Sunday, 29 January 2017


A card about Las Vegas arrived but it wasn't sent from there but from Belgium, an interesting combination to say the least.

Received: 27.01.2017

948th (NSFW: nudity)

A decade old card arrived in the mail today and it certainly taught me something, since this was an ad card for the "Schwules Museum" in Berlin. The Museum exhibits LGBT+ life in Berlin and was opened in 1985. Also looking at the address on the ad card, it looks like the museum has moved as well. 

Received: 27.01.2017


What a nice looking town, gotta love the building style shown at the bottom right.

Received: 27.01.2017


Another adorable card from the Papersisters; the first of the sixteen states in Germany. It would be so nice to collect them all!

Received: 25.01.2017

386th Tag

Algae - clockwise from top right: Lyrella hennedyi var. neapolitana, Rhaphoneis amphiceros, Amphitetras antediluviana, fossil segment of green algae, fossil segment of red algae. 

What a cool card! This is from the Blind ABC game on FB, this was: 'U is unusual' and it certainly is but I like it a lot since it's very unique!

Received: 23.01.2017

Excellent selection of stamps, ruined by a pen cancel. What makes this worse is that the stamps were already cancelled. The special cancel is from Canning, Nova Scotia. It's very faint but I'm going to try and get a better cancel and then make an entry on it. Bright side, another cancel good for this year! 

RAS 1 & 2

A nice 'reused' or 'upcycled' card from one of my FB lottery winners, very nice of them to have sent that. Normally I'm not a fan of cut up boxes but tissue boxes don't bother me so much since at least they have nice designs on them, like this one. Sparkly, golden, goodness. 

Received: 23.01.2017


And again some more lovely cards from the lottery winners, honestly how nice of all of them to send these to me! These cards all came on the same day

This rings rather true for me lol 


A very picturesque card coming out of Finland; at first I thought it was from Holland because of the tulips :P

Received: 23.01.2017


What a cute owl card! It also reflects my love for coffee and the fact that I'm a night owl. Never thought I would identify so much with a card before lol

Received: 23.01.2017

Salt Spring Island, BC

To make a long story short, I had made this card initially to send to New Norway, AB. Not too long after I received an envelope back stating there was no longer a PO at that address with all of my stuff returned. Since this was a card with valid postage, I just sent it to the most "matching" cancel I could find. 

Received: 23.01.2017

It's a rather detailed cancel that didn't come out the greatest, but at least it's still valid for this year! The pen cancel was completely un-necessary though. 


A very nice layout, this card is advertising visiting a national park (for the upcoming(?) or past bicentennial.) Speaking of celebrating, Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday this year! One of the ways to celebrate is to get a pass to visit a select number of National Parks for free! I'm excited to receive mine in the mail, I applied the day of the deadline so I really hope I get one. Canada Day this year is gonna be craaaaaazy!

Received: 20.01.2017 


Another interesting ad-card, surely when I meant anatomy, this one easily fits the bill. Very interesting to see; it seems to me this exhibit is a world wide thing since I've seen ads for it here too.

Received: 19.01.2017

197th DS

A curious card arrived in the mail, after reading what the sender had to say it was surprising to learn this was a response to a swap. I had to think for a bit it does seem like I did try to swap with someone from Turkmenistan a few years back and thought in the end I wasn't going to get this card at all. Sometimes you never know! Now to track the sender down.

Received: 20.01.2017

385th Tag

A cool postcard from the FB group and of course a card made by the admin of the other group I'm apart of. A very nice concept!

Received: 19.01.2017


A very cool ad card I received as an official, I do like the layout of these book spines. Hope the Book Fair was a success!

Received: 18.01.2017


An interesting postcard to say the least, I'm not sure what or where it's from exactly but the art is good to say the least. 

Received: 18.01.2017

Heart's Content, NL

Joseph Conrad
Heart of Darkness, 1902
Published by Potter Style

One of the cards I received from a tag awhile back proved to be useful as a matching card to the cancel I mailed for. 

Received: 17.01.2017

Another cancel still good for another year!

Google maps you're looking pretty round lately

RAS / Courtland, ON

Received this cute RAS from one of the winners of my FB lottery. It was very nice of her to send and it's a card from my favourites too! :D

Received: 13.01.2017

Cool to see the Courtland cancel is still good to go for this year too! 

196th DS

Some cards came from my friend in China! Whenever I see images like the top one, I can't help but wonder what it's like to have half of your nose submerged lol 

Received: 13.01.2017

'When the birds wake up in the morning in Miseryland, they don't start singing. They start crying!' Little Miss Sunshine (1981)

I couldn't quite pin why the art seemed familiar until I read the back of the card lol

Snowy snowy Harbin :)

An extra, that he wanted to share with me

A First Day of Issue, I find it interesting that in China you can use them to mail stuff. The Canadian ones are sealed, which is kind of dumb in my opinion but I guess it's more meant to be a collectible anyways.

Info on the back of the FDI

The envelope doesn't seem to be a FDI but it sure is a cool commemorative piece.

And lastly the info on the back of this envelope 

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Rochester, AB

I've had this postcard ready to send for the longest time, the big plan was to take it to Drumheller on a road trip but that never happened. So it sat for a year until I found it again. Luckily this card was a nice match for Rochester: the smallest in the world :) 

Received: 12.01.2017

I'm glad I still got the cancel! The best part was the correction on the right side XD

A rather respectable drive north