Sunday, 29 January 2017

386th Tag

Algae - clockwise from top right: Lyrella hennedyi var. neapolitana, Rhaphoneis amphiceros, Amphitetras antediluviana, fossil segment of green algae, fossil segment of red algae. 

What a cool card! This is from the Blind ABC game on FB, this was: 'U is unusual' and it certainly is but I like it a lot since it's very unique!

Received: 23.01.2017

Excellent selection of stamps, ruined by a pen cancel. What makes this worse is that the stamps were already cancelled. The special cancel is from Canning, Nova Scotia. It's very faint but I'm going to try and get a better cancel and then make an entry on it. Bright side, another cancel good for this year! 

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