. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year folks! 

Received: 01.12.2016

This year's Christmas stamps, I'm not really a fan of them.


What a cheerful snowman! I really like how the snowman was made along with the background, very cute :D

Received: 05.12.2016

This stamp was issued last year, I ended up buying a booklet of these myself when I took a short road trip to Lyalta


This was from a surprise Christmas FB game; another nice card! I guess after the kitty took down the tree, this is all the tinsel that fell on it? :P

Received: 06.12.2016

Didn't expect to have it sent from the US, very nice festive stamps


A nice and vintage looking card; the cool thing about the card choice is the horned owl. The Great horned owl is Alberta's bird but the sender is also from Alberta.

Received: 13.12.2016

That gleam is from the little bag I put the card in, the card had some glitter falling off it. I'm not much of a glitter fan to say the least.


A lovely Christmas card from my friend in Japan. I love the colours used in this, it's both cute and gives a sense of warmth.

Received: 16.12.2016

With a cute card, comes a cute cancel :)


Here's a simple German lesson on a card, here you can see all these festive items and what they're called in German! This cute card was sent from a friend in Germany and also one of the owners of the "Papersisters." I really love their cards! For some reason I can't seem to link the English version of the site.

Received: 19.12.2016

An excellent and festive postmark! It seems that some postage was owing, funny though because I sure count 90 eurocents...


The last card to make it before the big day, I'm surprised the little gems on it managed to not get lost on the way here 

Received: 20.12.2016

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