Friday, 17 March 2017

395th Tag

What a beautiful card! This is from a FB game where all the cards have to be 'reused.' Meaning you can use anything to make a card as long as the materials were reused somehow. I love how environmentally friendly this game is and how creative everyone is being!

Received: 27.02.2017

Blu, Kreuzberg
Photo: Kai Jakob

The sender also included some bonus cards, this is a wonderful card of some street art in Berlin. The image did deteriorate somewhat when I was living in Berlin in 2014 but still great to see something that brought back so many memories. The cool part is the card also shows the location of this piece of art!

Louis Andrews Fischer "Japanese Rock Crystal," chromolithograph of float design for Rex pageant, 1930: "The Jewels of Rex"

Another really cool card!

Some beautiful bonus stamps :D

And lastly this cancel from Montreal, it seems Montreal has so many different cancels! 

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