Tuesday, 25 April 2017

399th Tag

I had sent this card a number of times myself, but I wanted to receive it at least once myself :P Got it from a FB game!

Received: 11.04.2017

Great stamp variety! 


Primorsky Opera and Ballet Theater

An interesting card from Russia arrived with a printed poem translated into English on the back. It doesn't state who the poem is by though.

Received: 11.04.2017

The Call of the Wild. The salmon are returning to the native rivers where they were born. Steller's sea eagle is in Sakhalin's Red Book.
Sakhalin and the Kuriles
Previous Ocean Isles of Russia

A nice blank bonus card :D


A lovely card from Prague showing the famous Charles Bridge. Hope to visit again someday!

Received: 06.04.2017


Sequoia National Park - California: Giant Sequoia trees, awesome canyons, plunging stream and sparking lakes greet the visitor to this spectacular mountain park.

I'm starting to really like these travel posters, there's something about the style of them that's so pleasant to look at.

Received: 05.04.2017


Another interesting ad card from Finland, this one urging people to check their HIV status. The ad card was surprisingly translated into English on the back.

Received: 05.04.2017

Yay extra stamps :D


Another wonder GF card, however it's not from Poland but sent from Austria. Still very nice regardless, it's also great that they're updated as well.

Received: 05.04.2017


Lemur Catta, 2010. Charlotte Linton

Some cute lemurs came in the place of a sloth. That's ok, lemurs are great too! All animals are great really.

Received: 04.04.2017

206th DS

Another beautiful Year of the Rooster card from my friend in China! He had sent this to include the official Year of the Rooster stamp on it. It's lovely!

Received: 04.04.2017

Smoky Lake, AB

Unfortunately this cancel was expired, I had sent to Smoky Lake to get a matching pumpkin cancel. At least another one of my favourite cards from Germany was nicely decorated with stamps on the back :) The title of the poem on the card is "Autumn" by Theodor Storm

Received: 04.04.2017

Vilna, AB

I got this card from one of the people I met up with in Edmonton. She kindly sent me a bunch of washi tape plus two cards. I just love large mushrooms since they're such a rarity here! Perfect for the cancel from Vilna, Alberta!

Received: 03.04.2017

205th DS

Some cool cards came in from my friend in Finland! Always great to hear from them! The back of the ad card was translated to say "Not to the closet again? Let's make the diversity of elderly people visible!"

Received: 29.03.2017

Wow this ended up fairly over exposed as well. Loving that shade of pink though!

England, 1991. Photograph by Martin Parr

Orion, AB

I've had this card for awhile and finally found something somewhat matching. The picture is very over exposed, sorry. But I do love the space themed stained glass, I doubt there is anything else like it in the world!

Received: 29.03.2017

Spiritwood, SK

Awhile back I had made the layered base for two cards but wasn't sure what image to put on top. Finally I came up with something and I liked the end result so much I couldn't bring myself to send it away. Instead I got it cancelled so I could keep it (I know how selfless of me...) The Postmaster was super about it! They sent the card back in an envelope (the card had some damage despite being in an envelope both ways because of how the card was made) and even put a cancel on that and on the note that I had sent. So cool! Thank you!

Received: 31.03.2017

Not a bad drive, still pretty long though


An interesting view card from Malaysia; where the sender visited in December of last year. Those towers sure look high.

Received: 31.03.2017

398th Tag

I'm really loving the cards from this artist, they're just so cute and the placement of the moon and deer are always done to blend in with its environment. This is from a FB game.

Received: 28.03.2017


Qin'an Hall, 1922

If this photo was taken in the year stated on the back, that is pretty cool and rather clear. Now I'm conflicted if this is true or not. Perhaps it was the year it was built? 

Received: 20.03.2017

Meet up card :D

A meet up card from the Toronto meet came in and what a great view of the city this is! The cards were generously donated by one of the owners of the "papersisters" and another Canadian postcrosser donated stamps. Amazing! 

Received: 20.03.2017

A surprise came

A year ago I had responded to a pen pal request on the forums from Dominica and after a few emails, I had my letter sent and had heard nothing until now! Very exciting to receive a response!

Received: 15.03.2017