Sunday, 29 January 2017

196th DS

Some cards came from my friend in China! Whenever I see images like the top one, I can't help but wonder what it's like to have half of your nose submerged lol 

Received: 13.01.2017

'When the birds wake up in the morning in Miseryland, they don't start singing. They start crying!' Little Miss Sunshine (1981)

I couldn't quite pin why the art seemed familiar until I read the back of the card lol

Snowy snowy Harbin :)

An extra, that he wanted to share with me

A First Day of Issue, I find it interesting that in China you can use them to mail stuff. The Canadian ones are sealed, which is kind of dumb in my opinion but I guess it's more meant to be a collectible anyways.

Info on the back of the FDI

The envelope doesn't seem to be a FDI but it sure is a cool commemorative piece.

And lastly the info on the back of this envelope 

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